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List of U.S. military bases abroad

David Vine

Islandora as a repository platform (also) for research data

Stefan Kramer

Using color and shape coding to teach sentence structure in Chinese

Xiohong Yang

The discourse needs of an EFL classroom

Tiffany Ballance

Language as a vehicle for national themes

Donna Southwood-Smith

Academic plagiarism rules and ESL learning - mutually exclusive concepts?

Kathryn E. McDonnell

Rapid copy cataloging and receiving of shelf ready books

Alayne Mundt

How the past affects the future: the story of the apostrophe

Christine Cavella & Robin A. Kernodle

Don't just say \"no\": developmental sequence of negation

Kay Ahmad

What's the use of apostrophes?: Gender difference and linguistic variation in instant messaging

Lauren M. Squires

American University Library digital preservation policy

The theoretical underpinnings of effective grammar instruction

Sigrun Biesenbach-Lucas, Elise Couper & Bryan Woerner

Instant fame: message boards, mobile phones, and Clay Aiken

Erin E. Watkins

Adjusting the volume: technology and multitasking in discourse control

Naomi S. Baron

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