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Making Room: cultural resistance through Pilimmaksarniq

Kathy Snow & Heather Ochalski

The politics of reflection

Chris Holligan

Social studies in Scotland’s school curriculum: a case for a more integrated approach

Mark Priestley

Buannachdan dà-chànanas agus foghlam tro mheadhan na gàidhlig

Christina Walker

The sense of place – voices from a schoolyard

Heli Villanen & Eva Alerby

Case-based studies: a critical pedagogy of place in international education in Iceland

Allyson Macdonald & Auður Pálsdóttir

Place and space for women in a rural area in Iceland

Anna Guðrún Edvardsdóttir

Combining different worlds: Interdisciplinarity in action research

Karolina Gombert, Flora Douglas & Karen McArdle

Editorial - Education in a Posthuman Age

Kirsten Darling-Mcquistan, Donald Gray & Laura Colucci-Gray

Working together for the inclusion of immigrant pupils: A case study of a rural community in Iceland

Anna Katarzyna Wozniczka & Hafdís Guðjónsdóttir

(Magneto)resistivity data for CeMnAsO1-xFx (x = 0.025, 0.05 and 0.075) and NdMn1-xCoxAsO0.95F0.05 (x = 0.03 - 0.15)

Abbie McLaughlin & Eve Jennifer Wildman
Variable temperature magnetoresistivity data from 4 K - 300 K

Models of argument for deliberative Dialogue in Complex Domains: Data Bundle

Alice Toniolo, Timothy James Forester Norman & Katia P Sycara
This data bundle contains all the data that were used in Toniolo's PhD Thesis, with title "Models of argument for deliberative Dialogue in Complex Domains". In this research, we defined and empirically evaluated a model of deliberation dialogue based upon argumentation schemes for agents with different objectives to decide what to do in collaboration. The three main folders correspond to the data used for analysis in Chapter 5 (Identifying effective plans through dialogue), Chapter 6a...

Trusted Tiny Things: Blackbox experiment and evaluation

Stanislav Beran & Edoardo Pignotti
This dataset contains data used to evaluate how T3 system and app performs under different set of conditions. Stats for Study 3 zip file is composed of several folders and subfolders where each represent a condition under which the T3 system was running. Each folder includes a README.txt file to explain what data are represented in the files contained withing the folder. The dataset also contains a Summary of the evaluation. For information about methodology...

Trusted Tiny Things: Guidelines Draft Version

Stanislav Beran
This dataset contains guidelines on how to describe personal data and provenance information in order to use our Trusted Tiny Things system. This is a draft version of the guidelines.

Intention Analysis Jar

Xiwu Han
This is a java jar file that takes an English sentence as input and outputs its intention type of 'purchase', 'inform' or 'other'. For purchase intention, the agent and object are also analysed.

Sand Transport under Irregular and Breaking Waves (SINBAD)

Thomas O'Donoghue
Dataset for Sand Transport under Irregular and Breaking Waves (SINBAD) EPSRC Grant Number EP/J00507X1 SINBAD is a collaborative project with the University of Twente in the Netherlands (STW-funded) and the University of Liverpool in the UK The primary data sets from SINBAD come from 3 major campaigns of laboratory experiments conducted in the Aberdeen Oscillatory Flow Tunnel at the University of Aberdeen and in the large wave flume (CIEM) at UPC, Barcelona:

Personal Security and Flexible Transport Services

Mark Edward Beecroft
Workshop 4 Report Final report on fourth work package of EPSRC (EP/I037032/1) First Grant Project


Corina Desiree Keller
The synthetase sequestration model simulates the charging cycle of tRNAs in a yeast cell. The zip file contains the model code.

Aberdeen Registers Online 1398-1511

Edda Frankot, Anna Dorothea Havinga, Claire Hawes, William Hepburn, Wilhelmus Theodorus Maria Peters, Jackson Armstrong, Philip William Astley, Andrew Mackillop, Andrew Robert Craig Simpson & Adam Zachary Wyner
Aberdeen Registers Online: 1398-1511 (ARO) is a digital transcription of the first eight volumes of the Aberdeen Council Registers. These comprise the earliest and most complete run of books of civic government in Scotland, beginning in 1398 (volume one) and covering the period up to 1511 (volume eight) The Aberdeen Registers Online resource provides the digital transcription created by the LACR project LACR forms part of the Aberdeen Burgh Records Project, a partnership between the...

How to embed performative Theatre of the Oppressed in Higher Education systems

Alessandra Romano

Digital Tools for Structure in a Mainstream Class

Mirjam Harkestad Olsen

Book Review: Towards a posthuman theory of educational relationality

Chris Mackie

Book Review: Posthumanism and Higher Education: Reimagining Pedagogy, Practice and Research

Velda McCune

dab-1 (DAB (Drosophila disabled) homolog)

Jonathan Pettitt & Gina Garriga
dab-1 encodes an ortholog of the cytoplasmic adaptor protein DISABLED, required for normal molting and meiotic arrest; DAB-1 is also required for EGL-17 secretion from vulval cells, and thus indirectly for normal sex myoblast (SM) migration and egg-laying; DAB-1 contains a conserved PTB domain and signals that confer localization to Golgi-proximal vesicles, and DAB-1 localizes to vesicular structures in vivo; dab-1 is expressed in ventral precursor cells, and DAB-1 prevents EGL-17 protein accumulation in them;...

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