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Anatomy of the Laminar Organs of Commelina erecta (Commelinaceae)

Roland R. Dute, Brian E. Jackson, Ryan D. Adkins & Debbie R. Folkerts
A study was undertaken to compare the anatomy of the laminar floral parts with that of the spathes and leaves of Commelina erecta L. Each flower has two types of petals and two types of sepals. In contrast to the other organs, the petals have a completely open venation system whose vein endings consist solely of modified bundle-sheath cells. Bundle sheaths of leaves and spathes, but not the floral organs, contain sclerified cells for support....

Discovering Diversity with High-Throughput Approaches: Introduction to a Virtual Symposium in The Biological Bulletin

Kenneth M. Halanych & Andrew R. Mahon

Politics a \"Chilly\" Environment for Undergraduate Women in Norway

Cissy J. Ballen, Dahsol Lee, Lise Rakner & Cotner Sehoya
Gender differences in academic performance and attitudes are widespread in male-stereotyped disciplines but rarely are studied in the social sciences. To assess the extent that gender influences the behavior of undergraduate women in political science, participation was analyzed in a large (N = 130) introductory comparative-politics class at the University of Bergena large public university in Norway. In the 2016 fall semester, observers documented classroom behaviors of men and women using a protocol that characterizes...

Microsatellite and mating type markers reveal unexpected patterns of genetic diversity in the pine root‐infecting fungus Grosmannia alacris

Tuan A. Duong, Z. Wilhelm De Beer, Brenda D. Wingfield, Lori G. Eckhardt & Michael J. Wingfield
Grosmannia alacris is a fungus commonly associated with root‐infesting bark beetles occurring on Pinus spp. The fungus has been recorded in South Africa, the USA, France, Portugal and Spain and importantly, has been associated with pine root diseases in South Africa and the USA. Nothing is known regarding the population genetics or origin of G. alacris, although its association with root‐infesting beetles native to Europe suggests that it is an invasive alien in South Africa....

1975 Alabama grain sorghum performance tests

Cover title. "February 1976."

Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to Conduct Site Inspections of Erosion and Sediment Control Practices and Track Project Progression

Michael Perez, Wesley C. Zech & Wesley N. Donald
Construction activities increase the erosion potential of a site through earth-disturbing processes of vegetative grubbing, topsoil stripping, and grading. Receiving waters become susceptible and vulnerable to the process of sedimentation, which degrades the overall water quality. Federal, state, and local regulations require the use of erosion and sediment controls to help manage stormwater discharge from construction sites. Regulations further require regular inspections, monitoring, and maintenance of employed erosion and sediment control practices. Unmanned aerial vehicles...

Digital Ethics in ePortfolios: Developing Principles, Strategies, and Scenarios

Amy Cicchino, Megan Haskins, Morgan Gresham, Kevin Kelly, Christine Slade & Sarah Zurhellen
In response to rising concerns about digital ethics in ePortfolio practice, the Association for Authentic, Experiential, Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL) created a Digital Ethics Task Force charged with researching and articulating research-based practices for ePortfolios. After year one, the Task Force released the Digital Ethics Principles in ePortfolios: Version 1. This article describes the process used to recruit Task Force members and develop the resulting principles. In using the Task Force as a model for international...

Performance of small grain varieties in Alabama, 2020-2021

Henry G. Jordan
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Performance of grain sorghum in Alabama, 2021

Henry G. Jordan
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Integral approximations in ab initio, electron propagator calculations

Roberto Flores-Moreno & J.V. Ortiz
Treatments of interelectronic repulsion that avoid four-center integrals have been incorporated in ab initio, electron-propagator calculations with diagonal self-energy matrices. Whereas the formal scaling of arithmetic operations in the propagator calculations is unaffected, the reduction of storage requirements is substantial. Moreover, the scaling of integral transformations to the molecular orbital base is lowered by one order. Four-index, electron-repulsion integrals are regenerated from three-index intermediates. Test calculations with widely applied self-energy approximations demonstrate the accuracy of...

