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Donating digital me

Katie Hannan
At some point in the future I am going to die. When this happens, I can donate my body to science but I’m currently unable to donate my data or even my metadata to research. I will present a scenario where an end of life service exists for people to donate their data. Over the next three months I will examine the relationship that members of the public have with the concept of digital legacy...

Developing the Multimodal Language of Emotions of Low SES Primary Students (LP150100030, 2016-2019)

Kathy Mills, Len Unsworth, Mark Williamson, Angela Ferguson, M. Quinn, Rosalind Clay, Melissa Trembath & Tony Maksoud
This project planned to broaden the range of resources for students to communicate emotions through speech, writing and images. Such communication is important for social and economic success, particularly for disadvantaged students, and it is now part of the Australian curriculum. However, research shows that teachers are not equipped to teach these new curriculum requirements. The project unites a consortium of schools, visual media experts and policy makers to address this problem. The outcomes include...

Registration Year

  • 2019
  • 2016

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