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Interlayer Energy, C33 and Decomposition Energy of van der Waals hetero-structures

Marco Fronzi & Michael J Ford

Dataset: Phenology - MODIS, derived from MYD13A1 EVI, Australia coverage

Alfredo Huete & Qiaoyun Xie

CAMHID: Camera Motion Histogram Descriptor and Its Application to Cinematographic Shot Classification

Muhammad Abul Hasan

Expert Nation Database - Arts Scholars Data - Degree and career information 1919-1939

Tamson Pietsch, Gabrielle Kemmis, Julia Horne, Stephen Garton, James Waghorne & Kate Darian-Smith

Pedestrian d3.js

Michael Lynch

Australian Public Health Orders Issued by Australian State and Territory Governments: Dataset 2004-2017

David Carter

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