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Research data supporting the publication \"The duality between particle methods and artificial neural networks\"

Alessio Alexiadis

Urban design for air quality

Emma Ferranti, Joe Acton, A. Lindop, M. Wolstoncroft, U. P. Han, J. G. Levine, A. R. MacKenzie & N. Grayson

Research data supporting \"The role of alpha oscillations in temporal binding within and across the senses\"

Steffen Bürgers

Accompanying Data for \"The Vulgate Text of the Catholic Epistles. Its Language, Origin and Relationship with the Vetus Latina\"

Anna Persig

Multispectral Images of Codex Zacynthius

Roger Easton, Keith Knox & Michael Phelps
See further the description in https://research.birmingham.ac.uk/portal/files/102242218/Codex_Zacynthius_Catena_Palimpsest_Lectionary.pdf

Research data supporting the Baudelaire Song Project

Helen Abbott, Caroline Ardrey & Nina Rolland

Research data supporting \"Assessing the sources of particles at an urban background site using both regulatory instruments and low-cost sensors – A comparative study\"

Francis D. Pope & Dimitrios Bousiotis

Research data from BiSON SMMF

Eddie Ross

Evidence for the commission on race and ethnic disparities

David Gillborn, Kalwant Bhopal, Claire E. Crawford, Sean Demack, Reza Gholami, Karl Kitching, Dina Kiwan & Paul Warmington

CORTEX Automotive Radar and Video with GPS/IMU Ground Truth Dataset from Trials at MIRA Test Track - Run1

Sukhjit Pooni, Scott Cassidy & Marina Gashinova

Research data supporting the publication \"A multiobjective decision-making approach for modelling robotic disassembly for sustainable remanufacturing\"

Natalia Hartono, F. Javier Ramirez & Duc Pham

A passive compliant Gough-Whitehall-Stewart mechanism for peg-hole disassembly - Numerical Validation Model

Joey Lim

GATE Simulations for Benchmarking PEPT Algorithms

Matthew Herald

Research data related to NeuralNetwork-Experiment2

Jizheng Wan

Research data supporting the publication of Synthesis of Borate-doped La10Ge6O27: Confirming the Presence of a Secondary Conduction Pathway

Matthiew S. James

Headwords in A Medicinal Dictonary (1743-45) by Doctor Robert James (1703-1776)

Alexander David Wright

Research data related to NeuralNetwork_Experiment1

Jizheng Wan

Research data Word2Vec_Experiment1

Jizheng Wan

Electronic Appendices to Simmonds, Anna L 2021 thesis 'Elucidating the structural consequences of phosphorylation by mass spectrometry, ion mobility and molecular modelling

Anna Simmonds & Helen Cooper

Discovering protein-protein interaction stabilisers by native mass spectrometry

Jeddidiah Bellamy-Carter, Manjari Mohata, Marta Falcicchio, Yusuke Higuchi, Richard Doveston & Aneika C. Leney
External institutions: University of Leicester, Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope

BIFoR FACE 2018 bioaerosols data

Aileen Baird, Francis Pope, Edward Bannister & Angus Robert MacKenzie

Research data for the project \"Towards a Collaborative Memory: German Memory Work in Transnational Context\"

Sara Jones
The matrices are presented in Excel allowing easy conversion to the data types used by most SNA software. Each collaboration is represented in the matrix by a +1. If two institutions or individuals collaborated more than once in the two-year period covered by a given matrix, then this is indicated by +2, +3 and so on. This allows the strength and frequency of the co-operation to be taken into account in the analysis.

Research data supporting publication \"Probing the influence of Zn and water on solvation and dynamics in ethaline and reline deep eutectic solvents by 1H nuclear magnetic resonance\"

Yasmeen AlZahrani & Melanie Britton
Data collection was using nuclear magnetic resonance. The nature of the data is listed in the readme file (and figure captions in the paper).

COSMOS dataset for co-existence/ interference analysis and simultaneous scene representation by automotive radar and video with GPS/IMU ground truth - Sub-Dataset D

Anum Pirkani, Sukhjit Pooni, Scott Cassidy, Edward Hoare, Emidio Marchetti, Marina Gashinova & Mikhail Cherniakov

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