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Service system responses to children and young people in the statutory child protection system who have experienced or witnessed family violence

Alex Cahill, Jacqueline Stewart & Daryl Higgins

Shared parenting in the time of COVID-19

Daryl Higgins

Kids Central tip sheets for COVID-19

Alex Cahill

Thinking God in contemporary theology: The Trinity and Christian life through the lens of a theology of interruption

Teresa Grace Brown
In this dissertation, I consider the question: How does a theology of interruption help us to understand the relationship between Christian life and faith in the Trinity today? Flemish theologian Lieven Boeve has developed a contextual-theological-hermeneutical approach to theology—a “theology of interruption”—that brings a postmodern critical consciousness into dialogue with the Christian narrative tradition. He argues that such an approach can be supported not only on contextual grounds, but also on theological grounds. For Boeve,...

Ordinary language arguments and the philosophy of mind

Timb D. Hoswell
[Extract] To engage your interest in this dissertation I offer to you a curious question to ponder. How often does a psychiatrist or a psychologist get the chance to ask themselves whether the words that they use to describe the mental life of their patient mean the same thing to the patient as they do to the doctor or analyst using them? Does the patient understand what the doctor or analyst is telling them? Equally...

Global trajectories: Power-geometries, cultural differences, and sociomateriality in school practices in two nations

Lesley M. Friend
Globalisation is an all-encompassing and ubiquitous phenomenon—its consequential flows play an increasingly pervasive and profound role in most aspects of modern life in most societies across most of the world. Globalisation speeds up cultural transmission. Through vast and improved systems of transport and communication, an unprecedented migratory flow of people has increased the opportunities for different cultures to have more frequent interactions in local places like classrooms. Classrooms are now constituted by an ever-increasing array...

Development and validation of microtechnology-based algorithms for quantifying collisions in rugby union

Ryan Matthew Chambers
Rugby union requires players to perform high-intensity locomotor and contact efforts, interspersed with low-intensity activity. Locomotor efforts include accelerations, running and sprinting, while collision efforts include ruck, tackle scrum and maul events. Recent research has quantified the demands of Rugby Union using player-worn microtechnology that contains global positioning systems (GPS) and tri-axial microsensors including accelerometers, magnetometers and gyroscopes. To date, research has extensively reported the locomotor demands of Rugby Union match-play using GPS, documenting total...

Main findings from the kContact trial of a contact intervention to support parents with children in out-of-home care

Stephanie Taplin & Aino Suomo

Principle 3: My family is special during COVID-19

Alex Cahill

Parenting tips from evidence-based programs

Daryl Higgins

The expressions of spirituality among senior students in three New South Wales Catholic schools

Paul Lentern
Understanding the nuanced and varied expressions of spirituality found among young people is a crucial dimension of the work of educators in Catholic schools. The focus of this mixed methods research was to understand the expressions of spirituality found among senior students in three Catholic secondary schools, and to draw on this understanding to allow Catholic schools to more effectively engage their students with spirituality. The reflections of the participants from the senior cohorts of...

Deciding to implement the International Baccalaureate (IB) primary years programme: A case study

Sanjay Lalwani
Globally, decision makers in an increasing number of schools from the governmental, nongovernmental, and international sectors are making the decision to change their curriculum and pedagogical frameworks to implement the International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes (Booth, 2015; Doherty, 2009; Gough, Sharpley, Vander Pal & Griffiths, 2014; IB, 2019a; Marshall, 2014). The IB is an international education foundation which provides a continuum of four education programmes for primary, middle and secondary years of schooling. While the IB...

Preventive potential of diet in the pre-clinical phase of Alzheimer’s disease symptomatology

Edward Hill
Projections estimate 131.5 million will be living with dementia by the year 2050. Alzheimer’s disease is the leading cause of dementia, accounting for 60-70% of all cases and is a global public health priority. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) risk increases with age and lacks efficacious drugs. Pharmacological treatment is failing, leading to a growing body of research investigating the preventative potential of modifiable lifestyle risk factors, such as diet. Summaries of the existing evidence reveal an...

Dietary periodisation for health and performance in world-class endurance athletes

Ida A. Heikura
Periodisation – defined as the systematic planning and sequencing of training blocks across macro, meso and micro cycles of training and racing as a means to optimise athletic adaptation and performance – has been implemented by coaches to athletes across most sports for several decades. Similarly to training, nutrition should also be periodised to support training and racing goals. For example, the diets of endurance athletes may move along the spectrum from low to high...

