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Alabama Soybean Variety Tests 1980

Donald L. Thurlow
"March 1981."

Performance of soybean varieties in Alabama, 2012

Kathryn M. Glass, & Edzard Van Santen
"December 2012"

1975 Alabama grain sorghum performance tests

Cover title. "February 1976."

Politics a \"Chilly\" Environment for Undergraduate Women in Norway

Cissy J. Ballen, Dahsol Lee, Lise Rakner & Cotner Sehoya
Gender differences in academic performance and attitudes are widespread in male-stereotyped disciplines but rarely are studied in the social sciences. To assess the extent that gender influences the behavior of undergraduate women in political science, participation was analyzed in a large (N = 130) introductory comparative-politics class at the University of Bergena large public university in Norway. In the 2016 fall semester, observers documented classroom behaviors of men and women using a protocol that characterizes...

Microsatellite and mating type markers reveal unexpected patterns of genetic diversity in the pine root‐infecting fungus Grosmannia alacris

Tuan A. Duong, Z. Wilhelm De Beer, Brenda D. Wingfield, Lori G. Eckhardt & Michael J. Wingfield
Grosmannia alacris is a fungus commonly associated with root‐infesting bark beetles occurring on Pinus spp. The fungus has been recorded in South Africa, the USA, France, Portugal and Spain and importantly, has been associated with pine root diseases in South Africa and the USA. Nothing is known regarding the population genetics or origin of G. alacris, although its association with root‐infesting beetles native to Europe suggests that it is an invasive alien in South Africa....

Data for A chromosome-level genome assembly for the Eastern Fence Lizard (Sceloporus undulatus), a reptile model for physiological and evolutionary ecology

Tonia Schwartz
Background: High-quality genomic resources facilitate investigations into behavioral ecology, morphological and physiological adaptations, and the evolution of genomic architecture. Lizards in the genus Sceloporus have a long history as important ecological, evolutionary, and physiological models, making them a valuable target for the development of genomic resources. Findings: We present a high-quality chromosome-level reference genome assembly, SceUnd1.0, (utilizing 10X Genomics Chromium, HiC, and PacBio data) and tissue/developmental stage transcriptomes for the Eastern Fence Lizard, Sceloporus undulatus....

Discovering Diversity with High-Throughput Approaches: Introduction to a Virtual Symposium in The Biological Bulletin

Kenneth M. Halanych & Andrew R. Mahon

Anatomy of the Laminar Organs of Commelina erecta (Commelinaceae)

Roland R. Dute, Brian E. Jackson, Ryan D. Adkins & Debbie R. Folkerts
A study was undertaken to compare the anatomy of the laminar floral parts with that of the spathes and leaves of Commelina erecta L. Each flower has two types of petals and two types of sepals. In contrast to the other organs, the petals have a completely open venation system whose vein endings consist solely of modified bundle-sheath cells. Bundle sheaths of leaves and spathes, but not the floral organs, contain sclerified cells for support....

Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to Conduct Site Inspections of Erosion and Sediment Control Practices and Track Project Progression

Michael Perez, Wesley C. Zech & Wesley N. Donald
Construction activities increase the erosion potential of a site through earth-disturbing processes of vegetative grubbing, topsoil stripping, and grading. Receiving waters become susceptible and vulnerable to the process of sedimentation, which degrades the overall water quality. Federal, state, and local regulations require the use of erosion and sediment controls to help manage stormwater discharge from construction sites. Regulations further require regular inspections, monitoring, and maintenance of employed erosion and sediment control practices. Unmanned aerial vehicles...

Digital Ethics in ePortfolios: Developing Principles, Strategies, and Scenarios

Amy Cicchino, Megan Haskins, Morgan Gresham, Kevin Kelly, Christine Slade & Sarah Zurhellen
In response to rising concerns about digital ethics in ePortfolio practice, the Association for Authentic, Experiential, Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL) created a Digital Ethics Task Force charged with researching and articulating research-based practices for ePortfolios. After year one, the Task Force released the Digital Ethics Principles in ePortfolios: Version 1. This article describes the process used to recruit Task Force members and develop the resulting principles. In using the Task Force as a model for international...

Performance of small grain varieties in Alabama, 2020-2021

Henry G. Jordan
Caption title.

Propagule size and sex ratio influence colonisation dynamics after introduction of a non-native lizard

Amelie Fargevieille, Aaron Reedy, Ariel Kahrl, Timothy Mitchell, Andrew Durso, David Delaney, Phillip Pearson, Robert Cox & Daniel Warner
1. The composition of founding populations plays an important role in colonisation dynamics and can influence population growth during early stages of biological invasion. Specifically, founding populations with small propagules (i.e., low number of founders) are vulnerable to the Allee effect and have reduced likelihood of establishment compared to those with large propagules. The founding sex ratio can also impact establishment via its influence on mating success and offspring production. 2. Our goal was to...

Performance of grain sorghum in Alabama, 2021

Henry G. Jordan
Caption title.

