74 Works

Digital Files supporting the PhD thesis: \"A Collection of Musical Works Composed by the use of Computer Music Applications and Technology\"

Georgios Nikolopoulos

Research data supporting the publication \"Native mass spectrometry imaging of proteins and protein complexes by nano-DESI\"

Helen Cooper

Precision branching ratio measurements in 18O

Stuart Pirrie, Carl Wheldon, Tzany Kokalova Wheldon, Jack Bishop, Thomas Faestermann, Ralf Hertenberger, Sam Bailey, Neil Curtis, Daniele Dell'Aquila, Daniele Mengoni & Robin Smith

Research data supporting 'A comparative study of resilience in survivors of conflict-related sexual violence: New directions for transitional justice'

Janine Natalya Clark

Data Supporting HEavy Precipitation forecast Post-processing over India (HEPPI)

Michael Angus & Martin Widmann

Data for \"Generation of optical potentials for ultracold atomsusing a superluminescent diode\"

Aaron Smith, Thomas Easton, Giovanni Barontini & Vera Guarrera

Securing technology-critical metals for Britain

Allan Walton, Paul Anderson, Gavin Harper, Vicky Mann, John Beddington, Andy Abbott, Andrew Bloodworth, Dave OudeNijeweme, Emma Schofield, Frances Wall, Neil Glover, Rob Chaddock, Robert Gross, Robert Lee, Robin Grimes, Rupert Lewis, Vernon Gibson, Paul McGuiness & Romana Ogrin

Research data supporting \"The Missing N1 or Jittered P2: Electrophysiological Correlates of Pattern-Glare in the Time and Frequency Domai\"n

Austyn Tempesta, Claire E. Miller, Vladimir Litvak, Howard Bowman & Andrew Schofield

Research data supporting the publication “Digital twins for managing railway maintenance and resilience”

Sakdirat Kaewunruen, Jessada Sresakoolchai & Yi-hsuan Lin

Research data to accompany \"Simultaneous spatial, conformational, and mass analysis of intact proteins and protein assemblies by nano-DESI travelling wave ion mobility mass spectrometry imaging\"

Helen Cooper

Research data supporting the publication \"Liquid extraction surface analysis mass spectrometry of ESKAPE pathogens\"

Helen Cooper

Research data supporting ” Interpretation of Wide Range Particulate Matter Size Distributions in Delhi”

Roy Harrison & Ulku Alver Sahin

Rapid cyanobacteria species identification with high sensitivity using native mass spectrometry

Jaspreet Sound, Anna Peters, Jeddidiah Bellamy-Carter, Cecilia Rad-Menendez, Karen MacKechnie, David Green & Aneika C. Leney

Data to accompany \"Native ambient mass spectrometry imaging of ligand-bound and metal-bound proteins in rat brain\"

Helen Cooper

Research data supporting the publication \"Quantum sensing for gravity cartography\"

Michael Holynski & Ben Stray

Research data supporting the publication \"Gold-Catalyzed Intermolecular Alkyne Oxyarylation for C3 Functionalization of Benzothiophenes\"

Paige Rist
Data collected using instrumentation in the School of Chemistry Centre for Chemical and Materials Analysis. Collection period 20 September 2017 to 30 November 2020

Research data supporting the publication \"Gold(I)-Catalyzed Synthesis of 3‑Sulfenyl Pyrroles and Indoles by a Regioselective Annulation of Alkynyl Thioethers\"

Peter E. Simm, Prakash Sekar & Paul Davies

Regional Stakeholders Workshops Sessions and Interviews Transcripts

Raquel Ortega-Argilés, Chloe Billing, Deniz Sevinc & Philip McCann
The data was collected by recording the videos of workshop sessions and a series of interviews after the workshops

Research data supporting the publication \"Earthquake resistance of high-rise buildings using LRB isolators and VE dampers\"

Hamza Amaidia
Using ETABS to construct the high-rise structural model. Microsoft Excel used to further analyse obtained results. Collection period: November 2020-May 2021

East Africa PM air quality data 2018-2019

Francis Pope & Ajit Singh

76-81 GHz Millimeter Wave Radar Sea Surface and Maritime Target Measurements

Liam Daniel, Dillon Kumar, Edward Hoare, Andy Stove & Marina Gashinova

Image of Electric Vehicle Motor Disassembly Challenges

Gavin Harper, Malik Degri, Muhammed Awais & Allan Walton

Research data supporting the publication \"Liquid extraction surface analysis mass spectrometry of ESKAPE pathogens\"

Helen Cooper

Political Agreements in Internal Conflicts (PAIC) Dataset and Codebook

Giuditta Fontana, Argyro Kartsonaki, Natascha Neudorfer, Dawn Walsh, Stefan Wolff & Crystalla Yakinthou

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