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Editorial: Teacher Education in the Arctic

Rachel Shanks & Tuija Turunen

Feature: Improving the education of looked after children: An Aberdeen perspective

Jacinta Birchley & Katrina Stewart

Book Review: Reflective Practice: Writing and Professional Development: 3rd Edition

Sue Mansfield

Book Review: School Leadership: 2nd Edition

David Eastwood

Editorial: Space, Place and Pedagogy: Local Contexts in a Globalised World

Donald Gray & Laura Colucci-Gray

Feature: Cothroman air Foghlam Fad-beatha do dh’oileanaich 'abaich'

Cathy Mary MacMillan

Feature: Art Based Support at Harlaw Academy, Aberdeen

Tina Stockman

Book Review: Blogs, Wiki's, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms

Andy Brown

Feature: Understanding ourselves – Understanding others

Helene Witcher

Digitalization and digital transformation in schools: a challenge to educational theory?

Josef Siljebo

Editorial: Remote teaching to ensure equal access to education in rural schools

Jakob Billmayer, Jörgen From, J Ola Lindberg & Fanny Pettersson

Redesigning distance courses to support social and teaching presence in adult and upper secondary education

Charlotta Hilli & Anna Åkerfeldt

Regional perspectives on remote teaching in Sweden

Katarina Öjefors Stark & Jörgen From

“I had no idea what online lessons were”: experiencing the lockdown as a student of a rural school

Javid Jafar & Habib Alizade


Corina Desiree Keller & Maria Carmen Romano Blasco
The GTM is a global mathematical model of translation of mRNAs by ribosomes. The model is based on the Totally Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process (TASEP) and it includes competition for ribosomes and tRNAs among the mRNAs, as well as competition among tRNAs for the aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases. Use of this material is granted under conditions defined by the Attribution-NonCommercial CC BY-NC creative commons licence.

Feature: Cothroman air Foghlam Fad-beatha do dh’oileanaich 'abaich

Cathy MacMillan

Book review: Understanding and Teaching Holocaust Education

Laura Wilson

Design and pedagogical practices of an Inuit-focused Bachelor of Education program in Labrador

Sylvia Moore & Gerald Galway

Using Local Sámi Culture and History to Teach Pupils about Democracy

Lisbeth Bergum Johanson

Co-Teaching in Northern Rural Finnish Schools

Riikka Sirkko, Marjatta Takala & Kim Wickman

Developing Inclusive Practice: A Role for Teachers and Teacher Education?

Martyn Rouse

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