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Children’s wellness: outdoor learning during Covid-19 in Canada

Anne Burke, Sylvia Moore, Laura Molyneux, Ayla Lawlor, Terri Kottwitz, Ginny Yurich, Renee Sanson, Ola Andersen & Breanne Card

Editorial: Crossing Boundaries and Valuing Diversity

Helen Martin & Claire Molloy

Digital games based learning for history – problem solving or problematic?

Katrina Foy

Book Review: Early Childhoods in a Changing World

Mary Stephen

Feature: The Aberdeen Reading Bus: A journey to excellence

Jenny Watson

Book Review: A Most Honourable Profession: The graduation speeches of James Scotland

John Stocks

Feature: Being a researcher: The return of the native

Jenny Ozga

Feature: The Places Teachers Build: Eight Research Findings that Build Better Schools

Jim Parsons & Larry Beauchamp

The ‘Hunger Games’: emotions of student teachers on school placements

Elizabeth McClure

Editorial: For Students by Students

Laura Puhalak, Sirui Gong & Emmi Naja

Brain predictors of fatigue in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Gordon Waiter
Data set used in: "Brain predictors of fatigue in Rheumatoid Arthritis: a machine learning study" María Goñi, Neil Basu, Alison D. Murray, Gordon D. Waiter. https://doi.org/10.1101/2021.10.15.21265049

Dataset for \"A Text Analytic Approach to Rural and Urban Legal Histories\"

Adam Zachary Wyner, Wim Peters, Jackson Armstrong & Edda Frankot
Several data were created for the project "A Text Analytic Approach to Rural and Urban Legal Histories". The data are the output of the project described in the paper "Text Analysis of Aberdeen Burgh Records 1530-1531". The data represent annotations on the transcribed text of a selection of Aberdeen Burgh Records from 1530-1531. The annotations are various, covering non-legal (e.g. named entities) and legal (e.g. crimes and legal actions) terminology and relations as found in...

Water isotopes at Bruntland Burn catchment

Sylvain Kuppel
Measurements of deuterium and oxygen 18 content in precipitation, stream water, soil moisture, plant xylem, and groundwater.

Sumtime Weather Forecast Corpus

Ehud Baruch Reiter & Somayajulu Sripada
Weather forecasts data and textual forecasts, for a set of Noth Sea oil platforms in 2000-2002

One node driving synchronisation

Chengwei Wang
computer codes used for paper by Chenwei Wang, Celso Grebogi, Murilo S. Baptista One node driving synchronisation, Nature Scientific Reports (2015).

Pilot study for the determination of FFC NMR biomarkers of osteoarthritis in human cartilage

Lionel Broche
This archive contains anonymised data from the analysis of human cartilage by FFC NMR, together with several analyses of the data.

SQUID and XRD data for Sr2Mn2CrAs2O2

Abbie McLaughlin
SQUID magnetometry and X-ray diffraction data

Book Review: Introduction to Counselling Skills: Text and Activities

Jane Nicols

Book Review: Doing and Writing Action Research

Karen McArdle

Feature: Introducing young mathematicians to Industry

Vivien Ellins

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