Sequential addition of H2O, CH3OH, and NH3 to Al3O3-: A theoretical study

Alfredo Guevara-Garcia, Ana Martinez & J.V. Ortiz
Photoelectron spectra of two species, Al3O3(H2O)(2)(-) and Al3O3(CH3OH)(2)(-), that are produced by the addition of two water or methanol molecules to Al3O3- are interpreted with density-functional geometry optimizations and electron propagator calculations of vertical electron detachment energies. In both cases, there is only one isomer that is responsible for the observed spectral features. A high barrier to the addition of a second molecule may impede the formation of Al3O3N2H6- clusters in an analogous experiment with...

Household preparedness for tornado hazards: The 2011 disaster in DeKalb County, Alabama

Philip L. Chaney, Greg S. Weaver, Susan A. Youngblood & Kristin Pitts
This paper contributes to existing knowledge on factors that influence adoption of hazards adjustments for tornadoes. The Protective Action Decision Model provides the theoretical basis for the study, which was conducted after the 2011 disaster in DeKalb County, Alabama. Most of the 124 survey participants had received public safety information on how to prepare for a tornado, understood the definition of a tornado warning, had participated in a tornado drill, and had a plan for...

Increased cellular free cholesterol in macrophage-specific Abca1 knock-out mice enhances pro-inflammatory response of macrophages

Xuewei Zhu, Ji-Young Lee, Jenelle M. Timmins, J. Mark Brown, Elena Boudyguina, Anny Mulya, Abraham K. Gebre, Mark C. Willingham, Elizabeth M. Hiltbold & Nilamadhab Mishra
Macrophage-specific Abca1 knock-out (Abca1(-M/-M)) mice were generated to determine the role of macrophage ABCA1 expression in plasma lipoprotein concentrations and the innate immune response of macrophages. Plasma lipid and lipoprotein concentrations in chow-fed Abca1(-M/-M) and wild-type (WT) mice were indistinguishable. Compared with WT macrophages, Abca1(-M/-M) macrophages had a > 95% reduction in ABCA1 protein, failed to efflux lipid to apoA-I, and had a significant increase in free cholesterol (FC) and membrane lipid rafts without induction...

Compute Critical and Normal Depths of Arch and Elliptical Pipes

Michael Perez, C. G. Butler & X. Fang
Arch and elliptical pipes are commonly used as roadway culverts. The pipe section is composed of three radii, which result in complex equations to compute cross-sectional geometry and hydraulic parameters, such as normal and critical depths. Basic sizing charts do not allow direct calculation of hydraulic properties of these pipe sections. Therefore, general formulas were developed to compute hydraulic properties for any given arch pipe cross section. An Excel workbook capable of calculating normal and...

Methodology Development for Evaluating Inlet Protection Practices (IPPs) Using Large-Scale Testing Techniques

Michael Perez, W.C. Zech & X. Fang
Most roadway construction projects disturb existing vegetation exposing bare soil to environmental variables (i.e., precipitation, wind, and freeze and thaw) that cause erosion. Soil eroded during storm events is conveyed by storm water runoff and may become deposited in receiving waterways. Inlet protection practices (IPPs) are temporary erosion and sediment controls commonly used around inlet drainage structures to prevent erosion while also retaining sediment on-site. Effective IPPs impound storm water, prevent upstream channel erosion, and...

Performance of ryegrass varieties in Alabama, 2020-2021

Henry G. Jordan
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Identification of Rickettsia felis DNA in the blood of domestic cats and dogs in the USA

, Subarna Barua, Patrick John Kelly, Chenoweth Kelly, Bernhard Kaltenboeck & Chengming Wang
Background: The main vector and reservoir host of Rickettsia felis, an emerging human pathogen causing flea-borne spotted fever, is the cat flea Ctenocephalides felis. While cats have not been found to be infected with the organism, significant percentages of dogs from Australia and Africa are infected, indicating that they may be important mammalian reservoirs. The objective of this study was to determine the presence of R. felis DNA in the blood of domestic dogs and...

Ethical Leadership and Salesperson Job Performance: The Impact of Remote Supervision

Emory Serviss
Remote salespeople are moving away from in-person interactions and toward using technology to keep in contact with their supervisors. There are ethical perspectives that should be considered in a remote work environment. While literature surrounding social learning theory has explored the degree to which behaviors can be acquired by observing and imitating others, there has been little focus on whether salespeople can emulate ethical leadership behavior when they work in a different location from their...