Daily emotional functioning in social anxiety disorder

Caitlin Claire Grace
Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is characterised by fear or anxiety around potential judgement, scrutiny and negative evaluation by others in social situations. For those with the disorder, social engagement can lead to considerable distress and functional impairment in daily life. Therefore, how individuals with SAD respond to stress, specifically social stress, is of particular importance to the understanding and treatment of the disorder. Much of the existing SAD research has been conducted in the laboratory...

Dietary collagen intake and sources for support of dense connective tissues in athletes

Rebekah D. Alcock
Intake of dietary sources of collagen may support the synthesis of collagen in varying tissues, with the availability of key amino acids being a likely contributor to its effectiveness. This study analyzed commonly consumed preparations of bone broth (BB) to assess the amount and consistency of its amino acid content. Commercial and laboratory prepared samples, made with standardized and variable (non-standardized) protocols were analyzed for key amino acids (glycine, lysine, proline, leucine, hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine)....

Effective interventions to reduce suicidal thoughts and behaviours among children in contact with child protection and out-of-home care systems – a rapid evidence review

Sebastian Trew, Douglas Russell, Daryl Higgins & Jacqui Stewart

Principle 1: Keep me safe during COVID-19

Alex Cahill

Giving disadvantaged adolescents skills to flourish: Random-control-trial intervention integrating developmental coaching with outdoor adventure education

Wendy Gelman Gwyn
The Helmsman Project brings a novel extracurricular program to high schools located in areas of socioeconomic disadvantage. Integrating a series of structured developmental coaching sessions with outdoor adventure experiences, this program aims to positively influence participants’ personal and social development through a range of outcomes, with a particular focus on building hope, resilience, and self-regulation. Outdoor adventure education (OAE) research has found the quality of program facilitation to have a strong connection with program outcomes....

Longitudinal relationships of the neighbourhood built environment with cardio-metabolic health

Manoj Chandrabose
Neighbourhood built environments may have the potential to impact residents’ cardiometabolic health through physical activity. This Thesis aims to advance the understanding of such potential impacts. This Thesis consists of three published peer-reviewed studies. Study One, a systematic review and meta-analyses of longitudinal studies, found strong evidence for longitudinal relationships of built environment attributes with cardiometabolic health among adults. In particular, it found strong evidence for relationships of higher walkability with reduced risks of obesity,...

Shared parenting in the time of COVID-19

Daryl Higgins

A qualitative case study of joint media engagement between parents and children aged birth-to-three years in Nairobi County in Kenya

Timothy Chepkwesi Katiba
This thesis details a ground-breaking study of joint media engagement between parents and children aged birth-to-three years in their home settings in Nairobi County in Kenya. It describes and attempts to theorise the social and communicative features of parents and young children using digital media together in the context of family interpersonal interaction and communication. In the pursuit of understanding and theorising the social and communicative features of joint media engagement, I consider the central...

The utility of NAPLAN for improving teaching and learning

Christine Jennifer Jackson
Internationally, assessment and the use of diagnostic data are recognised as critical capabilities for teachers. This is not a recent development, with assessment recognized for some decades as playing a significant role in informing learning and learners (Broadfoot, 2007; Rowntree, 1987; Sadler, 1986) while also “[serving] as a communicative device between the world of education and that of the wider society” (Broadfoot & Black, 2004, p. 9). Assessment is identified as a key competency for...

Development, validation, reliability and predictive capacity of neuro-motor recovery of the Acute Brain Injury Physiotherapy Assessment (ABIPA): A tool for physiotherapists during early management of people following Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

Janelle Gesch
In the acute stages following ABI, when people are functionally dependent, a specific scale for physiotherapists to monitor incremental changes in neuro-motor function is needed. This thesis represents the development of the acute brain injury physiotherapy assessment (ABIPA), an outcome measure to fill this gap. The first step in the development of the ABIPA was to identify items known to reflect acute neuro-motor impairments for inclusion in the measure and develop scoring criteria along with...

'Black America Cares': The response of African Americans to the Nigerian Civil War, 1967-1970

James Austin Farquharson
Far from having only marginal significance and generating a ‘subdued’ response among African Americans, as some historians have argued, the Nigerian Civil War (1967-1970) collided at full velocity with the conflicting discourses and ideas by which black Americans sought to understand their place in the United States and the world in the late 1960s. Black liberal civil rights leaders leapt to offer their service as agents of direct diplomacy during the conflict, seeking to preserve...

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