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ESRC Social Media Project B5 Tools to support social scientists in collecting and linking social media data - Interviews with social scientists working with social media data

John Paul Vargheese
10 interviews with social scientists from a range of interdisciplinary backgrounds. The aim of these interviews was to investigate and acquire user requirements for developing a tool to assist with capturing and linking social media data. Interview transcripts have been anonymised to protect participants identity.

Isotopic records for surface water inflow and outflow of Loch Kinord and Loch Davan

Aaron Andrew Smith
Text files containing the inflow and outflow lake isotopic compositions (deuterium and oxygen-18). Additional text files provide the temperature, wind speed, RH, rainfall, and isotopic composition of rainfall for the Loch Kinord and Loch Davan. Streamflow, lake level, and other meteorological data are found on the SEPA website.

Dataset from The Odyssey's mythological network

Pedro J. Mirando, Murilo da Silva Baptista & Sandro E. de S. Pinto

Ionomics HUB

David Edward Salt
Improving our understanding of how plants take up, transport and store their nutrient and toxic elements, collectively known as the ionome, will benefit human health and the natural environment. Here you will find curated ionomic data on many thousands of plant samples freely available to the public.

Survey of landowner attitudes to red deer management along the west coast of Norway

Katrin Prager, Hans Bull & Mikkel Slaaen Kvernstuen
The study was based on a quantitative design to allow the examination of a large sample of the population of landowners whose properties are used for deer hunting in the southwest of Norway. The geographical focus was determined by the location of red deer populations and associated management issues. The number of red deer harvested is by far the highest in the southern part of the country along the west coast. Municipalities targeted in the...

Data for Structured Review of the Validity of BLEU

Ehud Baruch Reiter
Structured review (meta-analysis) data for paper E Reiter (2018), A Structured Review of the Validity of BLEU

Oats and beans and barley

Wendy Roslyn Russell
The use of Scottish-grown oats, wheat and barley in developing healthy novel foods

Numerosity underestimation and visual crowding

Ramakrishna Chakravarthi & Marco Bertamini
This dataset consists of data from experiments testing whether crowding underlies our tendency to underestimate objects when they are clustered.

Enhancing transport technologies to support personal security in travel by public transport: Scenarios for 2040

Mark Edward Beecroft
Work Package 1 Report Report on first workpackage of EPSRC (EP/I037032/1) First Grant Project

Water isotopes at Bruntland Burn catchment

Sylvain Kuppel
Measurements of deuterium and oxygen 18 content in precipitation, stream water, soil moisture, plant xylem, and groundwater.

Pilot study for the determination of FFC NMR biomarkers of osteoarthritis in human cartilage

Lionel Broche
This archive contains anonymised data from the analysis of human cartilage by FFC NMR, together with several analyses of the data.

SQUID and XRD data for Sr2Mn2CrAs2O2

Abbie McLaughlin
SQUID magnetometry and X-ray diffraction data

Pharmacy choice DCE

Verity Watson & Terry Hall Porteous
A DCE survey of the general public's preferences for pharmacy attributes when treating a cold or flu type symptom

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