59,164 Works

Roman bronze paterae from Llanberis

J Ll Williams
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 159, 99-115

Recent work on round barrows in Wales

William J Britnell
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 162, 19-32

Recent work in the environs of Brecon Gaer Roman fort

Richard Hankinson, J P Lewis, Evan M Chapman, Hugh Toller, Peter V Webster, Wendy Owen & Bob Silvester
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 164, 89-130

Recent excavatins at Parc Bryn Cegin, Llandygai, near Bangor, North Wales

Jane Kenney
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 157, 9-142

Presidential Address. What's in a name? Naming patterns in medieval Wales

A D Carr
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 158, 1-18

Presidential Address. The restoration of castles in Wales as ruins: philosophy and practice

Richard J Avent
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 156, 1-24

Presidential address. The emergence of the architectural profession in Wales

Thomas Lloyd
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 157, 1-8

Presidential Address. The Heads of the Valleys: 250 years of landscape change

Richard Keen
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 159, 1-52

Presidential Address. The Cambrians, Georgians and Goths: influences upon the restoration of St David's Cathedral

J Wyn Evans
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 160, 1-11

Presidential Address. The Cambrians and the railways: one hundred and fifty years of links

Keith P Mascetti
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 150, 1-16

Presidential Address. The aristocratic residence in the Plantagenet world: halls, chambers and towers

Gwyn Meirion-Jones
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 161, 1-49

Presidential Address. Six Anglesey Houses

David M T Longley
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 162, 1-18

Presidential Address. Roman Wales: past, present and future

William H Manning
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 164, 1-24

Presidential Address. Reconstructing the upland landscapes of medieval Wales

David Austin
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 165, 1-19

Presidential Address. R.W. Banks and the Cambrian Archaeological Association

R W D Fenn
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 154, 1-16

Presidential Address. In the footsteps of princes: conservation and national identity

Sian E Rees
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 163, 1-21

Presidential Address. From antiquarianism to archaeology

Muriel E Chamberlain
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 152, 1-12

Presidential Address. Fragile Heritage: the archaeology of the early Roman campaigns in Wales and the borderland

Jeffrey L Davies
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 155, 1-21

Presidential Address. Back to the Future

Geoffrey Wainwright
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 153, 1-8

Presidential Address. A pagan Celtic background for sheela-na-gigs

Etienne Rynne
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 149, 1-13

Presidential Address. 'From the Welsh Good Lord Deliver Me': soliders, papists and civilians in Civil War Monmouthshire

Jeremy K Knight
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 151, 1-18

Preface to Cistercians in Wales and the West

Madeleine Gray
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 154, 17-26

Pollen analysis at Craig y Dullfran and Banc Werngan and other recent palaeoenvironmental studies in Wales

Astrid E Caseldine
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 162, 275-307

Piety and power: the tomb and legacy of John Marshall, bishop of Llandaff 1478-96

Madeleine Gray
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 162, 339-349

Patrons and patronage among the Cistercians in Wales

Huw Pryce
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 154, 81-95

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