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Total skin self-examination at home for people treated for cutaneous melanoma

Peter Murchie & Susan Jane Hall
1. Recordings of interviews with people affected by melanoma to ascertain views on the role of technology in their follow-up. 2. Transcripts of interviews with people affected by melanoma to ascertain views on the role of technology in their follow-up 3. Report of Forres Experience Prototype Lab - May 2013 4. Questionnaire data from participants in ASICA pilot study. 5. Interviews tapes conducted with participants in the ASICA study. 6. Transcript of interviews conducted with...

Editorial: Participation, diversity, involvement and engagement in local and global contexts

Beth Cross, Rachel Shanks & Tuija Turunen

Educators’ narratives about belonging and diversity in northern Finland early childhood education

Janna Juutinen & Riikka Kess

Embedding and sustaining change in technology-enhanced education: lessons learned from a cross-institutional transformation project

Andrew Comrie, Morag Gray, Terry Mayes & Keith Smyth

A study of learners' situational vulnerability: new teachers in Scotland

Rachel Shanks

Coping Strategies for Students

Annette Moir

LAB studio model: Developing external networks for learning entrepreneurship in higher education

Kari-Pekka Heikkinen, Ulla-Maija Seppänen & Jouko Isokangas

Opening Spaces for Indigenous Teaching and Learning through Community-Based Teacher Education

Shelley Tulloch & Sylvia Moore

A meditation on what a post-human education might look like: “Touching something beyond myself and my time”

William Boyd & Louise Horstmanshof

MAFIO: Model for the Agent-based simulation of Faecal Indicator Organisms

Aaron James Neill
MAFIO is an agent-based model designed to simulate the small-scale behaviour and transport of agents representing faecal indicator organisms (FIOs) in a spatially-distributed, process-based manner, in order to unravel the spatio-temporal dynamics of sources and transfer mechanisms contributing FIOs to streams in agricultural settings. This repository contains the source code for the model, which is written in Python 3.6. It is organised as follows: - ABM_getDirs_V1.py: script containing the locations of various input and output...

Staying in school, not dropping out - pupils' voices

Anne-Mette Bjøru

Conceptions of school assessment: what do Finnish primary school students think of assessment?

Annuroosa Ämmälä & Outi Kyrö-Ämmälä

Accessing the field: methodological difficulties of research in schools

Catriona Oates & Nasim Riaz Nighet

Educational Philosophy of John Dewey and its relevance to current dilemmas in Education

Richard Pring

Conducting Research with young people and developing the MTW Approach - a methodology that grasps young people's perspectives

Sidse Hølvig Mikkelsen, Peter Hornbæk Frostholm & David Thore Gravesen

Democracy in schools, Dewey and the referendum on Scottish independence

Rachel Shanks & Claire Molloy

Digital professional learning: triggers in an online badge-driven process

Sanna Brauer, Sanna Ruhalahti & Ville Hallikainen

Hiking in the wilderness: Interplay between teachers' and students' agencies in outdoor learning

Marjaana Kangas, Hanna Vuojärvi & Pirkko Siklander

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