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Commonwealth Quality Assurance Activity Declarations (1992-2016)

David Carter
This dataset contains research data associated with the declaration by the Commonwealth Minister for Health of quality assurance activities under provisions of the Health Insurance Act 1973 (Cth) as created by the Health Insurance (Quality Assurance Confidentiality) Amendment Act 1992 (Cth). A declaration of a quality assurance activity provides a form of qualified privilege for the activity and resulting data generated by it. This includes provisions that create a criminal penalty for disclosure of information...

Files from Data Arena visualisation of CSIRO Bentwing LIDAR fly-through of Victoria Arch, Wombeyan Caves, NSW Australia

Mike Lake, Robert Zlot & Ben Simons

Working in the disrupted economy (transcripts)

Sarah Kaine, Michael Walker & Emmanuel Josserand

Primary data from study of degradation patterns of natural and synthetic textiles on a soil surface during summer and winter seasons using ATR-FTIR spectroscopy

Maiken Ueland, Shari Forbes, Johanna Howes & Barbara Stuart

Network TimeServer Dataset 2016-2017

Darryl Veitch & Yi Cao

Australian Prosecutions for Manslaughter in the Medical Context - 'Medical Manslaughter' Cases (1839-2013)

David Carter
This dataset contains research data associated with the criminal prosecution of manslaughter by criminal negligence and cognate offences arising in the healthcare and medical context in Australia with accompanying reference to primary and secondary sources including newspaper reports, archival sources. It is part of a larger project which investigates the incidence of such 'medical manslaughter' prosecutions in the jurisdiction. The research data collected over the life of the project provides evidence for a larger number...

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