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Participant transcripts for “The understanding and interpretation of innovative technology-enabled multidimensional physical activity feedback in patients at risk of future chronic disease\"

Max Western, Oliver Peacock, Afroditi Stathi & Dylan Thompson
Background: Innovative physical activity monitoring technology can be used to depict rich visual feedback that encompasses the various aspects of physical activity known to be important for health. However, it is unknown whether patients who are at risk of chronic disease would understand such sophisticated personalised feedback or whether they would find it useful and motivating. The purpose of the present study was to determine whether technology-enabled multidimensional physical activity graphics and visualisations are comprehensible...

Challenges in artificial socio-cognitive systems: A study based on intelligent vehicles: Dataset

Vincent Baines
This record contains the (video) data and source code created in relation to the submitted thesis of the same title.

Data for Reducing Nonlinear Limitations of Ytterbium Mode-Locked Fibre Lasers with Hollow-Core Negative Curvature Fibre

Clarissa Harvey
The data behind the four figures shown in the paper. Including example autocorrelation traces and pulse spectra for figure 2. The latter 2 datasets summarize the peak power results and single pulsed modelocking ranges for the laser cavities built as shown in figure 3.

Dataset for \"Oxidation of GaN : An ab initio thermodynamic approach\"

Adam J Jackson & Aron Walsh
Supporting data and MATLAB code for thermodynamic models of oxygen defect formation in GaN.

Training materials and participant handouts for \"Multidimensional individualised physical activity (Mi-PACT): a technology-enabled randomised controlled trial to promote physical activity in primary care\"

Oliver Peacock
ABSTRACT Background: Low physical activity is a major public health problem. New cost-effective approaches that stimulate meaningful long-term changes in physical activity are required, especially within primary care settings. It is becoming clear that there are various dimensions to physical activity with independent health benefits. Advances in technology mean that it is now possible to generate multidimensional physical activity ‘profiles’ that provide a more complete representation of physical activity and offer a variety of options...

Minimizing group index variations in a multicore endoscope fiber

James Roper
Data for results in "Minimizing group index variations in a multicore endoscope fiber" paper.

Videos for \"Dynamic Editable Models of Fire From Video\"

Andrew Chinery
The video results for the PhD Thesis of Andrew Chinery, titled Dynamic Editable Models of Fire From Video. Includes results of fitting to original flames for the candle and lighter data in 3D and the lighter in 2D (one rotating, one not). Also includes results of generating new animations from existing ones.

Data for Multipath Propagation of Low Frequency Radio Waves Inferred from High Resolution Array Analysis

Martin Fullekrug
Data for Figure 1.

Dataset for \"Phase transition for quenched coupled replicas in a plaquette spin model of glasses\"

Robert Jack
Simulation results for "Phase transition for quenched coupled replicas in a plaquette spin model of glasses"

The causal role of breakfast in energy balance and health: a randomized controlled trial in obese adults

Enhad Chowdhury & James Betts
Background: The causal nature of associations between breakfast and health remain unclear in obese individuals. Objective: To conduct a randomized controlled trial examining causal links between breakfast habits and components of energy balance in free-living obese humans. Design: The Bath Breakfast Project is a randomized controlled trial with repeated-measures at baseline and follow-up amongst a cohort in South-West England aged 21-60 y with Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA)-derived fat mass indices ≥13 kg·m-2 (women; n=15) and...

Dataset for Shear strength theories for beams of variable depth

John Orr & Yang Yuanzhang
Dataset for the IASS/ISOFF conference paper 'Shear strength theories for beams of variable depth'

Fabrication of high-aspect ratio GaN nanostructures for advanced photonic devices

E.D. Le Boulbar, C.J. Lewins, Duncan W.E. Allsopp, Chris R. Bowen & Philip A. Shields
This dataset is the result of an investigation into the impact of the temperature and pressure on the fabrication of Gallium Nitride nanostructures. The dataset contains data acquired from etched nanorods and nanopores.The data was acquired using a Hitachi S-4300 scanning electron microscope (SEM). The secondary electron (SE) images were produced using the manufacturer-supplied software. Figure numbers in the data file descriptions refer to the Microelectronic Engineering article by Le Boulbar et al. (2016) referenced...

COincident Probabilistic climate change weather data for a Sustainable built Environment (COPSE)

Sukumar Natarajan
Datasets for the EPSRC funded COPSE project This repository contains the datasets associated with the outputs from the University of Bath.

Dataset for \"Regular waves onto a truncated circular column: A comparison of experiments and simulations\"

Liang Sun & Jun Zang
Dataset includes the numerical results in the following figures of paper "Regular waves onto a truncated circular column: A comparison of experiments and simulations" which has been published on Applied Ocean Research (doi:10.1016/j.apor.2016.03.011). This paper can be accessed via Elsevier green open access. 1. Fig.4 Numerical results based on different meshes (a) elevation at WPB1 (b) horizontal forces on column 2. Fig.5 Numerical results based on different widths of NWT (a) elevation at WPB1 (b)...

