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Ice Bulletins for the Antarctic shipping season 2020–2021

Jan Lieser
The Ice Bulletins compiled in this document are weekly reports on ice conditions for predominantly East Antarctica, including sub-weekly updates. They were prepared to support ship operations in East Antarctica during the 2020/2021 shipping season.

Mapping of inshore marine habitats in the Cradle Coast Region: from West Head to Robbins Passage

Vanessa Lucieer, MM Lawler, MG Morffew & AJ Pender

Mapping of inshore marine habitats from Schouten Island to Bicheno on the East Coast of Tasmania

Vanessa Lucieer, MM Lawler & Andrew J Pender

Atlas of Earth System Hazards for Tasmania

Tomas Remenyi, Dean Rollins, Peter Love, Nick Earl, Rebecca Harris & Kathleen Beyer

What's in a place? Drivers of migration to and from Tasmania - The Tasmania Project Report 59

Sebastian Kocar & Ami Seivwright

Review of climate impact change work undertaken, research gaps and opportunities in the Tasmanian context

Nathaniel Bindoff, Peter Love, MR Grose, Rebecca Harris, Tomas Remenyi & CJ White

SeaMap Tasmania, Mapping the Gaps

Vanessa Lucieer, MM Lawler, Pender Andrew J & MM Morffew

Impact of Climate Change on Weather Related Fire Risk in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Climate Change and Bushfire Research Initiative

Peter Love, Paul Fox-Hughes, Tomas Remenyi, Rebecca Harris & Nathaniel Bindoff

Projecting Volunteer Resource Requirements Under Extreme Climate Futures Technical Report

Tomas Remenyi, Rebecca Harris, Christopher White, Stuart Corney, Julia Jabour, Sally Kelty, Kimberley Norris, Lisa Denny, Roberta Julian & Nathaniel Bindoff

Environmental assessment of potential marine farming areas in Macquarie Harbour Tasmania

Vanessa Lucieer, Catriona Macleod, Andrew J Pender & Donald Ross

Building population resilience in Tasmania: The pandemic and beyond

Sebastian Kocar, Ella Horton, Lisa Denny, Ami Seivwright & Elizabeth Lester

“Quality food is too expensive to afford”: 1 in 2 Tasmanians are food insecure in 2022 due to the rising cost of living - The Tasmanian Project Report 61

Katherine Kent, Sandra Murray, Sebastian Kocar, Ami Seivwright & Denis Visentin

An assessment of the viability of prescribed burning as a management tool under a changing climate. A Report for the National Bushfire Mitigation – Tasmanian Grants Program (NBMP)

Rebecca Harris, Tomas Remenyi, Paul Fox-Hughes, Peter Love, Helen Phillips & Nathaniel Bindoff

Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area Climate Change and Bushfire Research Initiative

Peter Love, Tomas Remenyi, Rebecca Harris & Nathaniel Bindoff

Life in an open-bordered Tasmania - The Tasmania Project Report 56

Ami Seivwright

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