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Coastal wetland habitat dynamics in selected New South Wales estuaries [Vol. 1]

Kylee Wilton
"Intertidal wetland habitats in southeastern Australia have changed significantly during the past sixty years. Mangrove habitats have expanded both seawards and landwards, the latter being at the expense of saltmarsh habitats. This relatively common phenomenon is generally suggested to be an outcome of sea-level rise. Several factors potentially responsible for this change are examined, including changes in mean sealevel during the past 50 to 100 years, changes in climate, population growth, catchment landuse, and estuary...

Contemporary issues in triage and inhospital assessment and management of women’s acute coronary syndrome in Victorian public hospitals: A retrospective study

Lisa Kuhn
"Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the world’s leading killer of men and women. Mortality rates have improved over recent decades, however reductions in women’s deaths have failed to keep pace with men’s. Heart attack (acute myocardial infarction, AMI) fits within a continuum of CHD known as acute coronary syndrome (ACS). Under-assessment and undertreatment of women’s AMI compared to men’s have been blamed for some of the disparity. Death and disability due to AMI is preventable...

Do sport and physical education have an important role to play in educational institutions?

Steven Stolz
"This thesis will argue that sport and physical education plays a crucial role within the curriculum and hence needs to be a necessary part of educational institutions as much as any other subject area. If we are serious about an integrated view of the human person, then physical education is a necessary part of a well-balanced education. A central and reoccurring theme throughout my thesis is that we become aware of our embodiment through a...

The identity of the Spirit in Paul: Did the Spirit come to possess a distinct identity within Paul’s Christian monotheism?

Christopher Baker
"This thesis examines the identity of the Holy Spirit within the thought and experience of the Apostle Paul. Using the methodologies of Richard Bauckham (the framework of The Unique Divine Identity) and Larry Hurtado (Religious Experience), this thesis argues that the structure of Paul’s thought and his religious experience contributed to the emergence of a distinct identity of the Spirit within his Christian monotheism which developed beyond his Jewish roots. This conclusion is reached by...

The history of Sisters of Mercy in Papua New Guinea (1956-2006): within the tradition of women called to Gospel discipleship and Christian mission

Teresa Flaherty
"Scriptural and theological perspectives reveal that women were called to discipleship and mission in the gospels and in the early church as portrayed in the New Testament. While emphasising the essential relationship between the ‘constants’ of church teaching and the immediate historical and cultural settings in their overview of the church in its call to universal mission, Bevans & Schroeder, in Constants in Context, identified the ‘liberating and transformative model’ as one of crucial significance....

Problem solving, thinking and group work in mathematics: Developing an effective pedagogy

Gary Thomas
"Schools and school leaders are experiencing a growing pressure to consistently deliver high quality education. Religious Education Coordinators (RECs) aim to encourage and support religion teachers within the school context to deliver this goal. As a means of achieving improved quality, the importance of continuous teacher learning and the influence of teaching on student outcomes has become increasingly apparent. An investment in the ongoing professional learning of religious educators is gaining prominence as a necessary...

Bachelor of Midwifery (BM) students' experiences of reflective practice: A grounded theory study

Catherine Wright
"There is a strong focus on the promotion of reflective practice and the development of critical thinking skills within nursing and midwifery practice, both within the profession and throughout university education (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia [NMBA], 2008; Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia [NMBA], 2006). The Australian Catholic University’s (ACU) Bachelor of Midwifery (BM) course into which I teach incorporates, teaches and supports reflective practice and acknowledges reflective practice as a defining characteristic...

Differential factors related to the cause and duration of attentional bias in the emotional Stroop task

Jessica Marrington
"The emotional Stroop task (EST) is a widely used method in demonstrating how emotional material disrupts performance on a simple task through the biasing of attention. The finding that participants take longer to identify the colour of emotional material relative to neutral material is known as the emotional Stroop effect (ESE). The ESE was thought to be relatively fast, occurring on a single trial. However, recent research has suggested that emotional, primarily negative, material may...

The transition of the spirituality of the Christian Brothers in Australia from a traditional to a contemporary mode

Paul Nangle
"This thesis grew out of my own experience as an Australian Christian Brother. After nearly thirty years of living and teaching as a Brother in Australia, I was appointed for the next twenty-six years to the Fiji Islands. For most of that time there was no Brothers’ community near to my assigned work for me to live in and, in isolation from the Brothers, I continued to follow the spiritual practices and customs of the...

Frequency of in season strength and power training for rugby league

Haydn Masters
The purpose of this study was to determine the contribution of different in-season strength and power training frequencies to strength and power performance over the course of a 22 week rugby league competition period.

The Butterfly Model of Careers Planning and Chance, its existence and the utility of intervention, in the career education of secondary to post-secondary students.

Anthony Borg
This research project aims to explore the perceived experience of planning and chance in the career experience of secondary students as they graduate from school and move in to post school pathways and the utility of chance related intervention in high school career education. To acknowledge a relationship between chance and planning in career paths will involve a shift from traditional career counselling, which for much of the past hundred years had been fairly linear,...

Soak up the goodness: Discourses of Australian childhoods on television advertisements, 2006-2012

Christopher Drew
"Childhood is represented on Australian television advertising so frequently as to be commonplace. Traversing childhood, cultural and media studies disciplines, this thesis works to disrupt and unsettle taken for granted and exclusionary cultural assumptions about childhood that emerge through contemporary television advertisements. I conduct social semiotic and discourse analyses across a corpus of 330 advertisements spanning 2006 to 2012, considering the ways the Australian childhood subject is discursively produced through the advertisements. The television advertisements...

