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Datasets collected during experimental measurement campaign to correct Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometer (SLDV) measurements when subjected to sensor head vibration

Benjamin Halkon & Steve Rothberg
The various included datasets were accumulated during a project to experimentally validate the theoretical basis for the correction of SLDV measurements when subjected to base motion or instrument sensor head vibration. They complement the paper submitted to Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing on Jan 21, 2020 provisionally entitled "Establishing correction solutions for scanning laser Doppler vibrometer measurements affected by sensor head vibration". There are a total of four Excel files, with content as follows: UTSScanningBaseMotionCal_200918_new_Stash.xlsx...

Cancer survivors' exercise beliefs, knowledge and behaviours: An Australian national survey.

Cristina M. Caperchione & Sean Stolp

Visual Effects Industry Interview Data

Evanthia Samaras
The interview data set explores records and archiving practices in the film and television visual effects industry. The data set is accompanied by the interview questionnaire and background information about the interview approach.

Primary data from study of degradation patterns of natural and synthetic textiles on a soil surface during summer and winter seasons using ATR-FTIR spectroscopy

Maiken Ueland, Shari Forbes, Johanna Howes & Barbara Stuart

Network TimeServer Dataset 2016-2017

Darryl Veitch & Yi Cao

Institutional Research Data Management (RDM) Planning Maturity Assessment Tool (MAT)

Andreas Mertin, Louise Wheeler, Pascal Tampubolon, Deborah Naray, Sarah Su, Ria Hamblett, Helen Chan, Hossain Salahuddin, Duncan Loxton, David Litting & Liangwen (Wendy) Liu
UTS developed an Institutional Research Data Management (RDM) Planning Maturity Assessment Tool (MAT) as part of the ARDC Institutional Underpinnings (IU) program. The RDM Planning MAT is presented as a single Excel workbook, with 7 sheets that can be viewed as three sections: Front matter and supporting material, comprising - How to use this document (sheet 1) - IU RDMP Recommendations (sheet 2) - Glossary (sheet 7) Assessment sheets, divided into three sections - Governance...

Pedestrian d3.js

Michael Lynch

Multi-modal database for benchmark metal transfer modes in gas metal arc welding

Xiaojun Qiu, Sipei Zhao & Ian Burnett
This database contains the synchronized sound, current, voltage and video signals measured at different benchmark transfer modes in gas metal arc welding. The benchmark metal transfer modes include three groups, i.e., contact, free flight and controlled. In each group, there are four modes. In Group 1 (contact transfer), the four modes are pure liquid bridge (1b2), forced contact (1c3), repel globular (1g4) and gasless explosive (1e10). In Group 2 (free flight transfer), the four modes...

QDataSet: Quantum Datasets for Machine Learning

Christopher Ferrie, Elija Perrier, Akram Youssry & Dacheng Tao

Digital Platform Complaint Handling: Options for an External Dispute Resolution Scheme

Derek Wilding, Karen Lee, Anita Stuhmcke & Holly Raiche

Australian Public Health Orders Issued by Australian State and Territory Governments: Dataset 2004-2017

David Carter

Welding sound benchmark data

Xiaojun Qiu, Sipei Zhao & Ian Burnett
Benchmark data for gas metal arc welding sounds at different modes. The overall aim of this project is to develop an acoustic sensing based monitoring technology for process and quality control and productivity enhancement of Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW). The specific aims are to:  establish an acoustic model that correlates the acoustic signal with other weld parameters by investigating the physical mechanisms of GMAW sound generation;  determine key acoustic features and identification...

Reports on Gas Metal Arc Welding Process Monitoring with Acoustic Sensing

Xiaojun Qiu, Sipei Zhao & Ian Burnett

Multi-modal database for parameter diagnosis in gas metal arc welding

Xiaojun Qiu, Sipei Zhao & Ian Burnett
This database contains the synchronized sound, current, voltage and video signals measured in gas metal arc welding, with a variation in the welding parameters. The welding parameters include the current, voltage, gas volume. The parameters were tuned to be both higher and lower than the benchmark metal transfer mode to investigate the effect of these parameters on the welding sound signals. The benchmark transfer mode included in this database are forced contact (1c3) and forced...

Pornography's effects on its audiences: synthesising an innovative interdisciplinary approach

Alan McKee & Roger Ingham

Australian Prosecutions for Manslaughter in the Medical Context - 'Medical Manslaughter' Cases (1839-2013)

David Carter
This dataset contains research data associated with the criminal prosecution of manslaughter by criminal negligence and cognate offences arising in the healthcare and medical context in Australia with accompanying reference to primary and secondary sources including newspaper reports, archival sources. It is part of a larger project which investigates the incidence of such 'medical manslaughter' prosecutions in the jurisdiction. The research data collected over the life of the project provides evidence for a larger number...

International Student Data 2012-2015: A private tertiary provider case study

Luz Stenberg
Data on international students from a private tertiary provider between 2012 and 2015 were collected and includes country of origin, gender, age, course and number of advance standing credited to predict student outcomes.

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