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Dataset for \"Prospects for engineering thermoelectric properties in La1/3NbO3 ceramics revealed via atomic-level characterization and modelling\"

Feridoon Azough, Dursun Ekren, Deepanshu Srivastava, Steve Parker & Robert Freer
This dataset contains data underlying results published in the paper "Prospects for engineering thermoelectric properties in La1/3NbO3 ceramics revealed via atomic-level characterization and modelling". It includes the images obtained from the experimental characterisation and the computer simulation datasets used to perform the molecular dynamics.

Dataset for \"Tuning the structure of the Josephson vortex lattice in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ single crystals with pancake vortices\"

Simon Bending, Peter Curran, Hussen Mohammed & Alex Koshelev
Datasets underpinning the 6 Figures for "Tuning the structure of the Josephson vortex lattice in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ single crystals with pancake vortices" in Scientific Reports. The primary data files are scanning Hall microscopy (SHM) images of pancake vortices catured at a temperature of 85K. Also included are graphs of vortex chain spacing and the estimated effective anisotropy extracted from the SHM images as a function of applied magnetic field. Simulation results for the vortex chain spacing...

Dataset for \"Mitigation versus adaptation: Does insulating buildings increase overheating risk?\"

Daniel Fosas, David Coley, Sukumar Natarajan, Manuel Herrera Fernandez, Miguel Fosas de Pando & Alfonso Ramallo-Gonzalez
Dataset for journal article "Mitigation versus adaptation: Does insulating buildings increase overheating risk?". The dataset contains the summary simulation results of the building simulation parametric study (EnergyPlus v8.9) for overheating, natural ventilation and space heating demand (annual simulations with yearly indicators). The dataset contains the performance of all the buildings that combine the following parameters: dwelling types, insulation levels, thermal mass, window sizes, shading strategies, internal gains, window opening rubrics, algorithms, infiltration levels, building orientations...

Dataset for \"Wound Fibre Reinforced Polymer shear reinforcement for non-prismatic concrete beams\"

Yuanzhang Yang
The dataset includes: 1. experimental data measuring the strain of W-FRP (Wound Fibre Reinforced Polymer) reinforced tapered beams under different load conditions; 2. MATLAB files of the prediction-making following the revised ACI 440, CSA S806 and MCFT model; 3. a spreadsheet to summarise the predictions.

Using Finite Element Analysis to Influence the Infill Design of Fused Deposition Modelled Parts Dataset

James Gopsill
This data archive contains the underlying data for the conference publication entitled "Using Finite Element Analysis to Influence the Infill Design of Fused Deposition Modelled Parts". The paper has been accepted for publication in the journal: Progress in Additive Manfacturing. The paper describes a process that uses results attained from Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to influence the design of the internal structure (i.e. infill) of 3D printed parts by locally varying the composition of the...

Dataset for \"Evaluation of InSAR monitoring data for post-tunnelling settlement damage assessment\".

Giorgia Giardina
Data supporting figures in the publication "Evaluation of InSAR monitoring data for post-tunnelling settlement damage assessment". This dataset contains InSAR-based monitoring data of ground and building displacements. The data was collected using multitemporal synthetic aperture radar interferometry.

Data for Aryl boronic acid-catalysed dehydrative substitution of benzylic alcohols for C-O bond formation

Susana Estopina-Duran, Liam Donnelly, Euan Mclean, Bryony Hockin, Alexandra M.Z. Slawin & James Taylor
Original, unprocessed data for all novel compounds in the associated paper. Data available includes 1H, 13C, 19F, and 11B Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) data, copies of mass spectrometry data, and copies of infra-red (IR) spectra.

Dataset for \"Bayesian determination of the effect of a deep eutectic solvent on the structure of lipid monolayers\"

Andrew McCluskey, Adrian Sanchez Fernandez, Karen Edler, Stephen Parker, Andrew Jackson, Richard Campbell & Thomas Arnold
Reduced X-ray reflectometry dataset associated with Diamond Light Source experiment SI10526-1, and neutron reflectometry dataset associated with Institut Laue-Langevin experiment 9-13-612, used in the publication "Bayesian determination of the effect of a deep eutectic solvent on the structure of lipid monolayers". The datasets are associated with the X-ray reflectometry of DLPC, DMPC, DPPC, and DMPG at the interface between a 1:2 mixture of choline chloride:glycerol and air, and the neutron reflectometry of DMPC and DPPC...