Dataset for Tungsten Bronze Barium Neodymium Titanate (Ba6-3nNd8+2nTi18O54): an Intrinsic Nanostructured Material and its Defect Distribution

Marco Molinari, Jakub Baran & Stephen Parker
Accepted 10-Mar-2016 Journal: Inorganic Chemistry The acronym for the configurations is: "% of columns with substitution" - "column number" - "fraction of substitution in each column" 50_COL1_1 and 50_COL3_1 have fully substituted sites in columns types 1 and 3 respectively but only 50% of the columns are substituted. 100_COL2_1 has 100% Ba substitution in columns type 2 and 100% of columns were fully substituted; this is because the unit cell only contains half the number...

Data for Mapping Lightning in the Sky with a Mini Array

Martin Fullekrug
Data for Mapping Lightning in the Sky with a Mini Array

Data for paper: Initiating and imaging the coherent surface dynamics of charge carriers in real space

Peter Sloan, Kristina Rusimova, Nicola Bannister, Patrick Harrison, Simon Crampin, Richard Palmer & Duncan Lock
The tip of a scanning tunnelling microscope is an atomic-scale source of electrons and holes. As the injected charge spreads out it can induce adsorbed molecules to react. By comparing large-scale `before' and `after' images of an adsorbate covered surface, the spatial extent of the nonlocal manipulation is revealed. Here we measure the nonlocal manipulation of toluene molecules on the Si(111)-7x7 surface at room temperature. Both the range and probability of nonlocal manipulation have a...

Selective Electrochemiluminescent Sensing of Saccharides using Boronic Acid-Modified Coreactant

Tony James
This repository contains the experimental data discussed in the manuscript. Including, 1H NMR, 13C NMR (FID and PDF) and Mass Spectra for the co-reactants E0, E3 and E6. Electrochemical data (excel) for the figures shown in the manuscript and ESI.

Data set for a validated open-source multi-solver fourth generation composite femur model

Richie Gill & Alisdair MacLeod
Contains Abaqus, Ansys and FEBio validated models of fourth generation composite femurs and the output results as well as the experimental data for validation ** The condition for use of these models is that the following publication is cited: ** A.R.MacLeod, H.Rose, H.S.Gill, A Validated Open-Source Multi-Solver Fourth Generation Composite Femur Model, Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 2016 The files contained in this directory are for the composite femur model F10 discussed in the publication. All...

Dataset for All-fiber multiplexed source of high-purity single photons

Robert Francis-Jones & Peter Mosley
Raw data for coincidence count rate and second order coherence measurements.

Data set for: Molecular and atomic manipulation mediated by electronic excitation of the underlying Si(111)-7x7 surface

Kristina Rusimova & Peter Sloan
All the data associated with this publication, please see publication for methodology and details.

Nanostructuring perovskite oxides: The impact of SrTiO3 nanocubes 3D self-assembly on thermal conductivity

Steve Parker, Marco Molinari & Stephen Yeandel
The research demonstrates that nanostructuring the perovskite oxide SrTiO3 via 3D assemblage of nanocubes leads to a lower the thermal conductivity over a broad range of temperatures. This is particularly valuable in thermoelectric materials applications. The assemblages are comprised of pristine perovskite grain interiors confined by SrO or TiO2-rich interfaces resembling Ruddlesden Popper and Magneli phases. The research also demonstrates that it is possible to generate vibrational fingerprints of the by a combination of lattice...

Dataset for research paper: α-Synuclein Increases β-Amyloid Secretion by Promoting β-/γ-Secretase Processing of APP

Hazel Roberts & David Brown
Includes the original data used for all main figures and supplementary data figures, and data used in Table 1.

Feeding influences adipose tissue responses to exercise in overweight men

Yung-Chih Chen
Dataset for the following study: Feeding profoundly affects metabolic responses to exercise in various tissues but the effect of feeding status on human adipose tissue responses to exercise has never been studied. Ten healthy overweight men aged 26 ± 5 years (mean ± SD) with a waist circumference of 105 ± 10 cm walked at 60% of maximum oxygen uptake under either FASTED or FED conditions in a randomised, counterbalanced design. Feeding comprised 648 ±...

Data supporting: \"Microwave-assisted deep eutectic-solvothermal preparation of iron oxide nanoparticles for photoelectrochemical solar water splitting\"

Oliver Hammond, Karen Edler & Salvador Eslava Fernandez
This dataset contains freely-available raw data in support of the named article (10.1039/C7TA02078C), including data from powder X-Ray diffraction, magnetometry measurements, Raman spectroscopy, wide-angle X-Ray scattering performed at the I22 beamline of Diamond Light Source, and photoelectrochemical measurements.

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