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Supplement for \"Me vs. Super(wo)man: Effects of Customization and Identification in a VR Exergame\"

Zoe Jeffery, Jordan Koulouris, James Best, Christof Lutteroth & Eamonn O'Neill
This supplement describes an approach that can be used to create an “enhanced“ avatar based on a) a realistic, current avatar (R) and b) an idealised, desired future avatar (I) of a user. The aim of the approach is to create avatars that reflect “enhancements” of the realistic avatar along a realistic trajectory. The realistic avatar is used as a starting point, and the idealised avatar as a “goal”.

Dataset for \"Effect of plain versus sugar-sweetened breakfast on energy balance and metabolic health: A randomised crossover trial\"

Harriet Carroll
The dataset contains data for the study investigating the effect of 3-weeks high (SWEET) versus low (PLAIN) sugar breakfast on energy balance, metabolic health, and appetite. 29 healthy adults (22 women) completed this randomised crossover study. Participants had pre- and post-intervention appetite, health and body mass outcomes measured, and recorded diet, appetite (visual analogue scales) and physical activity for 8 days during each intervention. Interventions were 3-weeks iso-energetic SWEET (30% by weight added sugar; average...

Dataset for 'PrFeO3 photocathodes prepared through spray pyrolysis'

Emma Freeman, Santosh Kumar, Sophie Thomas, Hayley Pickering, David J. Fermin & Salvador Eslava
PrFeO3 (PFO) has been shown to be an active photochemical water reduction in slurry reactors, but has yet to be shown as a photocathode for photoelectrochemical water reduction, to the best of our knowledge. The work herein describes the fabrication of active PFO photocathodes through a spray pyrolysis method with subsequent calcination at 500, 600 and 700˚C. The films were prepared on fluorine-doped tin oxide aluminoborosilcate glass for the application of solar water reduction. This...

Dataset for \"Robotic microscopy for everyone: the OpenFlexure Microscope\"

Joel Collins, Joe Knapper & Richard Bowman
This dataset contains microscopy images collected to demonstrate imaging capabilities of the OpenFlexure Microscope. Images for bright-field transmission and reflection, polarisation contrast, and fluorescence imaging are provided. A set of images obtained from a large tile scan are provided, along with the Microsoft Image Composite Editor file used for tiling.

Dataset for \"Flat-field and colour correction for the Raspberry Pi camera module\"

Richard Bowman, Julian Stirling, Joel Collins & Boyko Vodenicharski
This repository contains the hardware (OpenSCAD/STL files) and build instructions, software (Python scripts and Arduino firmware), data analysis (iPython notebook), and manuscript describing how to calibrate the colour response of a Raspberry Pi camera module. It also includes the calibration images acquired during the preparation of the work.

Dataset for \"Identifying Data Sharing and Reuse with Scholix – Potentials and Limitations\"

Nushrat Khan
The dataset contains data for testing the Scholexplorer API (https://scholexplorer.openaire.eu/) based on the Scholix (Scholarly Link eXchange) framework, link to Python code for testing, and data collected from the API using the code developed. Data was collected in two phases for testing purpose - in September and November 2019. Output data include DOI and metadata (title, author name, publisher name) for datasets associated with University of Bath research outputs.

Dataset for ‘“Hot Edges” in Inverse Opal Structure Enable Efficient CO2 Electrochemical Reduction and Sensitive in-situ Raman Characterization’

Lukas Ohnoutek & Ventsislav Valev
This dataset contains the results of finite difference time domain (FDTD) calculations of electromagnetic fields and charge density near/on a surface with an inverse opal structure, and the results of COMSOL Multiphysics simulations of the same structure. The calculations were performed in Lumerical FDTD and COMSOL Multiphysics software. The results support the publication "“Hot Edges” in Inverse Opal Structure Enable Efficient CO2 Electrochemical Reduction and Sensitive in-situ Raman Characterization".

Early examples of the ionic capital

Mark Wilson Jones, Paul Richens, Georg Herdt & The Scan Team Ltd
The dataset originated in a study of the early development of the Ionic capital, which was particularly concerned with the relationship between the elongate Cycladic form and the more symmetrical and eventually dominant Ionian. In the course of the study a number of exemplars were surveyed by laser scanning, and reconstructed digitally using a parametric surface modeller. Both the surveyed and the reconstructed forms were prepared in formats suitable for 3D reproduction by rapid prototyping....

Dataset for \"Antagonistic Mixing in Micelles of Amphiphilic Polyoxometalates and Hexaethylene Glycol Monododecyl Ether\"

Andi Di, Julien Schmitt, Kun Ma, Marcelo Alves Da Silva, Naomi Elstone, Najet Mahmoudi, Peixun Li, Adam Washington, Zi Wang, John Errington & Karen Edler
The dataset contains ASCII files for the following: - Small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) curves and fits for mixtures (mole ratios: 3:1, 1:1 and 1:3) containing polyoxometalate-headed surfactant(P2W17-2Cn, n= 12, 14, 16 and 18) and hydrogenated hexaethylene glycol monododecyl ether (C12EO6) as a function of surfactant total concentrations. Solutions are prepared in two different solvents: deuterium dioxide, 7:3 deuterium dioxide and H2O mixture. - SANS curves and fits for mixtures containing P2W17-2Cn surfactant (n = 12...

