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Data set for: Molecular and atomic manipulation mediated by electronic excitation of the underlying Si(111)-7x7 surface

Kristina Rusimova & Peter Sloan
All the data associated with this publication, please see publication for methodology and details.

Nanostructuring perovskite oxides: The impact of SrTiO3 nanocubes 3D self-assembly on thermal conductivity

Steve Parker, Marco Molinari & Stephen Yeandel
The research demonstrates that nanostructuring the perovskite oxide SrTiO3 via 3D assemblage of nanocubes leads to a lower the thermal conductivity over a broad range of temperatures. This is particularly valuable in thermoelectric materials applications. The assemblages are comprised of pristine perovskite grain interiors confined by SrO or TiO2-rich interfaces resembling Ruddlesden Popper and Magneli phases. The research also demonstrates that it is possible to generate vibrational fingerprints of the by a combination of lattice...

Dataset for research paper: α-Synuclein Increases β-Amyloid Secretion by Promoting β-/γ-Secretase Processing of APP

Hazel Roberts & David Brown
Includes the original data used for all main figures and supplementary data figures, and data used in Table 1.

Feeding influences adipose tissue responses to exercise in overweight men

Yung-Chih Chen
Dataset for the following study: Feeding profoundly affects metabolic responses to exercise in various tissues but the effect of feeding status on human adipose tissue responses to exercise has never been studied. Ten healthy overweight men aged 26 ± 5 years (mean ± SD) with a waist circumference of 105 ± 10 cm walked at 60% of maximum oxygen uptake under either FASTED or FED conditions in a randomised, counterbalanced design. Feeding comprised 648 ±...

Data supporting: \"Microwave-assisted deep eutectic-solvothermal preparation of iron oxide nanoparticles for photoelectrochemical solar water splitting\"

Oliver Hammond, Karen Edler & Salvador Eslava Fernandez
This dataset contains freely-available raw data in support of the named article (10.1039/C7TA02078C), including data from powder X-Ray diffraction, magnetometry measurements, Raman spectroscopy, wide-angle X-Ray scattering performed at the I22 beamline of Diamond Light Source, and photoelectrochemical measurements.

Data set for \"Choosing between conciliatory and oppositional leaders\"

Leda Blackwood & Winnifred R. Louis
In this paper we examine the role of out-group signals and in-group leader tactics in the choice and evaluation of rival in-group leader candidates. Four on-line surveys were conducted using qualtrics. Each of these surveys is included in the dataset. Also included are the SPSS data files for each of the four studies as well as a syntax file which provides the syntax for the coding and transformations of items used in the analyses for...

Dataset for \"Continuously Tuneable Critical Current in Superconductor-Ferromagnet Multilayers\"

Simon Bending
Datasets underpinning the four Figures for "Continuously Tuneable Critical Current in Superconductor-Ferromagnet Multilayers" which is accepted for publication in Applied Physics Letters.

Data to accompany the article \"Anion···π interactions and metastability: structural transformations in a silver-pyrazine network\"

Jonathan Skelton
This dataset contains data from the computational modelling studies performed in the above article, viz. the optimised structures of the three compounds examined and their calculated dielectric properties.

Computational Dataset for \"Reversible Magnesium and Aluminium-ions Insertion in Cation-Deficient Anatase TiO2\"

Benjamin Morgan, Mathieu Salanne & Damien Dambournet
This dataset contains the computational data and analysis for the paper "Reversible Magnesium and Aluminium-Ions Insertion in Cation-Deficient Anatase TiO2" (https://doi.org/10.1038/nmat4976). The repository contains: 1. Input and output files for the DFT calculations, performed using VASP. This is detailed below in the Data section. 2. A `vasp_summary` script, that collects the relevant VASP data into a file `F-TiO2_intercalation_data.yaml`. 3. A Jupyter notebook, `F-TiO2 intercalation energies.ipynb`, containing the data analysis, and code for plotting intercalation energies....

Feasibility of methods to reduce publication bias_academics/researchers

Harriet Carroll
Responses from academics/researchers in the project "The perceived feasibility of methods to reduce publication bias". Data were collected via Bristol Online Surveys. Using convenience snowball method, we collected opinions from academics and researchers regarding 9 different methods of peer-review/publication that have been proposed to reduce publication bias. Respondents were asked questions regarding their views on the efficacy of the publication process, and then asked to choose the method they felt to be most effective at...

Dataset for 'Modelling and fabrication of porous sandwich layer barium titanate with improved piezoelectric energy harvesting figures of merit'

James Roscow, Rhodri Lewis, John Taylor & Chris R. Bowen
Experimental and averaged finite element modelling data for barium titanate with a porous sandwich layer surrounded by dense outerlayers. The experimental data includes measurements of piezoelectric strain coefficients, permittivity and energy harvesting figure of merit for sandwich layer porosity of 50 and 60 vol.% and varying porous layer thickness. The data from the finite element modelling includes calculated effective piezoelectric and dielectric properties for barium titanate with sandwich layer porosity of 0 to 60 vol.%...

Dataset for 'Manufacture and characterization of porous ferroelectrics for piezoelectric energy harvesting applications'

James Roscow, John Taylor & Chris R. Bowen
Experimental data consisting of the piezoelectric strain coefficient, relative permittivity and energy harvesting figure of merit measured from barium titanate with 5 - 72 vol.% porosity formed via the burned out polymer spheres method.

