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Research data supporting the publication \"Extreme flood disturbance effects on multiple dimensions of river ecosystem stability\"

Alexander Milner & Lawrence Eagle
Macroinvertebrates using 10 reps of a Surber sampler 0.1 m2 The following people helped with collecting samples; Leonie Clitherow, Mike McDermott, Jess Picken, Anne Robertson, Svein Sonderland and Amanda Veal,

Soil Profile Pit at BIFoR-FACE, Norbury Junction, Staffordshire

John Hollis & Bob Jones
Manual, visual inspection

Research data supporting the publication \"Earthquake resistance of high-rise buildings using LRB isolators and VE dampers\"

Hamza Amaidia
Using ETABS to construct the high-rise structural model. Microsoft Excel used to further analyse obtained results. Collection period: November 2020-May 2021

Research data supporting the publication \"Gold(I)-Catalyzed Synthesis of 3‑Sulfenyl Pyrroles and Indoles by a Regioselective Annulation of Alkynyl Thioethers\"

Peter E. Simm, Prakash Sekar & Paul Davies

Regional Stakeholders Workshops Sessions and Interviews Transcripts

Raquel Ortega-Argilés, Chloe Billing, Deniz Sevinc & Philip McCann
The data was collected by recording the videos of workshop sessions and a series of interviews after the workshops

Research data supporting the publication \"Effect of Molecule Structure on Electrochemical Phase Behavior of Phospholipid Bilayers on Au(111)\"

Phillip N. Jemmett, David Costa Milan, Richard Nichols, Liam Cox & Sarah Horswell

Research data supporting the publication \"Evaluation of Ga0.2Li6.4Nd3Zr2O12 garnets: exploiting dopant instability to create a mixed conductive interface to reduce interfacial resistance for all solid state batteries\"

Mark Stockham, Bo Dong, Matthew James, Yongliand Li, Yulong Ding, Emma Kendrick & Peter Slater
The next major leap in energy storage is thought to arise from a practical implementation of all solid-state batteries, which remain largely confined to the small scale due to issues in manufacturing and mechanical stability. Lithium batteries are amongst the most sought after, for the high expected energy density and improved safety characteristics, however the challenge of finding a suitable solid-state electrolyte remains. Lithium rich garnets are prime contenders as electrolytes, owing to their high...

Research data supporting the publication \"Halogenation of Li7La3Zr2O12 Solid Electrolytes: A Combined Solid-State NMR, Computational and Electrochemical Study\"

Bo Dong, Abby Haworth, Stephen Yeandel, Mark Stockham, Matthew James, Jingwei Xiu, Dawei Wang, Pooja Goddard, Karen Johnston & Peter Slater

Research data supporting \"Probing heavy metal binding to phycobiliproteins\"

Jeddidiah Bellamy-Carter, Jaspreet Sound & Aneika C. Leney

CORTEX Automotive Radar and Video with GPS/IMU Ground Truth Dataset from Trials at MIRA Test Track - Run4

Sukhjit Pooni

Data to accompany \"Native ambient mass spectrometry of intact protein assemblies directly from Escherichia coli colonies\"

Helen Cooper

Data that was used in the publication, Methanolysis of Poly(lactic acid) Using Catalyst Mixtures and the Kinetics of Methyl Lactate Production

Fabio Lamberti

Research data supporting the publication “High-Q 100 GHz Photonic Crystal Resonator Fabricated from a Cyclic Olefin Copolymer”

Milan Salek & Stephen Hanham

Data for \"Generation of optical potentials for ultracold atomsusing a superluminescent diode\"

Aaron Smith, Thomas Easton, Giovanni Barontini & Vera Guarrera

Data Supporting HEavy Precipitation forecast Post-processing over India (HEPPI)

Michael Angus & Martin Widmann

Research data supporting \"The Missing N1 or Jittered P2: Electrophysiological Correlates of Pattern-Glare in the Time and Frequency Domai\"n

Austyn Tempesta, Claire E. Miller, Vladimir Litvak, Howard Bowman & Andrew Schofield

Research data supporting 'A comparative study of resilience in survivors of conflict-related sexual violence: New directions for transitional justice'

Janine Natalya Clark

The DARCC approximation model

Joey Lim

COSMOS dataset for co-existence/ interference analysis and simultaneous scene representation by automotive radar and video with GPS/IMU ground truth - Sub-Dataset C

Anum Pirkani, Sukhjit Pooni, Scott Cassidy, Edward Hoare, Emidio Marchetti, Marina Gashinova & Mikhail Cherniakov

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