418 Works

Fatigue Assessment Method for prestressed concrete sleeper

Chayut Ngamkhanong

Altered thalamocortical and intra-thalamic functional connectivity during light sleep compared to wake

Andrew Bagshaw & Joanne Hale

3D morphological reconstruction of oligodendrocyte precursor cells

Daniel Fulton

Effectiveness of Different Transition Metal Dispersed Catalysts for In-Situ Heavy Oil Upgrading

Abdullah Almarshed, Abarasi Hart, Gary Leeke, Malcolm Greaves & Joseph Wood

BiSON - all sites - 1995 to 2014 - performance check

Steven J. Hale

Data for \"Generation of optical potentials for ultracold atomsusing a superluminescent diode\"

Aaron Smith, Thomas Easton, Giovanni Barontini & Vera Guarrera

Data Supporting HEavy Precipitation forecast Post-processing over India (HEPPI)

Michael Angus & Martin Widmann

Research data supporting \"The Missing N1 or Jittered P2: Electrophysiological Correlates of Pattern-Glare in the Time and Frequency Domai\"n

Austyn Tempesta, Claire E. Miller, Vladimir Litvak, Howard Bowman & Andrew Schofield

Research data supporting 'A comparative study of resilience in survivors of conflict-related sexual violence: New directions for transitional justice'

Janine Natalya Clark

Modelling and Parameter Estimation of Breakthrough Curves for Amine-modified Activated Carbons under Pre-Combustion Carbon Capture Conditions

Rebeca Azpiri Solares, Douglas Soares dos Santos, Andrew Ingram & Joseph Wood
Datafile containing data from Figures 2-4,6-8, e.g. breakthrough curves, parameter estimation, sensitivity analysis and data from Supplementary information including Langmuir fits to HPVA adsorption data

Another test title

Patricia Herterich

Vitamin D Screening in Crohn's Disease: a current practice survey

Jane Fletcher
Introduction: It is generally recognised that patients with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) are at high risk of developing vitamin D deficiency with the highest prevalence often reported in those with Crohn’s Disease (CD). Currently there is no UK national recommendation to monitor vitamin D levels in patients with CD. However, there is continued interest in the detection and treatment of vitamin D deficiency as part of CD management. Objective: Identify self-reported practice and influences on...

Gas+Particle Engine Emissions Data

Mohammed S. Alam & Roy Harrison

Supporting data: Drone-based mapping improves spatial representation of riparian tree shading in river temperature models

Stephen J. Dugdale, Iain A. Malcolm & David M. Hannah

Birmingham's services evidence map dataset

Joanne Leach

The DARCC approximation model

Joey Lim

COSMOS dataset for co-existence/ interference analysis and simultaneous scene representation by automotive radar and video with GPS/IMU ground truth - Sub-Dataset C

Anum Pirkani, Sukhjit Pooni, Scott Cassidy, Edward Hoare, Emidio Marchetti, Marina Gashinova & Mikhail Cherniakov

COSMOS dataset for co-existence / interference analysis and simultaneous scen representation by automotive radar and video with GPS/IMU ground truth

Anum Pirkani, Sukhjit Pooni, Scott Cassidy, Edward Hoare, Emidio Marchetti, Marina Gashinova & Mikhail Cherniakov

Data supporting \"Effects of hydration on the conformational behaviour of flexible molecules with two charge centres\"

Helen Abbott, John Hey, Melanie Britton & Roy Johnston

Research data supporting \"Evaluation of the effect of site substitution of Pr doping in the Lithium garnet system Li5La3Nb2O12\"

Mark Stockham, Bo Dong, Li Yongliang, Ding Yulong & Peter Slater

Research data supporting \"Operando visualisation of battery chemistry and dendrite formation in a sodium ion battery by 23Na MRI\"

Melanie Britton, Claire Doswell, Josh Bray, Galina Pavlovskaya, Emma Kendrick, Brij Kishore, Lin Chen, Maria-Magdalene Titirici, Heather Au, Hande Alptekin & Thomas Meersmann
Data for the figures in the manuscript and supplementary information.

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