Life History Aspects of Exyra semicrocea (Pitcher Plant Moth) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Jessica D. Stephens & Debbie R. Folkerts
With as little as 3% of southeastern Coastal Plain pitcher plant bogs remaining, it is important to understand the life-history aspects of the endemic organisms that comprise this community. In this study, we elucidate aspects of the life history of Exyra semicrocea (Pitcher Plant Moth) by incorporating unpublished portions of a thesis from 1978–1979 with recent fi eld and lab observations in 2010. We give morphological descriptions of both larvae and adults, as well as...

Reproduction in Male Crotalus adamanteus Beauvois(Eastern Diamond-Backed Rattlesnake): Relationship of Plasma Testosterone to Testis and Kidney Dimensions and the Mating Season

Shannon K. Hoss, Gordon W. Schuett, Ryan L. Earley & Lora L. Smith
The reproductive ecology of male Crotalus adamanteus Beauvois (Eastern Diamond-backed Rattlesnake) from southwestern Georgia (Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center, Baker County) was studied from 14 August 2003 to 14 August 2006. Few studies provide information on reproduction of free-living Eastern Diamondbacked Rattlesnakes, and no information is available on the seasonal relationship of plasma sex steroids of males to changes in the reproductive organs (e.g., mass of the testis and kidney) and the mating season....

Temperature Changes in Central Asia from 1979 to 2011 Based on Multiple Datasets*

Zengyun Hu, Chi Zhang, Qi Hu & Hanqin Tian
The arid and semiarid region in central Asia is sensitive and vulnerable to climate variations. However, the sparse and highly unevenly distributed meteorological stations in the region provide limited data for understanding of the region’s climate variations. In this study, the near-surface air temperature change in central Asia from 1979 to 2011 was examined using observations from 81 meteorological stations, three local observation validated reanalysis datasets of relatively high spatial resolutions, and the Climate Research...

Seasonal Shifts in Reproduction Depend on Prey Availability for an Income Breeder

Joshua M. Hall, Andrew Buckelew, Matthew Lovern, Stephen M. Secor & Daniel A. Warner
The evolution of reproductive strategies depends on local environmental conditions. When environments are seasonal, selection favors individuals that align changes in key reproductive traits with seasonal shifts in habitat quality. Offspring habitat quality can decline through the season, and increased maternal provisioning to late-produced offspring may compensate. This shift, however, may depend on environmental factors that influence reproduction and are, themselves, subject to temporal changes (e.g., food abundance). We studied the brown anole lizard (Anolis...

Development of endocytosis, degradative activity, and antigen processing capacity during GM-CSF driven differentiation of murine bone marrow

Adesola C. Olatunde, Laura P. Abell, Ashley E. Landuyt & Elizabeth Hiltbold Schwartz
Dendritic cells (DC) are sentinels of the immune system, alerting and enlisting T cells to clear pathogenic threats. As such, numerous studies have demonstrated their effective uptake and proteolytic activities coupled with antigen processing and presentation functions. Yet, less is known about how these cellular mechanisms change and develop as myeloid cells progress from progenitor cells to more differentiated cell types such as DC. Thus, our study comparatively examined these functions at different stages of...

Lifestyles and phylogeny explain bird life histories

F. Stephen Dobson

The thermal conductivity of Earth's lower mantle

Xiaoli Tang, Moses C. Ntam, Jianjun Dong, Emma S. G. Rainey & Abby Kavner
We assess the thermal conductivity of the Earth’s lower mantle anchored on our first-principles calculations of lattice thermal conductivity of MgSiO3 perovskite. Our calculations agree with measurements of iron-free perovskite at ambient conditions and show a lower pressure dependence compared with other recent calculations. In addition, we show that the effect of iron on the lattice thermal conductivity of silicate perovskite is likely to be small at high temperatures. To provide an assessment of thermal...

Reproductive Value and the Stochastic Demography of Age-Structured Populations

Steinar Engen, Russell Lande, Bernt‐Erik Sæther & Stephen Dobson
The dynamics of an age-structured population in a fluctuating environment is determined by the stochastic individual contributions from annual survival and fecundity to the total reproductive value of the population the next year. All parameters required to describe the population dynamics are simple properties of the distribution of these individual demographic contributions, which we call individual reproductive value. The asymptotic population growth rate in the average environment and the demographic and environmental variances are respectively...

Los Angeles Aqueduct

Philip L Chaney
This file contains a digital map of the Los Angeles Aqueduct (U.S.A.) in Google Earth KMZ format that was produced as part of The IBT Water Project at Auburn University. The Los Angeles Aqueduct is a complex, “gravity-flow” system constructed in three major phases to transport water from the Owens Valley and Mono Lake area in eastern California to the city of Los Angeles. The First LA Aqueduct (LAA1), completed in 1913, consisted of a...

'A Being Apart': Sympathy and Distance in Middlemarch (Prize Essay)

Charlie Tyson
Article from the George Eliot Review, digitized and hosted by the George Eliot Review Online.

Shakespearean Allusions in Janet's Repentance

A. G. Van Den Broek
Article from the George Eliot Review, digitized and hosted by the George Eliot Review Online.

George Eliot and The Linnet's Life

Beryl Gray
Article from the George Eliot Review, digitized and hosted by the George Eliot Review Online.

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