412 Works

Research data supporting \"Effects of short-term graded dietary carbohydrate intake on intramuscular and whole-body metabolism during moderate-intensity exercise\"

Gareth Anthony Wallis

RITICS Catch Me If You Can Dataset

Richard Thomas, Joseph Gardiner, Tom Chothia, Awais Rashid, Emmanouil Samanis & Joshua Perrett
Automatic scraping and parsing of ICS-CERT advisories, extraction of data values and cross-referencing NIST NVD CVEs and MITRE CWEs.

Research data supporting publication \"Phase separation and collapse in almost density matched depletion induced colloidal gels in presence and absence of air bubbles: an MRI imaging study.\"

Emma S. Thompson, Marc Declercq, Pieter Saveyn, Vincenzo Guida, Eric S.J. Robles & Melanie Britton

Data supporting the publication \"Coherence time of a cold-atom laser below threshold\"

Jonathan Goldwin

Transcriptions and apparatus of Greek manuscripts of 2 Thessalonians

Grant Edwards

NCI Spectal data for PLOS One 'Machine learning utilising spectral derivative data improves cellular health classification through hyperspectral infra-red spectroscopy' publication

Ben Mellors & Hamid Dehghani

Research data supporting 'Ethyl lactate production from the catalytic depolymerisation of post-consumer poly(lactic acid)'

Luis Antonio Román-Ramírez, Mark Powders, Paul McKeown, Matthew Jones & Joseph Wood

Research data supporting ”Stimulation of oceanic phytoplankton growth by ship emitted particles”

Zongbo Shi

LAMMPS code for \"Simulation of Pandemics in Real-cities: Enhanced and Accurate Digital-labs\"

Alessio Alexiadis

Palaeontological and Geochemical data supporting \"Raine et al, 2020. Uppermost Triassic to Lower Jurassic stratigraphy in the Lough Foyle Basin of Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association\"

Robert Raine, Ian Boomer, Jim Fenton, Azrin Azmi & Philip Copestake

Research data supporting \"Distinct chemical and mineralogical composition of Icelandic dust compared to Northern African and Asian dust\"

Clarissa Baldo

Research Data Supporting the publication \"On the Dependency of Atlantic Hurricane and European Windstorm Hazards\"

Michael Angus & Gregor C. Leckebusch

Research data supporting ” Source Apportionment of Carbonaceous Aerosols in Beijing with Radiocarbon and Organic Tracers: Insight into the Differences between Urban and Rural Sites”

Roy Harrison, Siqi Hou & Jingsha Xu

Research data supporting the publication \"Detection of human auditory evoked brain signals with a resilient nonlinear optically pumped\" magnetometer

Anna Kowalczyk, Yulia Bezsudnova, Ole Jensen & Giovanni Barontini

Research data supporting the publication \"Native mass spectrometry imaging of proteins and protein complexes by nano-DESI\"

Helen Cooper

Digital Files supporting the PhD thesis: \"A Collection of Musical Works Composed by the use of Computer Music Applications and Technology\"

Georgios Nikolopoulos

Precision branching ratio measurements in 18O

Stuart Pirrie, Carl Wheldon, Tzany Kokalova Wheldon, Jack Bishop, Thomas Faestermann, Ralf Hertenberger, Sam Bailey, Neil Curtis, Daniele Dell'Aquila, Daniele Mengoni & Robin Smith

Research data supporting the publication \"Liquid extraction surface analysis mass spectrometry of ESKAPE pathogens\"

Helen Cooper

APHH-Beijing Clean AIr for Health: how to protect yourself

Zongbo Shi, Miranda Loh, Chantal Jackson & Dabo Guan

Research data Word2Vec Models-Experiment2

Jizheng Wan

Research data supporting the publication “Digital twins for managing railway maintenance and resilience”

Sakdirat Kaewunruen, Jessada Sresakoolchai & Yi-hsuan Lin

Research data to accompany \"Simultaneous spatial, conformational, and mass analysis of intact proteins and protein assemblies by nano-DESI travelling wave ion mobility mass spectrometry imaging\"

Helen Cooper

Securing technology-critical metals for Britain

Allan Walton, Paul Anderson, Gavin Harper, Vicky Mann, John Beddington, Andy Abbott, Andrew Bloodworth, Dave OudeNijeweme, Emma Schofield, Frances Wall, Neil Glover, Rob Chaddock, Robert Gross, Robert Lee, Robin Grimes, Rupert Lewis, Vernon Gibson, Paul McGuiness & Romana Ogrin

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