The unblemished concubine: Representations of Anne Boleyn in the English written word, 2000-2012

Laura Saxton
Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII, has been the subject of fictional and nonfictional historical narratives since her execution in 1536. Although already a contentious figure for her role in Henry VIII’s annulment of his first marriage and England’s ensuing break from the Roman Catholic Church, the nature of her death ensured that she would become a focus of examination, intrigue and scrutiny. This fascination is, in part, fuelled by limited primary source...

Never on a Sunday: A study of Sunday observance and Sunday public musical entertainment in theatres in Melbourne, 1890-1895

Laurence Moore
Those who experienced Melbourne Sundays prior to the 1960s will recall a city remarkably devoid of commercial activity and public entertainment. The genesis of this situation lay in legislation in force during the 19th century. This was informed by the British protestant heritage reaching back to the 17th century and strongly supported by the puritanical stance of influential Melbournians. Yet for a brief time between 1892 and 1896 vast numbers of Melbourne's citizens enjoyed entertainments...

An exploration of the role of school principals in faith formation leadership within the educational mission of two Australian Anglican schools

Craig Moody
This study offers a response to the question facing the Australian Anglican Church about how the mission of Anglican schools is aligned with the mission of the whole Church. The study explores two Anglican school principals' faith formation leadership, as they engage in this mission. Fundamental to understanding the context of this study is awareness of Anglicanism's broad variety of expression balanced with unity through Scripture, Reason and Tradition. In spite of differences, the Anglican...

Spiritual ecological consciousness towards ecological conversion: Experiental stories of senior secondary students and an autoethnography of the researcher

Margaret Bannan-Watts
Pope John Paul II called the Catholic people of the world to an ecological conversion in response to scientific information that the Earth is experiencing a global environmental crisis. To help people to come to an ecological conversion he asked teachers to develop concrete programs and initiatives in order to sensitize young people to the needs of the Earth. This thesis explores one educational pathway to ecological conversion. The thesis begins by presenting the environmental...

Relocation to a nursing home: The significance of cultural diversity

Cecelia Yeboah
Australian society is changing in its composition. People are living longer than previously which has led to increase in older people. Increased immigration during the past few decades has led to a significant increase in the number of older Australia residents who are both culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD). Also families, familial relationships and traditional support structures are altering. These demographic changes have significant implications for the challenges that Australia faces with its ageing population....

Drugs and having babies: An exploration of how a specialist clinic meets the needs of chemically dependent women

Michelle Morris
"This study sought to evaluate the care provided to chemically dependent pregnant women by a specialist clinic, the Transitions Clinic of the Mercy Hospital for Women, a major Victorian metropolitan women‘s hospital. A critical ethnographic approach informed by critical, feminist and postmodern perspectives, namely Habermas, Foucault and feminist interpretations of Foucault, was employed. During the process of data analysis I was also drawn to the existential theorists, Frankl and Yalom. Twenty women were interviewed three...

Investigating rejection sensitivity: an exploration of intrapersonal and interpersonal factors

Emily Musgrove
Rejection sensitivity is defined as the tendency to 'anxiously expect, readily perceive, and overreact to rejection' (Downey, Feldman, Khuri, & Friedman, 1994, p. 496). It has been conceptualised as a cognitive-affective processing disposition that undermines adaptive functioning. The overall aim of the current research was to explore the rejection sensitivity dynamic and investigate its association with maladaptive intrapersonal and interpersonal outcomes. To address this aim, four studies, each of which used a cross-sectional design, were...

Developing a measure of cognitive deconstruction

Zoe Nicholes
"The aim of this thesis was to develop a reliable and valid measure of cognitive deconstruction, a defensive state marked by a person's attempted refusal to engage in meaningful thought and undertake integrative, interpretive mental acts (Baumeister, 1990a). Cognitive deconstruction has been described to occur for some people following the experience of social exclusion. Cognitive deconstruction limits meaningful thought, and subsequently allows a person to escape from aversive self awareness and emotional distress that may...

The metaphysical realism of E.L. Mascall and Anglican doctrine

Robert Ireland
"The twentieth century Anglican theologian, E. L. Mascall, made an important contribution to Anglican theology by incorporating into it the philosophical doctrine of metaphysical realism, developed by Thomas Aquinas. The Thesis asks about the relationship of Mascall's theology to Anglicanism and how it may be of benefit to Anglican theology, particularly since he represented an increasingly marginalized party within the Church, that is, Anglo-Catholicism, and also since his writings seem somewhat neglected today."

An investigation of the spirituality of children in Victorian state primary schools

Micheline Moriarty
The aim of this research was to investigate aspects of the spirituality of children in Victorian state primary schools. The researcher's experience as a teacher of Christian Religious Education (CRE) in Victorian state primary schools motivated her to investigate the spiritual experiences of contemporary children in this secular, and largely unexplored, context. The objective was to enhance the teaching of Christian Religious Education in these schools. The theoretical framework for this research was hermeneutic phenomenology,...

A study of affective domain factors influencing the decisions of leaders with different cultural perspectives

Geoffrey Beech
This thesis contrasts the influence of the culture-linked prioritisation of pairings of guilt and innocence, shame and honour, and fear and power. In this case study, this influence was explored with reference to the decision making of leaders in education and other fields in two different sub-cultures located in Bolivia, South America. The research involved a qualitative study of data from interviews with forty two leaders from a Bolivian city and from rural villages in...

Compositional techniques in the early-career works of Jason Robert Brown

Ian Nisbet
Jason Robert Brown is an American composer, lyricist, and book writer of contemporary musical theatre. He has been involved with many Broadway and Off-Broadway musicals and plays as composer, lyricist, arranger, orchestrator, musical director, conductor, musical staff, and musician. Of his three early­‐career musicals (Songs For a New World, Parade, and The Last 5 Years), only Parade has been produced on Broadway. Despite his nomination or receipt of thirteen industry awards, Brown’s compositional technique is...

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