Data for Quantitative characterisation of imaging fibres

Harry Wood
Images, code and data used to produce the figures in the paper Quantitative characterisation of imaging fibres.

Dataset for \"Effectiveness of design codes for life cycle energy optimisation\"

John Orr, Ana Bras & Tim Ibell
Dataset for the paper Effectiveness of design codes for life cycle energy optimisation This dataset includes the raw data from the online survey undertaken in October 2015 and analysed in the journal paper “Effectiveness of design codes for life cycle energy optimisation” and published in Energy and Buildings. The data were collected via an online survey of 11 questions completed in October 2015. The data is provided in an Excel format and as a tab...

Strong Rotational Anisotropies Affect Nonlinear Chiral Metamaterials

Ventsislav Valev, David Hooper & Joel Collins
This is the Dataset for paper titled: Strong Rotational Anisotropies Affect Nonlinear Chiral Metamaterials Produced by David Hooper (d.c.hooper@bath.ac.uk) and Joel Collins (j.collins@bath.ac.uk)

Growth of GaN Epitaxial Films on Polycrystalline Diamond by Metal-organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy

Duncan Allsopp, Quanzhong Jiang & Christopher Bowen
Heat extraction is often essential to ensuring efficient performance of semiconductor devices and requires minimizing the thermal resistance between the functional semiconductor layers and any heat sink. This paper reports epitaxial growth of N-polar GaN films on polycrystalline diamond substrates of high thermal conductivity with metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy by using a SixC layer formed during deposition of polycrystalline diamond on a silicon substrate. The SixC layer acts to provide the necessary structure ordering information...

Branched ketone biofuels as blending agents for Jet-A1 aviation kerosene

Chris Chuck
The data for the fuel properties is given here. Each tab in the excel sheet gives a different fuel property. The same product codes as in the main manuscript are used.

Data for the publication: Reconfigurable superconducting vortex pinning potential for magnetic disks in hybrid structures

Estefani Marchiori
This dataset contains raw data and images from Marchiori, E. et al. Reconfigurable superconducting vortex pinning potential for magnetic disks in hybrid structures. Sci. Rep. 7, 45182; doi: 10.1038/srep45182 (2017).

Data Supporting \"Metadata for Research Data Discovery and Management\"

Lizz Jennings
This dataset contains the University of Bath research data metadata schema and mappings to other schemas (EPrints, DataCite, Pure, DDI and JSON-LD Google Datasets) used in the Research Data Archive.

How do children and their families react following a traumatic event?

Victoria Williamson & Sarah Halligan
Interview and questionnaire data of parent report of child trauma exposure in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.

Dataset for - Continuous Production of Cellulose Microbeads via Membrane Emulsification

James Coombs O'Brien
Primary data relevant to figures 3 and 4 in the quoted references (10.1021/acssuschemeng.7b00662). The data for figure 3 consists of laser scattering data expressed as volume percents consisting of three runs per sample. The data for figure 4 is mechanical compression data detailing the force required to compression a sample by a certain percentage.

Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-allylamine) (PNIPAM-co-ALA) nanospheres for the thermally triggered release of Bacteriophage K

Hollie Hathaway, Toby Jenkins, Khadija Ouadi, Patricia Pérez Esteban, Diana Alves, Mark Sutton & Jessica Bean
Due to the increased prevalence of resistant bacterial isolates which are no longer susceptible to antibiotic treatment, recent emphasis has been placed on finding alternative modes of treatment of wound infections. Bacteriophage have long been investigated for their antimicrobial properties, yet the utilization of phage therapy for the treatment of wound infections relies on a suitable delivery system. Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) (PNIPAM) is a thermally responsive polymer which undergoes a temperature dependent phase transition at a critical...

Data for \"An empirical assessment of sector-level exergy analysis\"

Sam Cooper
Detailed results relating to the study "An empirical assessment of sector-level exergy analysis": (i) Comparison of strength of relationship between energetic improvement potential and historic efficiency improvement in industrial sectors with strength of relationship between exergetic improvement potential and historic efficiency improvement; (ii) Comparison between exergy consumed directly by sectors and that embodied in their inputs; (iii) Comparison between exergy efficiency improvement and exergy productivity improvement of sectors.

Data from \"A bodipy based hydroxylamine sensor\"

Tony D. James & Adam C. Sedgwick
This repository contains the experimental data discussed in the manuscript. Including, 1H NMR, 13C NMR (FID and PDF) and Mass Spectra for all the intermediates (A-H); probe 1; the hydroxylamine nitrone cyclic product; N-Methylhydroxylamine cyclic product; N,O,-BocHydroxylamine alkyne and N-Hydroxylamine alkyne. Fluorescence analysis data of probe 1 including the hydroxylamine titration curve; selectivity data against other hydroxylamines; amines and amino acids, Fluorescence intensity changes for probe 1 as a function of time with increasing concentrations...

Dataset for 'Mid-infrared 1 Watt continuous wave hollow-core fiber gas laser source'

Fei Yu
This dataset contains all data and program code underlying the results presented in the paper of 'Mid-infrared 1 Watt continuous wave hollow-core fiber gas laser source'. In the paper, we report the characteristics of a 1 Watt hollow-core fiber gas laser, emitting continuous-wave in the mid-infrared. Our system is based on an acetylene-filled hollow-core optical fiber, guiding with low losses at both the pump and laser wavelengths and operating in the single-pass ASE regime. By...

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