Dataset for \"Intrinsic flexibility of the EMT zeolite framework under pressure\"

Antony Nearchou, Mero-Lee Cornelius & Jonathan Skelton
A collection of the data used, and reported in the article "Intrinsic flexibility of the EMT zeolite framework under pressure". This includes high pressure powder X-ray diffraction data collected on the ID15B and ID27 beamlines at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF). It also includes the data from first-principles comparative DFT and lattice-dynamics calculations to calculate the lattice energy and vibrational entropy of the EMT and FAU frameworks. The purpose of this research was to...

Dataset for \"Summer thermal comfort and overheating in the elderly\"

Caroline Hughes & Sukumar Natarajan
The data within this dataset was collected from 43 homes, all in Bath, UK, with at least one occupant aged 65 or over. Sensors were placed in the living rooms and bedrooms of the participating homes to measure temperature at 90-minute intervals throughout the phases of the project. There were four phases in total: November 2016 – March 2017; June 2017 – September 2017; November 2017 – March 2018; June 2018 – September 2018. Corresponding...

Material and Chemical Characterisation Facility (MC²)

Our facility combines cutting-edge analytical equipment with extensive in-house expertise to provide a comprehensive material and chemical characterisation service.

Dataset for \"3D Printed Contactor for Enhanced Oil Droplets Coalescence\"

Abouther Al-Shimmery, Saeed Mazinani, Joseph Flynn, Yong-Min Chew & Davide Mattia
This dataset includes all the original data for this project including the design of the 3D contractors, detailed methodology of preparation and characterisation results, raw data of filtration tests.

Dataset for \"Displacement Talbot Lithography for nano-engineering of III-nitride materials\"

Pierre-Marie Coulon
This dataset contains scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images of various nano-patterns. The nano-patterns are first created in the resist via Displacement Talbot Lithography. The nano-patterns in the resist are then used to create dielectric or metal mask, respectively via Inductively coupled plasma dry etching or lift-off. Finally, the masks are employed either for the bottom-up selective area growth (via metal organic vapour phase epitaxy) or for the top-down fabrication of nanostructures. A combination of top-down...

Dataset for \"Influence of clay minerals and associated minerals in alkali activation of soils\"

Alastair Marsh
Chemical characterisation data describing the precursors and cured products formed when reacting natural and synthetic soils with sodium hydroxide solution.

Dataset for ''High Flux Thin-Film Nanocomposites with Embedded Boron Nitride Nanotubes for Nanofiltration''

Serena Casanova, Tian Yin Liu, John Chew, Andrew G Livingston & Davide Mattia
This dataset relates to the nanocomposite membranes discussed in the paper "High Flux Thin-Film Nanocomposites with Embedded Boron Nitride Nanotubes for Nanofiltration". It contains the raw data for the membranes' surface zeta potential, salts rejection, permeance, chlorine resistance, contact angle, fouling tests, humic acid rejection, and methylene blue rejection, as well as X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) data. In addition, this data contains transmission electron microscopy (TEM), field-emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM) and optical microscopy data...

Data for the publication 'Maximum sprite streamer luminosity near the stratopause'

Martin Fullekrug
This data is to illustrate the results described in the corresponding publication entitled 'Maximum sprite streamer luminosity near the stratopause'.

Dataset supporting the paper: Sensing of damage and repair of cement mortar using electromechanical impedance

Hussameldin Taha Abdalgadir
This dataset relates to two experiments conducted on identical mortar beams. It contains two main ZIP files, which contain respectively the data from the damage experiment and the repair experiment. The damage experiment ZIP file contains 5 .xlsx files, each one of which includes the electrical impedance signature data for a particular damage stage. The repair experiment ZIP file contains 4 .xlsx files. These contain, respectively, (1) the electrical impedance signature for the repair experiment...

