103 Works

Editorial: Teacher Education in the Arctic

Rachel Shanks & Tuija Turunen

Digitalization and digital transformation in schools: a challenge to educational theory?

Josef Siljebo

Editorial: Remote teaching to ensure equal access to education in rural schools

Jakob Billmayer, Jörgen From, J Ola Lindberg & Fanny Pettersson

Redesigning distance courses to support social and teaching presence in adult and upper secondary education

Charlotta Hilli & Anna Åkerfeldt

Regional perspectives on remote teaching in Sweden

Katarina Öjefors Stark & Jörgen From

“I had no idea what online lessons were”: experiencing the lockdown as a student of a rural school

Javid Jafar & Habib Alizade

Feature: Cothroman air Foghlam Fad-beatha do dh’oileanaich 'abaich

Cathy MacMillan

Book review: Understanding and Teaching Holocaust Education

Laura Wilson

Feature: School pupils using technology at heritage sites to improve literacy: bridging divides

Pamela Bain & Rachel Shanks

Past, Present and to Come. Some Reflections on Teacher Education in Scotland

James Scotland

Book Review: Theorizing Native Studies

Sandra Juutilainen

Schools and Teachers in the USSR

Frank C Johnstone

Book Review: Mixed Methods Research – A Guide to the Field

Sarah Kearns

Support for refugee students in a Newfoundland high school: merits and ramifications

Xuemei Li & Hua Que

Book Review: Research with Children: Perspectives and Practices

Carolyn Cooke

Feature: Activity Agreements – Supporting vulnerable learners post school

John Cairns, Nicholas Asante-Ampaduh & Emma Ronald

The Aberdeen MEd, Past, Present, Future

John Nisbet

Editorial: Memories of John Nisbet

Joyce Shanks

Editorial: Participation, diversity, involvement and engagement in local and global contexts

Beth Cross, Rachel Shanks & Tuija Turunen

Editorial: Research and Children in the North

Kirsten Darling-McQuistan

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