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DeepPod: A convolutional Neural Network Based Quantification of Fruit Number in Arabidopsis

Gina Alessandra Garzon Martinez
Images used for manual annotation, training and test of a convolutional neural network. Images are in *.png format and manual data in .csv.

Simulating the interaction between a falling solid object and a soap film

Tudur Davies
Simulations were conducted in Surface Evolver, Version 2.70. See http://facstaff.susqu.edu/brakke/evolver/evolver.html, starting from the structure given in the file superquad_soapfilm_sim.fe. At each iteration, we dump information about the energy of the structure, the position and orientation of the super-quadric object, and the forces exerted on the object by the foam into the given data files. Information about the relevant parameters for each data file is given below. To generate the figures plotted in the paper, we...

Peniarth 30 (Llyfr Colan)

G. R. Isaac, Simon Rodway & Sarah Rowles

Microbial genome sequences and taxonomic information based on the Genometa 2012 data set

Martin Swain
These files provide the NCBI taxonomic data for a cleaned up subset of fasta sequences from the Genometa paper by Davenport et al (PloS one 7.8 (2012): e41224 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0041224). The text file "gi-taxonomy-maps.clean.txt" can be readily parsed, allowing the GI numbers in the fasta headers from Genometa to be mapped onto NCBI taxonomic information. This allows the species, genus etc of the genome sequences to be retrieved. There are also two fasta files based...

Peniarth 29 (Llyfr Du o’r Waun)

G. R. Isaac & Simon Rodway

Rhyddiaith y 15fed Ganrif

Katherine Joan Himsworth, Silva Mikaela Nurmio, Richard Roberts, Sara Elin Roberts, Sarah Rowles, Paul Russell & Patrick Sims-Williams
Testunau o bymtheg llawysgrif o’r 15fed ganrif Bwriad y prosiect yw digido rhyddiaith Gymraeg o’r llawysgrifau rhwng cyfnod y prosiect Rhyddiaith Gymraeg 1300–1425 a chyfnod y prosiect Corpws Hanesyddol yr Iaith Gymraeg 1500-1850

Returning Zinj: Marking evolutionary history

Amy Staniforth
Overview This project responded to a Darwin Now scheme run by the British Council in 2009 to coincide with the Darwin Bicentenary celebrations in the UK and to encourage artists and researchers to develop work on evolution beyond the UK. Having completed her PhD (Becoming Human: Nostalgia, Nature and Nation in the search for human origins in twentieth century Tanzania, CWAS, University of Birmingham) in 2007 Dr Amy Staniforth was keen to document the Golden...

Evolutionary genomics of anthroponosis in Cryptosporidium

Martin Swain, Justin Alexander Pachebat, Guy Robinson & Rachel M Chalmers
Genomes of cryptosporidium species used in the linked paper but embargoed on NCBI. Note that other genomes are already available via NCBI.

13th-century Middle Welsh Prose Manuscripts

G. R. Isaac & Simon Rodway

Visual attention and cognition data set

Sebastian McBride
Visual attention data for all animals (columns A-E); data are the number of correct responses during each session (Sessions 1-4). Cognition data are the number of trails to reach the learning criterion during the 3 phases of the two-choice discrimination reversal task (columns G-J). The maximum number of trials within each phase of the task was set at 100.

Caerdydd 2.81

G. R. Isaac & Simon Rodway


Ian Armstead
BAC DNA sequence contigs from the physical map minimum-tiling-path (MTP) for Lolium perenne genotype p226/135/16

Cotton Caligula A.iii

G. R. Isaac & Simon Rodway

Lolium perenne BAC-based physical maps co-ordinates (Supplementary Table 4)

Ian Armstead
Clone co-ordinates of BAC-based physical maps assembled using FPC and LTC softwares from HICF data generated from Lolium perenne BAC libraries derived from genotype p226/135/16.

Lolium perenne BAC-end sequences

Ian Armstead
BAC-end sequences for HindIII and BstY1 Lolium perenne (perennial ryegrass) BAC libraries developed from genotype p226/135/16

Peniarth 44 + Llanstephan 1, tt. 102-45

G. R. Isaac & Simon Rodway

Supporting information for "Stability of a Twisted Plateau Border with Line Tension and Bending Stiffness"

Simon Cox
Surface evolver file: twister.fe Data from SE: For each set of simulated data on each of figures 4 to 6, there is a separate file, with file name containing by the figure number, the value of $T$ and the value of $B$. Each line is a critical value of the PB length $\ell$ and/or the twist angle $\theta$. This is the last line of data from a sequence of increasing $\ell$ or $\theta$, just before...

Peniarth 14, tt. 79-90

G. R. Isaac & Simon Rodway

Peniarth 01 (rhyddiaith Llyfr Du Caerfyrddin)

G. R. Isaac & Simon Rodway

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