7 Works

The invasive Northern Pacific seastar, Asterias amurensis, transcriptome

Craig Sherman

Texture selection mechanisms in uniaxially extruded magnesium alloys

Matthew Barnett, Andrew Sullivan, Nicole Stanford, Nigel Ross & Aiden Beer

Wootz steel project by electron backscatter diffraction

Andrew Sullivan & Matthew Barnett

Phase and crystal orientation study of a TRansformation Induced Plasticity steel subjected to cyclic load induced fatigue

Timothy Hilditch, Ilana Timokhina, Leigh Robertson, Elena Pereloma & Peter Hodgson

Zeros of Dirichlet L-functions on the critical line with the accuracy of 40000 decimal places

Gleb Beliakov & Yuri Matiyasevich

Effects of backwashing on PVDF membrane fouling by organic foulants

Fenghua She, Lingxue Kong & Raymond Cooke

Rural teacher education 2010-2011 interview data

Bernadette Walker-Gibbs, Maxine Cooper, Simone White, M Ortlipp & Juliana Ryan

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