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Orchestrating Society: The Merging of Language and Voice to Create Social Bonds in Romola

Jennifer Jones
Article from the George Eliot Review, digitized and hosted by the George Eliot Review Online.

Review: M. Joan Chard, Victorian Pilgrimage, Sacred-Secular Dualism in the Novels of Charlotte Bronte, Elizabeth Gaskell, and George Eliot

A. G. Van Den Broek
Article from the George Eliot Review, digitized and hosted by the George Eliot Review Online.

The Narrative Emphasis on the Power of the Imagination in Mill on the Floss

Mary Ann Kelly
Article from the George Eliot Review, digitized and hosted by the George Eliot Review Online.

Middlemarch: Three Italian Journeys

Henry Alley
Article from the George Eliot Review, digitized and hosted by the George Eliot Review Online.

The Lehmanns and George Eliot

Bel Mooney
Article from the George Eliot Review, digitized and hosted by the George Eliot Review Online.

The Role of Popular Medicine in Mill on the Floss, Silas Marner, and Felix Holt

Linda Robertson
Article from the George Eliot Review, digitized and hosted by the George Eliot Review Online.

Women and Jews in Daniel Deronda

Pam Hirsch
Article from the George Eliot Review, digitized and hosted by the George Eliot Review Online.

Silas Marner: George Eliot and Mme Le Prince de Beaumont

Terence Dawson
Article from the George Eliot Review, digitized and hosted by the George Eliot Review Online.

'The Antigone and its Moral': George Eliot's Antigonean Considerations

Kathryn Brigger Kruger
Article from the George Eliot Review, digitized and hosted by the George Eliot Review Online.

A Life Reclaimed: George Evans (1766-1857) of Norbury, Winster, Derby and Belper

Rosemary J. Burges Wood
Article from the George Eliot Review, digitized and hosted by the George Eliot Review Online.

Performance of peanuts in Alabama, 2021

Henry G. Jordan
Caption tile. "January 31, 2022."

Fast Magnetosonic Waves Observed by Van Allen Probes: Testing Local Wave Excitation Mechanism

Kyungguk Min, Kaijun Liu, Xueyi Wang, Lunjin Chen & Richard Denton
Linear Vlasov theory and particle-in-cell (PIC) simulations for electromagnetic fluctuations in a homogeneous, magnetized, and collisionless plasma are used to investigate a fast magnetosonic wave event observed by the Van Allen Probes. The fluctuating magnetic field observed exhibits a series of spectral peaks at harmonics of the proton cyclotron frequency Omega p and has a dominant compressional component, which can be classified as fast magnetosonic waves. Furthermore, the simultaneously observed proton phase space density exhibits...

Effect of IMF B-y on the Entry of Solar Wind Ions Into the Near-Earth Tail Lobe: Global Hybrid Simulation and MMS Observation

Chih-Ping Wang, Xiaoyan Xing, Xueyi Wang, Levon Avanov, Yu Lin, Robert Strangeway & H Wei
Global simulations predict that the low-latitude mantle may be an important pathway for the solar wind entry into the tail magnetosphere close to the current sheet when interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) B-y dominates over IMF B-z. To evaluate this entry mechanism in the near-Earth tail (X similar to -10--20 R-E), we investigate the predictions from 3D global hybrid simulations as well as in situ observations by magnetospheric multiscale (MMS) spacecraft. The simulations predict that the...

Comparison of CIMI Simulations and TWINS Observations on June 28 and 29, 2013

Sapna Shekhar, J Perez, K Davidson & M Fok
A moderate geomagnetic storm (Sym/H similar to-100 nT) during June 28 and 29, 2013 was studied using Comprehensive Inner Magnetosphere-Ionosphere (CIMI) simulations and results were compared with Two wide-angle Imaging Neutral-atom Spectrometers (TWINS) observations of the spatial and temporal evolution of ring current (RC) ions including ion pressure, anisotropy, intensity, and median energy. At the onset of the storm (11:00 UT on June 28), TWINS ion pressure peaks were located radially outward and dusk ward...

Pickup proton instabilities and scattering in the distant solar wind and the outer heliosheath: Hybrid simulations

Kaijun Liu, Möbius Eberhard, S. Peter Gary & Dan Winske
The growth of magnetic field fluctuations driven by the injection of pickup ions perpendicular to a background magnetic field in a homogeneous, collisionless plasma is studied using one-dimensional hybrid simulations. Freshly ionized protons are continuously injected into the simulations at constant rates and relative speeds consistent with conditions in the distant solar wind and the outer heliosheath. The pickup protons initially form a ring-velocity distribution unstable to the electromagnetic proton cyclotron instability and lead to...