Tuning stochastic matrix models with hydrologic data to predict the population dynamics of a riverine fish

Peter Sakaris & Elise R. Irwin
We developed stochastic matrix models to evaluate the effects of hydrologicalteration and variable mortality on the population dynamics of a lotic fish in a regulated riversystem. Models were applied to a representative lotic fish species, the flathead catfish(Pylodictis olivaris), for which two populations were examined: a native population from aregulated reach of the Coosa River (Alabama, USA) and an introduced population from anunregulated section of the Ocmulgee River (Georgia, USA). Size-classified matrix models wereconstructed for...

Assessment of transition operator reference states in electron propagator calculations

Roberto Flores-Moreno, V. G. Zakrzewski & J.V. Ortiz
The transition operator method combined with second-order, self-energy corrections to the electron propagator TOEP2 may be used to calculate valence and core-electron binding energies. This method is tested on a set of molecules to assess its predictive quality. For valence ionization energies, well known methods that include third-order terms achieve somewhat higher accuracy, but only with much higher demands for memory and arithmetic operations. Therefore, we propose the use of the TOEP2 method for the...

Electron binding energies and Dyson orbitals of Al(5)O(m)(-) (m=3,4,5) and Al(5)O(5)H(2)(-)

Alfredo Guevara-Garcia, Ana Martinez & J.V. Ortiz
Photoelectron spectra of Al5Om − m=3–5 and of the anion produced by the dissociative adsorption of a water molecule by Al5O4 − are interpreted with density-functional geometry optimizations and electron-propagator calculations of vertical electron detachment energies. For Al5O3 − , Al5O4 − , and Al5O5H2 − , the observed signals may be attributed to the most stable isomer of each anion. For Al5O5 − , the features in the photoelectron spectrum are due to three...

Indirect Impacts of Recreational Scuba Diving: Patterns of Growth and Predation in Branching Stony Corals

Barak Guzner, Ariel Novplansky, Or Shalit & Nanette E. Chadwick
The highest recorded rates of recreational SCUBA diving occur on coral reefs at Eilat in the northern Red Sea, where many scleractinian corals are damaged by physical contact with divers. We compared coral skeletal growth and damage at sites that were protected vs unprotected from diving tourism, and identified tissue mortality through monthly monitoring of the branching stony coral Acropora hemprichii (Ehrenberg, 1834). We also monitored several genera of branching stony corals at sites that...

Electron propagator and coupled-cluster calculations on the photoelectron spectra of thiouracil and dithiouracil anions

O. Dolgounitcheava, V. G. Zakrzewski & J. V. Ortiz
Electron affinities, vertical electron detachment energies, and isomerization energies of 4-thiouracil, 2-thiouracil, and 2,4-dithiouracil and their valence anions have been calculated with ab initio electron propagator and other many-body methods. Anions in which protons have been transferred to the C5 from the N1 or N3 ring positions have been considered, but the canonical forms are most stable for the 4-thiouracil and 2,4-dithiouracil anions. Electron affinities of 0.61, 0.26, and 0.87 eV have been determined for...

Efficient evaluation of analytic Fukui functions

Roberto Flores-Moreno, Junia Melin, J.V. Ortiz & Gabriel Merino
An efficient method for the analytic evaluation of Fukui functions is proposed. Working equations are derived and numerical results are used to validate the method on medium size set of molecules. In addition to the obvious advantages of analytic differentiation, the proposed method is efficient enough to be considered a practical alternative to the finite difference formulation used routinely. The reliability of the approximations used here is demonstrated and discussed. Problems found in other methods...

Delocalized water and fluoride contributions to Dyson orbitals for electron detachment from the hydrated fluoride anion

Sylvio Canuto, Kaline Coutinho, Benedito J. C. Cabral, V. G. Zakrzewski & J.V. Ortiz
The experimental vertical electron detachment energy VEDE of aqueous fluoride, F− H2O , is approximately 9.8 eV, but spectral assignment is complicated by interference between F− 2p and H2O 1b1 orbitals. The electronic structure of F− H2O is analyzed with Monte Carlo and ab initio quantum-mechanical calculations. Electron-propagator calculations in the partial third-order approximation yield a VEDE of 9.4 eV. None of the Dyson orbitals corresponding to valence VEDEs consists primarily of F 2p functions....

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