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Beorma Quarter, Digbeth, Birmingham. Historic Building Recording. (OASIS ID: headland3-370985)

Headland Archaeology Ltd
This report represents the findings of the Historic Building Recording fieldwork. Building recording was undertaken on the former Music hall, public house and flats and Buildings 135-140, former retail, residential and commercial premises on Digbeth High Street. The investigation produced a written, drawn and photographic record of the interior and exterior of the buildings. The former music hall was found to have been heavily restructured and rebuilt with little survival of the original fabric of...

Nethercote, Great Wolford, Warwickshire. Archaeological Evaluation. (OASIS ID: oxfordar1-374846)

Oxford Archaeology (South)
Oxford Archaeology carried out a four-trench evaluation on the proposed site of a sewage treatment works extension for Severn Trent PLC. The evaluation did not reveal any archaeological deposits other than ploughed out ridge and furrow cultivation of probable late medieval date on land belonging to the deserted village of Nethercote. No finds were recovered.

Stirling Castle Archive Assessment

Maritime Archaeology Trust
The Stirling Castle was a 70-gun 3rd-rate ship-of-the-line, built in Deptford in 1679, rebuilt at Chatham in 1699 and lost on the Goodwin Sands during the Great Storm of 1703. The ship is highly significant from an historical perspective because it was launched as part of the Thirty Ships building programme overseen by Samuel Pepys and Charles II. Following the discovery of the site in 1979 it has been subject to continued archaeological activity and...

Land at Middle Hill, Chalford, Gloucestershire: Magnetometer Survey Report (OASIS ID: archaeol20-369553)

Kerry Donaldson & David Sabin
Detailed magnetometry was carried out over a 1.4ha parcel of land at Middle Hill, Chalford in Gloucestershire. The north eastern part of the field has been outlined for a potential residential development covering 0.8ha. The results indicate the presence of a possible former track or footpath extending through the south eastern corner of the site. A number of positive and negative linear anomalies have also been located; however, the majority of these relate to low...

Whatstandwell Canal Retaining Wall: Archaeological supervision and recording (OASIS ID: archaeol5-331656)

Archaeological Research Services Ltd
Archaeological Research Services Ltd (ARS Ltd) was commissioned by Greenford Ltd working on behalf of Derbyshire County Council to undertake a targeted programme of archaeological supervision and recording during the re-building of the collapsed retaining wall at Bridge 13 on the Cromford Canal at Whatstandwell, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 5HE. The elements uncovered during the archaeological works are fully consistent with what is known about the appearance and function of Brindley Gates, but not consistent with...

Field barn at Stoop Hill, Greenrigg Lane, Mickleton, County Durham: archaeological building recording (archaeol3-277508)

Archaeological Services Durham University
Photographic survey of a field barn before proposed residential conversion.

Church of St John the Evangelist, Rookhope, County Durham: archaeological building recording (OASIS ID: archaeol3-332854)

Archaeological Services Durham University
Level 2 survey of a 1905 parish church, in advance of residential conversion. The church was designed by W Caroe for the Ecclesiatical Commission.

Buildings at Whitehouse Farm, Bearpark, County Durham: archaeological building recording (OASIS ID: archaeol3-289351)

Archaeological Services Durham University
Examination and photographic recording of four buildings. Whitehouse Farm was part of Durham Priory's manor of Beaurepaire. The oldest surviving building, the farmhouse, was probably built around 1614. The others are a cart shed / granary, a threshing barn and a cow house. The old house is reduced to a shell.

Buildings at Southside Farm, Westerton, County Durham: archaeological building recording (OASIS ID: archaeol3-282704)

Archaeological Services Durham University
Photographic survey of a group of buildings at Southside (formerly Westerton) Farm.

Building at Friar Cote Farm, Staindrop, County Durham: archaeological building recording (OASIS ID: archaeol3-302218)

Archaeological Services Durham University
Level 2 survey of a 19th-century agricultural building attached to a Grade II listed farm house, The building was used as an open shed with a smithy, later converted to a wash house. The smithy hearth is dated 1881 and the washing copper 1932.

Land North of Gloucester Road, Tutshill, Gloucestershire. Archaeological Excavation.

Cotswold Archaeology
An archaeological excavation was undertaken by Cotswold Archaeology in January 2018 at the request of Bellway Homes Ltd (Wales) and their archaeological consultant, CgMs Heritage, on land north of Gloucester Road, Tutshill, in the parish of Tidenham, Gloucestershire. These works were the final part of phased investigation of the site that followed on from an archaeological evaluation. The excavation identified a small number of features of principally prehistoric, Late Saxon and medieval date. The earliest...

