57,063 Works

Womaston Neolithic causewayed enclosure, Powys: survey and excavation 2008

Nigel Jones
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 158, 19-42

Whitland Abbey, Carmarthenshire: a Cistercian site re-examined, 1994-99

Neil D Ludlow
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 151, 41-108

Welsh scratch dials

William Linnard
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 156, 141-147

Welsh medieval freestanding crosses

Robert J Silvester
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 162, 309-337

Urban and commercial networks in the later middle ages: Chepstow, Severnside and the ports of southern Wales

Spencer Dimmock
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 153, 53-68

Tw-draw, Llanarmon Mynydd Mawr, Powys a late medieval cruck-framed hallhouse-longhouse

William J Britnell, Robert J Silvester, Richard Suggett & Eurwyn Wiliam
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 157, 157-202

Two notes on Edmund Jones's Relations of Apparitions

S M M Young
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 163, 237-243

Two early medieval cemeteries in Pembrokeshire: Brownslade Barrow and West Angle Bay

Polly Groom, Duncan E Schlee, Gwilym Hughes, Peter Crane, Neil D Ludlow & Kenneth Murphy
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 160, 133-203

Two Bronze Age cremation groups at Coity Link Road, Bridgend

A Richmond, K Francis & Elaine L Morris
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 164, 25-35

Three Castles of the Clare family in Monmouthshire during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries

S Priestley & R C Turner
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 153, 9-52

Thomas Thomas, 1817-88: the first national architect of Wales

Stephen R Hughes
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 153, 69-166

The Sisters' House at Minwear, Pembrokeshire: analysis of the documentary and archaeological evidence

Helen Nicholson
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 151, 109-138

The royal appartments in the inner ward at Conwy Castle

Jeremy Ashbee
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 152, 51-72

The Romanesque doorway at St Padarn's church, Llanbadarn Fawr, Radnorshire

Rita Wood
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 156, 51-72

The Roman cremation cemetery at Ultra Pontem, Caerleon: the Coed site

Julie Reynolds
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 164, 131-200

The progress of ecclesiology and ritualism in Wales

Nigel Yates
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 149, 59-88

The Ogmore helmets: Theophilus Redwood's memories of the find-spot

Luke A Toft
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 149, 166-169

The name Baddegai, near Brecon

Andrew Breeze
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 152, 73-74

The mystery of the two marble monuments: an archaeological investigation

Pat McClure
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 163, 245-258

The medieval episcopal monuments in Llandaff Cathedral

Rhianydd Biebrach
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 159, 221-239

The medieval bishops' effigies at Llandaff Cathedral

Madeleine Gray
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 152, 37-50

The Mansells, the Bassetts and the rebuilding of Oxwich and Old Beaupr� Castles

Chris Phillpotts & R C Turner
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 157, 203-270

The location and siting of Cistercian houses in Wales and the West

James Bond
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 154, 51-79

The inscribed stones of Llanaelhaearn Church, Gwynedd, and the significance of their places of discovery

Robert T J Evans
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 152, 23-36

The history and digital reconstruction of Holt Castle, Denbighshire

R C Turner & Chris Jones
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 165, 241-282

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