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ESRC Social Media Project B5 Tools to support social scientists in collecting and linking social media data - Interviews with social scientists working with social media data

John Paul Vargheese
10 interviews with social scientists from a range of interdisciplinary backgrounds. The aim of these interviews was to investigate and acquire user requirements for developing a tool to assist with capturing and linking social media data. Interview transcripts have been anonymised to protect participants identity.

Dataset from The Odyssey's mythological network

Pedro J. Mirando, Murilo da Silva Baptista & Sandro E. de S. Pinto

Provenance of Social Media - Survey & Responses

Milan Markovic & David Corsar
Survey instrument and anonymised responses collected as part of Sub-Project B4 “Provenance of Social Media”. Attached electronic files include XLS spreadsheet of collected survey responses, and pdf versions of the Google Forms online survey instrument. Each PDF file denotes one possible survey path that depended on the response of a participant to the question “What level of experience do you have using data from a social media platforms as part of your research?” The three...


Corina Desiree Keller
The synthetase sequestration model simulates the charging cycle of tRNAs in a yeast cell. The zip file contains the model code.

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  • 2018
  • 2017

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