290 Works

The two sides of envy

Boris Anatolyevich Gershman

An examination of entry and competitive performance in rural banking markets

Robert Feinberg & Kara Reynolds

The social economics of ethical consumption: theoretical considerations and empirical evidence

Martha A. Starr

Household saving, class identity, and conspicuous consumption

Jon D. Wisman

The economic consequences of dollar appreciation for U.S. manufacturing investment

Robert A. Blecker

Wage stagnation, rising inequality and the financial crisis of 2008

Jon D. Wisman

Determinants of state-level antitrust enforcement

Robert M. Feinberg & Kara M. Reynolds

Integration, productivity, and inclusion in Mexico: a macro perspective

Robert A. Blecker

Why has labor demand guaranteed employment?

Jon D. Wisman & Michael Cauvel

Distributional costs of the housing-price bust

Cynthia A. Bansak & Martha A. Starr

Recession and the social economy

Martha A. Starr

Determinants of cross-border merger premia

Ralph Sonenshine & Kara M. Reynolds

Open economy models of distribution and growth

Robert A. Blecker

A brief sketch of the economic causes of war and peace

Jon D. Wisman

How was the quantitative easing program of the 1930s unwound?

Gabriel Mathy & Matthew Jaremski

Food security, gender and occupational choice among urban low- income households

Maria Floro & Ranjula Bali Swain

Use of maternal health care in Tajikistan: a bargaining framework

Mieke Meurs

Stolper-Samuelson revisited: trade and distribution with oligopolistic profits

Robert A. Blecker

The effects of mergers, divestitures, and board composition on CEO compensation before and after the financial crisis

Ralph Sonenshine, Nathan Larson & Michael Cauvel

Why mergers fail

Ralph Sonenshine

The economics of ethical consumption

Martha A. Starr

Structural change, the real exchange rate, and the balance of payments in Mexico, 1960-2012

Carlos A. Ibarra & Robert A. Blecker

The Phillips curve and US monetary policy: what the FOMC transcripts tell us

Ellen E. Meade & Daniel L. Thorton

Do states free ride in antitrust enforcement?

Robert M. Feinberg & Thomas A. Husted

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