Bedford Lodge, Bishop Auckland, County Durham: archaeological assessment and building recording (archaeol3-279850)

Archaeological Services Durham University
Photographic survey and assessment of a listed villa built in the 1840s for a mine agent working for the Darlington firm of Pease and Partners. The building has been abandoned for a long time and extensively vandalised. Little of significance remains.

PY Test

Charlie Johns & Paul Young
Bah Humbug!

North-West Crewe Package, Crewe, Cheshire: Geophysical Survey (OASIS ID: headland5-330139)

Headland Archaeology Ltd
Headland Archaeology (UK) Ltd undertook a geophysical (magnetometer) survey, covering approximately 12 hectares, on the north-western periphery of Crewe, East Cheshire. The survey encompasses the corridor for the construction of 3.3 km of proposed new highways which will extend north and south of Leighton Hospital and also link east and west with A530 Middlewich Road and Minshull New Road. The corridor is located within a landscape of moderate archaeological potential with Roman, post-medieval and modern...

Whitehorse Cist, Dartmoor Forest, Devon: Excavation (OASIS ID: cornwall2-107036)

Cornwall Archaeological Unit
The project was for the targeted excavation and recording of the Whitehorse cist on Dartmoor (SX 6172 8547). This project comprised the excavation of a cist on Dartmoor which was eroding out of a natural peat mound. The cist was found to contain an exceptional variety of artefacts which were micro-excavated under laboratory conditions. This was followed by the analysis of a wide range of organic artefacts, many of which were rare or previously unknown...

Land at Boulton Moor, east of Chellaston Lane (Phases 3 and 4), Derby: Evaluation and Excavation

Oxford Archaeology (South)
Phase 1 An evaluation was commissioned by CgMs Consulting for an area of land of c 14.5 hectares between Chellaston Road and the A6, Derby. Eighty-one trenches were opened in November and December 2017, representing a 3.6% sample of the two fields. Pottery dating to both the earlier and later Iron Age was discovered, primarily from ditches concentrated in the central southern part of the site. Roman pottery, principally of later 2nd or 3rd century...

Land adjacent to Glebe Farm, Coventry Road, Lutterworth: Archaeological monitoring of boreholes (OASIS ID: headland3-369514)

Brett Archer
Archaeological borehole monitoring was undertaken by Headland Archaeology on land adjacent to Glebe Farm, Coventry Road, Lutterworth. Evidence suggesting an earlier route for the watercourse slightly to the south of its current position to the west of the boreholing area were produced along with the suggestion that intermittent and conjoining water sources contributed to deposit a sequence of alluvial deposits at the west end of the works area. No deposits or materials suitable to aid...

Land adjacent to A5, Lutterworth, Leicestershire: Archaeological evaluation (OASIS ID: headland3-366701)

Stephen Thompson, Chris Sear, Jennifer Thom & Brett Archer
An archaeological evaluation was undertaken by Headland Archaeology, on Land to the east of the A5, Lutterworth, Leicestershire. The evaluation identified agricultural use of the land in the form of extensive post-medieval ridge and furrow field system remains, undated field boundary and drainage ditches and a former hedge-line field boundary. Alluvial deposits and the course of a paleochannel were also identified, probably associated with a former course of the Padge Hall Brook.

Ferrybridge 'C' Power Station, Knottingley, Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Building Recording of Barge Unloader and Coal Handling Plant (OASIS ID: aecom1-343928)

Gillian Scott
AECOM Infrastructure and Environment Ltd (AECOM) was commissioned by SSE Generation Ltd (SSE) to undertake a Level 2 Building Recording and drone survey of the barge unloader and coal handling facilities at Ferrybridge 'C' power station (Figure 1). The building recording seeks to mitigate the impact of the demolition of the power station, including removal of the barge unloader, under a prior approval. The buildings within the power station, including the barge unloader, were assessed...

Archaeological Investigations at 115 Fulford Road, York.

York Archaeological Trust
Evaluation report, loose leaves, unbound sheets.

An Archaeological Watching Brief at Temple Farm, Moor Lane, Bishopthorpe, York.

York Archaeological Trust
short report, loose leaves, unbound sheets

Building Recording at 77-79 Micklegate, York.

York Archaeological Trust
Building recording report. Loose leaves, unbound sheets

Guildiehaugh Depot, Bathgate, Archaeological Data Structure Report


Archaeological monitoring report on the installation of sound posts at Craven Lime Works in 2018.

YDNPA HER Fieldwork
A4 PDF document, 19 pages

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