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Dataset: Multiplexed Illumination for Classifying Visually Similar Objects

Taihua Wang & Danserau Donald G

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Protocols

Knowledge, skills and barriers to evidence-based practice and the impact of a flipped classroom training program for physical therapists: an observational study

Leora Harrison, David Wong, Alison R Harmer & Matthew Jennings
Objective: To evaluate the knowledge, skills and barriers to evidence-based practice and the impact of evidence-based practice training for physical therapy clinicians. Methods: Physical therapists from a health district in Sydney, Australia were invited to participate. The primary outcome was the Assessing Competency in Evidence-based Medicine scale (range 0-15; 15 is high knowledge and skill) to quantify knowledge and skills. The secondary outcomes were the four subscales of the BARRIERS scale (range 1-4; 4 is...

Towards Interspecies Sustainability: The Future for Thoroughbreds and Thoroughbred Racing

Iris Marie Bergmann
The international thoroughbred racing industry is increasingly vulnerable to public scrutiny due to its horse welfare record. At the same time, the industry is concerned about its sustainability. The interface of welfare and sustainability however offers little for the horses because of a disconnect between dominant conceptions of sustainability and the protection of animals arising from an anthropocentric orientation of most conceptualisations of sustainability. This study investigates the interface of animal protection and sustainability, a...

Fire Safety and Engineering: Technical Papers - Book 1

Vaughan Beck &

Move it AUS Better Ageing Grant; A national evaluation report

Catriona Rose, Lindsey J. Reece, Bridget C. Foley & Katherine Owen

Sport and Community Sector Insights: Engaging Physically Inactive Communities

Lindsey J. Reece, Catriona L. Rose, Katherine Owen & Bridget C. Foley

Engaging Physically Inactive Communities: Key Insights from Move It AUS Grant Programs

Lindsey J. Reece, Catriona L. Rose, Katherine Owen & Bridget C. Foley

Exploring a Potential Facilitating Role for Pain-Related Attentional Bias in Nocebo Hyperalgesia

Tessa Rooney
The nocebo effect comprises the negative counterpart of the placebo. This occurs when administration of an inert intervention, coupled with negative information or conditioning, results in the occurrence of negative effects. While the literature agrees on the importance of negative expectancies in activating nocebo effects, other potential factors remain relatively overlooked. The aim of the present study was to use a novel gaze-augmented dot-probe task to investigate whether pain-related attentional bias contributes to nocebo effects....

Shaping the Curriculum: Embedding Indigenous Cultural Competence in the Master of Business Administration

Guy Ford, Murphy Kate, Mantai Lilia, Abrate Luce, Ormond-Parker Lyndon & Kelly-Mundine Juanita
Through this document we invite you to discover the process which was followed to embed Indigenous Cultural Competence (ICC) across the Master of Business Administration (MBA) at The University of Sydney Business School. This includes the outputs developed during the process and practical guidance for other programs seeking to embed Indigenous Cultural Competence and improve Indigenous engagement.

COVID casual in the Australian public sector: Professional attire in the age of remote working

Briony Lipton & Sulagna Basu

Dataset for 'Growth and metabolism of Chromera velia under hypercapnia'

Shymma Rahem

Pharaonic Obsessions: Ancient Egypt, an Australian Story

Candace Richards
Pharaonic Obsessions: Ancient Egypt, an Australian Story explores the modern history of Egyptology through the lens of Australian collecting practices, showcasing the University of Sydney’s significant holdings of ancient Egyptian material culture. Conceptually divided into two themes, ‘objects of obsession’ and ‘sites of obsession’, this exhibition examines the stories of prominent Australians who helped shape the University’s collection, and investigates the reception of ancient Egyptian heritage in Australian society from the mid-19th to the mid-20th...

Dataset for Adams et al (2022). Commensal black rats (Rattus rattus) select wild vegetation over urbanised habitats

M.W.D. Adams, L.S. Grant, T.G.L Kovacs, S.Q.T Liang, N. Norris, M.M Alessi & P.B. Banks
Human commensal species are thought to depend so closely on resources provided by humans that they are effectively ‘natives’ of urban environments. However, while their adaptations to urban existence are well understood, their ecology and habitat choices have not been closely examined. This study investigated the habitat preferences of the archetypal commensal species, the invasive black rat Rattus rattus, at the urban-bushland interface in Sydney, Australia, and modelled the results using isodar analysis. Unexpectedly, we...

Llara subsoil constraint prediction dataset

Patrick Filippi & Brett Whelan
This dataset holds covariate data that was used for predicting subsoil constraints across the University of Sydney farm "Llara", Narrabri, NSW Australia. It includes terrain attributes, gamma radiometrics from an aerial survey and the 5th and 50th centile Landsat NDVI calculated from a 20 year assessment.

Fire Safety Engineering: Comparison of FSE Guidance Documents and Assessment Criteria Special Report

Ashley Brinson, Peter Johnson, Stephen Kip, Jose Torero, David Lange & Tobias Salomonsson
The Comparison of FSE Guidance Documents and Assessment Criteria Report provides a review of four guidance documents for fire safety engineering to determine their suitability for use in Australia. A commissioned research report for the Australian Building Codes Board

Fire Safety Engineering: The Final Report 8 of 8

Peter Johnson, David Lange, Jose Torero, Ashley Brinson & Marianne Foley
The Final Report develops a pragmatic plan on a transition from the current state of fire safety engineering and design in Australia, which differs across states and territories in relation to regulation, registration, and other practice controls, to the required regulatory, education, accreditation and registration state which will ensure a full and proper profession for fire safety engineers.

Student social isolation: Remedying causes and impact in large business schools

Celina McEwen
Social isolation is an issue for universities because most students experience various forms of isolation during their studies. This can be a more or less persistent feeling that impacts students’ wellbeing and/or their capacity to fulfil their study potential. Whether the causes are academic, environmental, socio-cultural or health-related, social isolation can be remedied at the point of crisis or as a preventative measure throughout students’ university life. This research report examines the literature on social...

Dataset for 'Urban children's connections to nature and environmental behaviours differ with age and gender'

Ryan Keith, Lisa Given, John Martin & Dieter Hochuli

COVID-19 and Australia’s mental health: an overview of academic literature, policy documents, lived experience accounts, media and community reports

M. Bower, S. Smout, S. Ellsmore, A. Donohoe-Bales, P.P. Sivaprakash, C. Lim, M. Gray, A. Francis, A. Grager, J. Riches &

Covid-19, gender and work

Elizabeth Hill & Rae Cooper

Facilitating men’s involvement in care work

Elizabeth Hill & Rae Cooper
Gender Equality in Working Life Research Initiative Insights Series

Research-informed principles for a gender equitable recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic

Elizabeth Hill & Rae Cooper

What do women want from work post-pandemic? A qualitative study of women in Western Sydney.

Rae Cooper & Elizabeth Hill
This report shows that the working women of Western Sydney expect and want to work in good jobs that provide economic security for themselves and their families. They want access to high-quality flexible working options, and in 2022 they are especially interested in hybrid working arrangements. They want good care systems that are affordable, match the realities of their working lives, and allow them to meet both their economic and their family needs. Currently, they...

Move it AUS Better Ageing Grant; A national evaluation report

Lindsey J. Reece, Catriona L Rose, Katherine Owen & Bridget C. Foley

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