Dataset for \"Touché: Data-Driven Interactive Sword Fighting in Virtual Reality\"

Javier Dehesa & Ninja Theory Ltd
This is the data repository for the paper "Touché: Data-Driven Interactive Sword Fighting in Virtual Reality" by Javier Dehesa, Andrew Vidler, Christof Lutteroth and Julian Padget, presented at CHI 2020 conference in Honolulu, HI, USA. See the publication for details. The archives gesture_recognition_data.zip and gesture_recognition_code.zip contain respectively the data and code for the gesture recognition component. Similarly, the archives animation_data.zip and animation_code.zip contain respectively the data and code for the animation component. Instructions about how...

Dataset for 'Cationic surfactants as a non-covalent linker for oxidised cellulose nanofibrils and starch-based hydrogels'

Zakir Hossain, Vincenzo Calabrese, Marcelo da Silva, Saffron Bryant, Julien Schmitt, Janet Scott & Karen Edler
Rheological properties of hydrogels composed of TEMPO-oxidised cellulose nanofibrils (OCNF)-starch in the presence of cationic surfactants were investigated in this study. The dataset includes rheology (oscillatory frequency and amplitude sweeps, viscosity), zeta-potential, starch-iodine test data of OCNF/starch hydrogels in presence of cationic surfactants, like dodecyltrimethylammonium bromide (DTAB) and cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) surfactants.

Dataset for \"Phase Behavior and Substitution Limit of Mixed Cesium-Formamidinium Lead Tri-Iodide Perovskites\"

Daniel Wolverson & Bethan Charles
The dataset includes continuous-wave photoluminescence (PL) spectra and PL decay data as a function of temperature for single crystal hybrid perovskite photovoltaic material Cs0.1FA0.9PbI3. PL measurements contain wavelength and intensity for each individual spectra in different temperatures.

Early examples of the ionic capital. 7: Corner Capital – Delos Museum

Mark Wilson Jones, Paul Richens, Georg Herdt & The Scan Team Ltd
The dataset originated in a study of the early development of the Ionic capital, which was particularly concerned with the relationship between the elongate Cycladic form and the more symmetrical and eventually dominant Ionian. In the course of the study a number of exemplars were surveyed by laser scanning, and reconstructed digitally using a parametric surface modeller. Both the surveyed and the reconstructed forms were prepared in formats suitable for 3D reproduction by rapid prototyping....

Data for: \"Bed Expansion Properties of Tissue Engineering Particles in a Fluidised Bed Bioreactor\"

Jessica Pinheiro De Lucena-Thomas
This dataset contains useful particle characterization and bed expansion measurements for the creation of a revised correlation to enable fluidised bed bioreactor operations to be predicted for tissue engineering (TE) particles: single cells, spheroids and gel beads. The data is organised in an Excel spreadsheet with each tab relating to a specific figures and tables in the paper.

Data set for \"UK Passivhaus and the energy performance gap\"

Rachel Mitchell & Sukumar Natarajan
This is a data set of space heating demand from 97 certified Passivhaus homes in the UK . The dataset is used to compare measured space heating demand with the predicted space heating demand generated at design stage using Passive House Planning Package. This comparison was used to demonstrate there is no performance gap ( difference between predicted and measured energy use) in Passivhaus homes. This is of interest as many new and existing homes...

Data supporting: Morphology modulation of ionic surfactant micelles in ternary deep eutectic solvents

Ria Atri, Adrian Sanchez Fernandez, Oliver Hammond, Iva Manasi & Karen Edler
This dataset contains raw and processed data in support of the named publication. This consists primarily of small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) data for mixtures of anionic and cationic surfactants in ternary deep eutectic solvents. Data files for differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and viscosity measurements on the pure deep eutectic solvents are also included.

Dataset for \"Service users' experiences of NHS patient medicines helpline services: A qualitative study\"

Matt Williams, Abbie Jordan, Jenny Scott & Matthew Jones
The study used semi-structured interviews to explore service users' experiences of using National Health Service (NHS) patient medicines helpline services (PMHS). This dataset comprises data from 40 participants. The study protocol is included in the dataset to provide additional context.

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