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Towed video footage of the seafloor at Noble Rocks

Alex Rattray

Characteristics of native peptide using SH-SY5Y and BE(2)-M17 cells

Samuel King
This data will display characteristics of a peptide for the inhibition of human beta secretase 1. The data will be collected using ELISAs in the form of absorbance units (arbitrary units) and comparing these to the native peptide. Any change in absorbance indicates that the new peptide has a different effect on the enzyme.

The Trump effect in miniature: a case study of Geelong, Australia

Andrew Vandenberg, Amy Nethery, Philip David Marshall & Maria Rae

Towed video footage of the seafloor at [location]

Elena Kouimtzoglou
Observation data (towed video, BRUVs) collected in Victorian state waters at Longmore, Womersley, Yaringa, French Island

Wootz steel project by electron backscatter diffraction

Andrew Sullivan & Matthew Barnett

Phase and crystal orientation study of a TRansformation Induced Plasticity steel subjected to cyclic load induced fatigue

Timothy Hilditch, Ilana Timokhina, Leigh Robertson, Elena Pereloma & Peter Hodgson

Global Index of Intercultural Dialogue (GIID) - supplementary data

Fethi Mansouri

Towed video footage of the seafloor at [location]

Elena Kouimtzoglou
Observation data (towed video, BRUVs) collected in Victorian state waters at Longmore, Womersley, Yaringa, French Island

Political Leadership

Kristijan Mirkovski
Poliical leadership project data: Political leaders' tweets and Oxford and Google data.

Towed video footage of the seafloor at Julia Banks

Alex Rattray

Consequences of information suppression in ecological and conservation sciences

Don Driscoll, Georgia Garrard, Alexander Kusmanoff, Steven Dovers, Martine Maron, Noel Preece, Bob Pressey & Euan Ritchie

Does varying the ingestion duration of sodium citrate influence blood alkalosis and gastrointestinal symptoms?

Charles Urwin
Objectives: To compare blood alkalosis, gastrointestinal symptoms and indicators of strong ion difference after ingestion of 500 mg.kg-1 BM sodium citrate over four different durations. Methods: Sixteen healthy and active participants ingested 500 mg.kg-1 BM sodium citrate in gelatine capsules over a 15, 30, 45 or 60 min period using a randomized cross-over experimental design. Gastrointestinal symptoms questionnaires and venous blood samples were collected before ingestion, immediately post-ingestion, and every 30 min for 480 min...

Explaining species diversity in a fractal world

Barbara Downes, Rebecca Lester, Georgia Dwyer, Stephen Rice, Caroline Lancaster, Lewis Slater & Courtney Cummings
We investigated emergent rock (ER) distributions from two sets of streams in SE Scotland and SE Australia. ER were counted and channel morphology noted in contiguous 5-m segments along the study lengths (685 - 1000 m of each stream). ER of the Scottish streams were originally surveyed by Lancaster et al. [2010] and the Australian streams were surveyed during the Austral summer (December - February) of 2016/17. ER were defined as any rock protruding above...

Towed video footage of the seafloor at Wonthaggi

Alex Rattray

Towed video footage of the seafloor at Nelson Bay

Alex Rattray

The influence of ethnicity on neuroimaging and clinical outcome post stroke

Paul Yielder & Paul Talman

Supplementary tables from: Exercise training and nutritional supplementation for musculoskeletal health in men treated with androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer: A 12-month RCT

Jack Dalla Via
This data collection consists of: A file containing supplementary data tables for a journal article.

The usage of EM in Australia

Athula Pathinayake
The raw data of cases wherein electronic monitoring or GPS monitoring has been considered. It serves to illustrate the current state of EM use by the judicial system, highlight problems, and foster theory development.

Towed video footage of the seafloor at Yaringa

Alex Rattray

Microplastics monitoring protocol in surface waters

Alessandra Sutti
This project aims at Beta-testing the "Microplastics monitoring protocol in surface waters" developed by Deakin University in collaboration with Labter-Crea MN and Globe Italia. As part of the project, students and teachers will be trained on a newly-established image dataset that allows recognition of common items expected to be present in surface waters. This dataset includes a selection of naturally occurring particles. These could be of biological or mineral origin.

Data for meta-analysis and systematic review from tactile-mediated vection research

Lars Kooijman, Houshyar Asadi, Shady Mohamed & Saeid Nahavandi

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