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Transracial adoption of black children: an economic analysis

Mary Eschelbach Hansen & Daniel Pollack

The distribution of a federal entitlement: the case of adoption assistance

Mary Eschelbach Hansen

Dumping on U.S. farmers: are there biases in global antidumping regulations?

Kara Reynolds

Subsidizing rent-seeking: antidumping protection and the Byrd Amendment

Kara M. Olson

Institutions and incentives for R&D: implications for L.A.C. economies

Walter G. Park

Healthy students: ready to to learn: strategies to increase healthy food consumption in DC public schools

Erin Watts, Anastasia Snelling, Rachel Albershardt & Hugo Van Dyke

Attitudes and beliefs of librarians in Germany and the USA: a comparative study

Stefan Kramer
The purpose of this study is to understand, compare, and contrast professional experiences, attitudes, and beliefs among personnel in academic libraries in the USA and in Germany. Notable findings include differences in: respondents’ professional backgrounds; services offered by, and perceived adequacy and support of, respondents’ libraries; and views of the library profession and its future. Future studies could extend these comparisons to librarians in other countries, beyond Germany and the USA.

Cost of copyright confusion for media literacy

Free culture: phase two

Copyright backgrounder

Public television viewers and public-purpose programming

An international approach to data privacy

Access to infrastructure, women’s time allocation, and economic growth

Pierre-Richard Agénor & Madina Agénor

Ultraproducts and their applications

Ali Enayat, Amanda Purcell, Stephen Casey & Joshua Lansky

Technical Report no. 2015-3: lifting representations of finite reductive groups: a character relation

Jeffrey D. Adler, Michael Cassel, Joshua M. Lansky, Emma Morgan & Yifei Zhao

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