120 Works

Adding insult to injury : emotion, framing, and cognitive liberation in Georgia's Rose Revolution

Kelli Hash-Gonzalez

Action of bases on aldose phenylhydrazones synthesis of new hydrazono-1,4-lactones

Arthur Crossman Jr.

Adult basic education and literacy in El Salvador : A case study

Leesa Kaplan Nunes

\"Adrenalized fear\" : crisis-management in U.S. House and Senate campaigns

R. Sam Garrett

Absolute determination of the electrochemical equivalent and the atomic-weight of zinc

George Marinenko

Above-threshold ionization in two electromagnetic fields

Rina Shoshana Bardfield

Academic quality assessment in Turkish undergraduate institutions

Hasan Arslan

Act of state doctrine in the international system

William Jesse Taylor, Jr.

Achieving styles as a gauge for co-worker productivity in college student co-curricular environments

Greig Macleod Stewart

To what extent do generational differences affect the Korea-Japan relationship?

Minjae Kim & Young Kim

To what extent do generational differences affect the Korea-Japan relationship?

Minjae Kim & Young Kim

Age differences between spouses and the status of women

Cynthia Green

Aid, privatization, and development: Turkey, 1979-1990

Sallama Mahmoud Shaker

All-cases imputation variance estimator: a new approach to variance estimation for imputed data

Jill Marie Montaquila

Climate Change Attitudes in Bangladesh: Data from a 2019 National Survey

Todd Eisenstadt, Tawfique Haque, Michael Toman & Matthew Wright

AIDS education for college students: an application of the health belief model

Emily Hauck

The Air Force organization for basic research 1945-1970: a study in change

Robert Sigethy

AIDS, gender and behavior change: women's responses to the pandemic in urban Senegal

Michelle Eileen Lewis

American families and absences: breaking the parent-child bond

Quincy Bonham Kuelling Koepf

Care Conundrum in South Korea: Is there unmet demand for childcare and eldercare?

Seung-Eun Cha, Eunhye Kang, Maria Floro, Shirin Arslan & Arnob Alam

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