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The Air Force organization for basic research 1945-1970: a study in change

Robert Sigethy

AIDS, gender and behavior change: women's responses to the pandemic in urban Senegal

Michelle Eileen Lewis

AIDS education for college students: an application of the health belief model

Emily Hauck

American families and absences: breaking the parent-child bond

Quincy Bonham Kuelling Koepf

Absorption of organic acids on certain substrates

Atam Deo Gupta

African-American women's activism and ghetto formation in a Washington, D.C. neighborhood

Jenell Lora Williams Paris

Advocacy non-governmental organizations and sustainable human development in post-war Lebanon

Rose Hanna Debbas

Allocation of talent to the government sector: implications for growth in developing countries

Koffie Ben Nassar

All flesh is grass: despair and affirmation in \"Lie Down in Darkness\"

Nancy Carter Goodley

Acoustic scattering from a structure placed in a bounded medium

Angie Sarkissian

Accountant's report on pro forma financial statements : a feasibility study

Zachariah Mathew

Acoustic measurements in liquid rubidium at high pressures

Joel Rosenbaum

Multivariate optimizing up-and-down design

Nawar Marwan Al-Shara

Administrative strength, reform, and school-district performance

Lamar Vernon Bennett

Adoption of television in Cameroon and its effects on youths

Fred Bobuin Babi

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