Reduced Mitochondrial Respiration in Hybrid Asexual Lizards

Randy Klabacka, Hailey Parry, Kang Nian Yap, Ryan Cook, Victoria Herron, Miles Horne, Matthew Wolak, Jose Maldonado, Matthew Fujita, Andreas Kavazis, Jamie Oaks & Tonia Schwartz
The scarcity of asexual reproduction in vertebrates alludes to an inherent cost. Several groups of asexual vertebrates exhibit lower endurance capacity (a trait predominantly sourced by mitochondrial respiration) compared with congeneric sexual species. Here we measure endurance capacity in five species of Aspidoscelis lizards and examine mitochondrial respiration between sexual and asexual species using mitochondrial respirometry. Our results show reduced endurance capacity, reduced mitochondrial respiration, and reduced phenotypic variability in asexual species compared with parental...

Amphibian Speciation Rates Support a General Role of Mountains as Biodiversity Pumps

Adrián García-Rodríguez, Pablo Martínez, Brunno Oliveira, Julián Velasco, Alexander Pyron & Gabriel Costa
Continental mountain areas cover <15% of global land surface, yet these regions concentrate >80% of global terrestrial diversity. One prominent hypothesis to explain this pattern proposes that high mountain diversities could be explained by higher diversification rates in regions of high topographic complexity (HTC). While high speciation in mountains has been detected for particular clades and regions, the global extent to which lineages experience faster speciation in mountains remains unknown. Here we addressed this issue...

Global-scale hybrid simulation of dayside magnetic reconnection under southward IMF: Structure and evolution of reconnection

B Tan, Y Lin, J Perez & X Wang
Magnetopause reconnection is investigated with our 3-D self-consistent global hybrid simulation model. The magnetic configuration and evolution of Flux Transfer Events (FTEs) and the associated ion density and ion velocity distribution at various locations on the magnetopause are investigated. The results reveal the following. (1) Multiple X lines are formed during the magnetopause reconnection, which lead to both FTEs and quasi-steady-type reconnection under a steady solar wind condition. The resulting bipolar signature of local normal...

Understanding the growth rate patterns of ion Bernstein instabilities driven by ring-like proton velocity distributions

Kyungguk Min & Kaijun Liu
Fast magnetosonic waves in Earth's inner magnetosphere, which have as their source ion Bernstein instabilities, are driven by hot proton velocity distributions (f(p)) with partial derivative f(p)(v(perpendicular to))/partial derivative v(perpendicular to) > 0. Two typical types of distributions with such features are ring and shell velocity distributions. Both have been used in studies of ion Bernstein instabilities and fast magnetosonic waves, but the differences between instabilities driven by the two types of distributions have not...


T Onsager, Shen-Wu Chang, J Perez, J Austin & L Janoo
Data from two near-conjugate passes of DE 1 and DE 2 through the cusp/cleft region of the Earth's magnetosphere are presented and compared with model calculations of particle transport from the solar wind to spacecraft locations in the magnetosphere. Comparison of the observed and calculated particle spectra shows that the model can successfully match the spectra at both spacecraft using the same model parameters. This demonstrates that the modeling technique is applicable at both high...

Investigation of storm timemagnetotail and ion injection using three-dimensional global hybrid simulation

Y Lin, X Wang, S Lu, J Perez & Q Lu
Dynamics of the near-Earth magnetotail associated with substorms during a period of extended southward interplanetary magnetic field is studied using a three-dimensional (3-D) global hybrid simulation model that includes both the dayside and nightside magnetosphere, for the first time, with physics from the ion kinetic to the global Alfvenic convection scales. It is found that the dayside reconnection leads to the penetration of the dawn-dusk electric field through the magnetopause and thus a thinning of...

Regime transition of ion Bernstein instability driven by ion shell velocity distributions

Kyungguk Min & Kaijun Liu
Linear kinetic dispersion theory is used to investigate a regime transition of the ion Bernstein instability driven by a proton velocity distribution with positive slopes with respect to the perpendicular velocity, f(p)(v(vertical bar)approximate to 0,v)/v>0. The unstable waves arising from this instability are ion Bernstein waves with proton cyclotron harmonic dispersion. However, in the inner magnetosphere, particularly inside of the plasmapause where plasmas are dominated by a cold background, the instability leads to ion Bernstein...

Lifestyles and phylogeny explain bird life histories

F. Stephen Dobson

Reproductive Value and the Stochastic Demography of Age-Structured Populations

Steinar Engen, Russell Lande, Bernt‐Erik Sæther & Stephen Dobson
The dynamics of an age-structured population in a fluctuating environment is determined by the stochastic individual contributions from annual survival and fecundity to the total reproductive value of the population the next year. All parameters required to describe the population dynamics are simple properties of the distribution of these individual demographic contributions, which we call individual reproductive value. The asymptotic population growth rate in the average environment and the demographic and environmental variances are respectively...

The thermal conductivity of Earth's lower mantle

Xiaoli Tang, Moses C. Ntam, Jianjun Dong, Emma S. G. Rainey & Abby Kavner
We assess the thermal conductivity of the Earth’s lower mantle anchored on our first-principles calculations of lattice thermal conductivity of MgSiO3 perovskite. Our calculations agree with measurements of iron-free perovskite at ambient conditions and show a lower pressure dependence compared with other recent calculations. In addition, we show that the effect of iron on the lattice thermal conductivity of silicate perovskite is likely to be small at high temperatures. To provide an assessment of thermal...

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