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Mathematical modelling of the vitamin C clock reaction

Ryan Kerr, William Thomson & David Smith

Beyond the Book project: quantitative data and collateral documents for One Book, One Huntsville

Danielle Fuller, DeNel Rehberg Sedo, Anouk Lang & Lindsay Engel

An XML Synopsis of the Old Latin Manuscripts of John

P.H. Burton, J. Balserak, H.A.G. Houghton & D.C. Parker

An XML apparatus of the Majuscule Manuscripts of John

Ulrich B. Schmid & IGNTP International Greek New Testament Project

Degradation of a model epoxy resin by solvolysis routes

Geraldine Oliveux, Luke Dandy & Gary Leeke

SpectralAnalysis: software for the masses

Iain Styles

Jones-Roberts solitons: rarefaction pulses

Nadine Meyer & Harry Proud

Uncovering Coherence Effects in an Overdamped Quantum System

Yu-Hung Lien, Giovanni Barontini, Michael Scheucher, Matthias Mergenthaler, Jonathan Goldwin & Edward A. Hinds

Collective strong coupling of cold potassium atoms in a ring cavity

R Culver, A Lampis, B Megyeri, K Pahwa, L Mudarikwa, M Holynski, P Courteille & J Goldwin

BiSON - Atmospheric extinction coefficients in the Ic band - 1984 to 2016

Steven J. Hale

Family Impact of Meningitis dataset

Hareth Al-Janabi

Beyond the Book project: quantitative data and collateral documents for Canada Reads

Danielle Fuller, DeNel Rehberg Sedo, Anouk Lang & Lindsay Engel

Linear Taylor-Couette stability of a transversely isotropic fluid

CR Holloway, RJ Dyson & DJ Smith

University of Birmingham Jisc APC data collection 2017/18

Suzanne Atkins

Coarse-graining the fluid flow around a human sperm / supporting data

K Ishimoto, H Gadelha, E Gaffney, D Smith & J Kirkman-Brown

Finite element parametric study of reinforced concrete beams shear-strengthened with embedded FRP bars (dataset)

Michael Qapo, Samir Dirar & Yaser Jemaa
The deep embedment (DE) of fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) bars is a promising shear-strengthening scheme for existing concrete structures. In the current study, a three-dimensional nonlinear finite element (FE) model for DE-strengthened reinforced concrete beams was developed and validated. The FE and Concrete Society TR55 predictions were compared with published experimental results. The FE-predicted/experimental shear strength enhancement ratio is 1.08 with a standard deviation of 0.25, whereas the TR55-predicted/experimental shear strength enhancement ratio is 1.57 with...

Supplementary data for The Structures and Magnetic Properties of FexCo1 xSb2O4 and MnxCo1 xSb2O4, 0 ≤ x ≤ 1

James Cumby, Ben De Laune & Colin Greaves

Supporting data: Assessing the potential of drone-based thermal infrared imagery for quantifying river temperature heterogeneity

Stephen J. Dugdale, David M. Hannah & Iain A. Malcolm

LMO2 is required for TAL1 DNA binding activity and initiation of definitive haematopoiesis at the haemangioblast stage

Vesna Stanulovic, Pierre Cauchy, Salam Assi & Maarten Hoogenkamp

Health and wellbeing in the era of superdiversity

Antje Lindenmeyer

NMR/SAXS study of SDS/DDAO dish liquid

Melanie Britton, Emily Sumerton, Serafim Bakalis, Cecile Le Duff & Martin Hollamby

The Structure, Chemistry and Magnetic Properties of FePbBiO4

Ben De Laune, Frank Berry, Jose Marco, Sarah Horswell & Colin Greaves

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