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Katherine Hinde
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RPN Plan Analysis Seattle City Summary.pdf

Sara Meerow, Sierra Woodruff, Bryce Hannibal, Melina Matos, Malini Roy & Philip Gilbertson

Building Resilience in Fort Lauderdale: An Analysis of City Plans

Sara Meerow, Sierra Woodruff, Bryce Hannibal, Malini Roy, Melina Matos & Philip Gilbertson
This report highlights findings from a joint research project between Arizona State University and Texas A University funded by the National Science Foundation. The central goal of the Resilience Planning Networks project is to assess the degree of coordination of government agencies and stakeholders engaged in resilience planning and to examine the influence of coordination on the integration of flood mitigation across multiple plans. By combining surveys, social network analysis, and the latest techniques in...

Replication Data for: Magnetic-resonance-based measurement of electromagnetic fields and conductivity in vivo using single current administration

Rosalind Jane Sadleir
Supporting Information for Publication. Dataset contains information necessary to replicate findings.

Resilience Planning Networks Project Methodology Report 2021.pdf

Sierra Woodruff, Sara Meerow, Bryce Hannibal, Melina Matos & Malini Roy

2090-2099 Projected Climates and Urban Development Scenarios - Conterminous U.S. (CONUS) Simulation Data

Matei Georgescu, Aldo Brandi, Ashley Broadbent & Scott Krayenhoff
Simulations representing different climate change, urban development and heat adaptation strategies scenarios for the future Conterminous United States. Refer to CONUS_Sims_README.txt for additional documentation.

Replication Data for: Controlling the Error Probabilities of Model Selection Information Criteria Using Bootstrapping

Beckett Sterner & Michael Cullan
Simulation data associated with a publication in the Journal of Applied Statistics. Content addresses a simple regression case proposed by Aris Spanos and fossil trait series data from paleobiology collected by Gene Hunt, Melanie Hopkins, and Scott Lidgard. Data is formatted for use in R and is associated with the ICError R package.

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