Underreporting of drug industry payments to patient organisations in the UK (2012-2016)

Piotr Ozieranski, Marcell Csanadi, Emily Rickard & Shai Mulinari
This online dataset comprises web supplements (WS) accompanying the paper entitled “An underreported relationship: a comparative study of pharmaceutical industry and patient organisation payment disclosures in the UK (2012-2016)”. The dataset includes aggregated information from 1. yearly disclosure reports published by 63 UK-based drug companies including payments made to patient organisations; 2. yearly financial accounts produced by 200 UK-based charities and published on charity regulator websites. The data is divided into web supplements 3-20 which...

Dataset for \"Indoor environment quality and work performance in ‘green’ office buildings in the Middle East\"

Rana Elnaklah
This data was collected from 13 office buildings in Amman Jordan. It covers five green 'LEED' buildings and eight conventional buildings. The dataset includes the following: 1. Objective data of four thermal conditions indicators (air temperature, mean radiant temperature, relative humidity and air speed) and an indoor air quality indicator: carbon dioxide concentration level. 2. Subjective data include the post-occupancy evaluation (POE) and absenteeism and presenteeism data. 3. Thermal comfort indicators included thermal sensation votes,...

Dataset for \"Battle for Britain: Analyzing Events as Drivers of Political Tribalism in Twitter Discussions of Brexit”

Samantha North, Lukasz Piwek & Adam Joinson
In this study, we investigate how Brexit tribalism has unfolded over time on Twitter. The dataset contains a corpus of tweets posted to Twitter during a period of 32 months following the 2016 UK European Union membership referendum. The tweets were selected as a result of searching for keywords: firstly for "Brexiteer" and "Remainer" and secondly for "Brextremist" and "Remoaner". The CSV file in this dataset contains both sets of results. There are two columns...

Dataset for \"The design and delivery of a workshop to support curriculum development, education for sustainability and students as partners: Sustainability in your curriculum – identify, improve, inspire!\"

Karen Angus-Cole, Robert Eaton & Matthew Dawes
These resources form part of an off-the-shelf workshop that challenges participants to reconsider their understanding of sustainability and to recognise its vast scope. Subsequently, participants are better able to identify sustainability concepts already embedded within their course, as well as contribute to curriculum design discussions in terms of embedding sustainability. The resources include the workshop PowerPoint, a facilitation guide and two print-in-advance resources.

Dataset for \"The effect of acute citalopram on self-referential emotional processing and social cognition in healthy volunteers\"

Catherine Hobbs, Susannah E Murphy, Lucy Wright, James Carson, Van Assche Indra, Jessica O'Brien, Mayowa Oyesanya, Jie Sui, Marcus R Munafo, David Kessler, Catherine J Harmer & Katherine Button
This dataset is for a study examining whether acute administration of citalopram is associated with an increase in positive affective learning biases about the self and increases in prosocial behaviour. 41 healthy volunteers were randomised to either an acute 20 mg dose of citalopram (n = 20) or matched placebo (n = 21) in a between-subjects double-blind design. Participants completed computer-based cognitive tasks designed to measure referential affective processing, social cognition and expression of prosocial...

Dataset for \"Variations in non-locking screw insertion conditions generate unpredictable changes to achieved fixation tightness and stripping rates\"

James Fletcher, Verena Neumann, Lisa Wenzel, Boyko Gueorguiev, R. Geoff Richards, Richie Gill, Michael R. Whitehouse & Ezio Preatoni
This dataset contains the tightness, as a percentage of the maximum, for the insertion of 3.5 mm stainless steel screws for the different parameters tested, or if the screw hole was stripped on insertion, the tightness is recorded as 'stripped'.

Wind Tool

David Coley & Noorullah Kuchai
This tool is designed to help you estimate the pull resistance required of the footing of a shelter to help the shelter survive a storm. Inside the tool (README tab) you will find some tips on how to make shelters more able to resist high winds, and we recommend you read it before using this tool. Armed with this information, you will be able to complete a pull resistance test as outlined in the supporting...

Dataset for ShelTherm

Manuela de Castro, David Coley, Sukumar Natarajan & Noorullah Kuchai
The dataset includes the ShelTherm files used to validate the thermal model with the seven prototypes in the refugee camp of Azraq (Case 01), against ISO 13792 (Case 02) and in other climates (Case 03). It also includes the Energy+ files for Case 01 and Case 03, the Admittance Method file for Case 01. The dataset of the monitored shelters at Azraq camp and outdoor temperatures are included in Case 01.

