290 Works

Pupil influence In Swedish schools, a way of ’learning’ and ‘living’ democracy

Göran Bostedt & Linda Eriksson

Feature: Forced Migration and Education

Iryna Kushnir

Feature: The Vulnerability of Distance Learning Initial Teacher Education (DLITE)

Yvonne Bain, Jayne Bruce & Douglas Weir

Feature: Camphill's approach: relevant and effective for today's vulnerable learners

Laurence Alfred

Book Review: Inequality, Poverty, Education: A political economy of school exclusion

Francesca Ashurst & Couze Venn

Book Review: Implementing Restorative Practices in Schools. A Practical Guide to Transforming School Communities

Margaret Thorsborne & Peta Blood

Feature: Drug education - Bridging the divide between teachers and students

Julian Cohen

Feature: Bridging the divide between educationalists and technologists

Ramone Al Bishawi

Book Review: Posthumanism and Literacy Education: Knowing/Becoming/Doing Literacies

Beth Cross

Editorial: We live in interesting times

Beth Cross & Rachel Shanks

Book Review: Ability Grouping in Primary Schools: case studies and critical debates

Jennifer Spratt

Book Review: Teacher Education in Times of Change

Yvonne Bain

Feature: Organising a conference to facilitate interdisciplinary interaction

Henri de Ruiter & Karolina Gombert

Feature: Research engagement for the school teacher and its role in the education community

Jonathan Firth

Ticking the ethnic box: minority young in rural communities.

Philomena de Lima

Space as a pedagogical tool for children with additional educational need’s participation and empowerment

Irida Tsevreni & Konstantina Bentenidi

Mother tongue classes: A parental choice, but does choice equate with parental involvement and engagement in learning?

Kirk P.H. Sullivan & Annika Egan Sjölander

Feature: Translation and democracy in the post-Prevent English classroom

Rashi Rohatgi

Teachers' beliefs on conflict and conflict resolution

Oksana Obraztsova

Teachers' perceptions of educational reform aimed at inclusion

Suvi Lakkala & Helena Thuneberg

Long-term consequences of COVID 19 on students' well-being and values

Ane Qvortrup

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