Dataset for \"Adjusting organic load as a strategy to direct single-stage food waste fermentation from anaerobic digestion to chain elongation\"

Vicky De Groof, Marta Coma Bech, David Leak, Tom Arnot & Ana Lanham
This dataset includes the results summary from a lab-scale bioreactor experiment as discussed in the research paper with the same name, published at Processes MDPI (De Groof, V.; Coma, M.; Arnot, T.C.; Leak, D.J.; Lanham, A.B. Adjusting Organic Load as a Strategy to Direct Single-Stage Food Waste Fermentation from Anaerobic Digestion to Chain Elongation. Processes 2020, 8, 1487.). The study comprised two operational phases of duplicate reactors fed with food waste, each set to target...

ShelTherm: A Simple Shelter Thermal Design Assistant

Noorullah Kuchai, Sukumar Natarajan, David Coley, Manuela Castro, Daniel Fosas, Kemi Adeyeye, Francis Moran & Zu Wang
This is a tool and a physics-based model (ShelTherm) of the heat transfer and air flows through simple structures. A state of the art heat transfer (balance) method is encapsulated within the tool designed to be used by humanitarian staff. The only input is a very simple description of the shelter, and the output being the time series of internal and external temperatures over an example summer and winter day. It is important to note...

Dataset for \"Comparison of the within-reader and inter-vendor agreement of left ventricular circumferential strains and volume indices derived from cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging\"

Andrew Cookson, Doyin Odunmbaku-Mansell, Katharine Fraser, Richie Gill, Ascione Raimondo & Bruno Domenico
This dataset contains left ventricle endocardial contour data (and derived quantities) generated as part of a study to test the inter-user and inter-software repeatability of strain and volume measures of cardiac function. Seven users used two different software packages (ScanIP and OsiriX) to segment 30 short-axis MR images of a porcine heart, and repeated this twice. The same segmentation was also performed automatically using a third software, CVI42. Each instance of the data therefore contains...

Dataset for \"The OpenFlexure Block Stage: Sub-100 nm fibre alignment with a monolithic plastic flexure stage\"

Qingxin Meng, Kerrianne Harrington, Julian Stirling & Richard Bowman
Data archive for "The OpenFlexure Block Stage: Sub-100 nm fibre alignment with a monolithic plastic flexure stage" by Qingxin Meng, Kerrianne Harrington, Julian Stirling, and Richard Bowman. This zip archive contains the following resources: - The data collection scripts used to characterise the mechanical performance of the OpenFlexure Block Stage. - The raw data generated by these scripts in hdf5 format. - The analysis scripts (iPython notebooks) used to analyse this data. - PDFs of...

Dataset for \"Filler size effect in an attractive fibrillated network: a structural and rheological perspective\"

Vincenzo Calabrese, Marcelo Alves Da Silva, Lionel Porcar, Saffron Bryant, Zakir Hossain, Janet L. Scott & Karen Edler
The dataset for "Filler size effect in an attractive fibrillated network: a structural and rheological perspective" contains data, in the form of excel and txt files, for the figures shown in the main manuscript and the electronic supplementary information (ESI). Each excel sheet is specific for a set of data acquired utilising the same protocol. Rheological and scattering data are provided and specifications regarding each dataset can be found in the dataset description. This study...

Dataset for \"Cu/Ag Sphere Segment Void Array as Efficient Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Substrate for Detecting Individual Atmospheric Aerosol\".

Lukas Ohnoutek & Ventsislav Valev
This dataset contains the results of simulations of electromagnetic fields near the surface of a Cu/Ag sphere segment void array obtained using Lumerical FDTD software. The results support the publication "Cu/Ag Sphere Segment Void Array as Efficient Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Substrate for Detecting Individual Atmospheric Aerosol".

Dataset for \"Overheating Risk in Passivhaus Dwellings\"

Rachel Mitchell & Sukumar Natarajan
This dataset consists of hourly internal and daily external temperature data from 82 certified Passivhaus dwellings in the UK. The data can be used for calculating overheating risk and guaging how comfortable a home would be in the summer. This data come from 16 different sites and includes houses and flats. Some of the data is from the living room only, for other dwellings there were sensors in muitple rooms and these are indicated. As...

Dataset for \"Impact of wormlike micelles on nano and macroscopic structure of TEMPO-oxidized cellulose nanofibrils hydrogels\"

Marcelo Alves Da Silva, Vincenzo Calabrese, Julien Schmitt, Zakir Hossain, Saffron Bryant, Najet Mahmoudi, Janet L. Scott & Karen Edler
The data set contains ASCII files (comma delimited) for the following: - Small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) curves and fits for cocamidopropyl betaine (CAPB), cocamidopropylamine oxide (CAPOx) and sodium lauroyl sarcosinate (SLS) as a function of the surfactant concentration in sodium chloride (NaCl) 1wt% in 100% heavy water (deuterium oxide, D2O). - SANS curves and fits for CAPB/sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS), CAPOx/SDS and CAPB/SLS as a function of the surfactant concentration in NaCl 1wt% in 100%...

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