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SMPS and HTDMA dataset for analysis of particle hygroscopicity

Tuan Vu & Roy M. Harrison
Hygroscopic properties of aerosols are an essential parameter to predict the roles of aerosols in cloud droplet formation and to estimate particle lung deposition. The objective of this study was to introduce a new approach to classify and predict the hygroscopic growth factors (Gf) of specific atmospheric sub-micrometre particle types in a mixed aerosol based on measurement of the ensemble hygroscopic growth factors and particle number size distribution (PNSD). PNSDs were measured in two intensive...

Investing in findability: observations and strategies

Paul Englefield & Russell Beale
This data was obtained during a quantitative study of Personal Information Management. It reports: how information workers manage their digital resources; how successful they are at retrieving those resources; and the personality and work patterns of those users. The results are broken down by resource type (for example final document and email) and retrieval context (access for use and reuse).

Dose-level toxicity and efficacy outcomes from dose-finding clinical trials in oncology

Kristian Brock, Victoria Homer, Gurjinder Soul, Claire Potter, Cody Chiuzan & Shing Lee
This dataset contains information on the outcomes observed at each dose-level in a large number of dose-finding clinical trials in oncology. These trials typically seek to identify a maximum tolerable dose or a recommended phase 2 dose. A common rule-based method for conducting such trials is the 3+3 algorithm. A common model-based alternative is the continual reassessment method (CRM). Each of these methods assumes that as dose is increased, the probabilities of toxicity and efficacy...

Graph- and finite element-based total variation models for the inverse problem in diffuse optical tomography

Iain Styles, Wenqi Lu & David Orive-Miguel

Perfusate Proteins Detected during Normothermic Machine Perfusion of Discarded Human Livers.

Barney Stephenson, Simon Afford & Lorraine Wallace
Perfusate proteins detected during Normothermic Machine Liver Perfusion of discarded human livers using proteomics. A total of 12 livers, grouped according to viability criteria, assessed across timepoints at the start, after 2 hours and the end of perfusion. Includes: Accession number; Description; Score; Coverage; Number of proteins; Number of unique peptides; Number of peptides; Number of PSMs; Number of amino acids; the molecular weight [kDa]; calc. pI.

Research data supporting the thesis: \"Using TraDIS to Probe the Model Organism Escherichia coli\"

Emily Goodall
Supplementary tables that accompany the thesis "Using TraDIS to Probe the Model Organism Escherichia coli" The tables include insertion index scores for each gene of E. coli, derived under different conditions or for different transposon mutant libraries.

CPC/SMPS/Nitrate CI-APi-ToF Measurements from the PI-ICE Campaign

Roy Harrison
Particle size and number data, as well as measurements taken with the aerodyne CI-APi-ToF of sulfuric acid, iodic acid, methanesulfonic acid and oxygenated organics for the PI-ICE campaign

Dataset WRF-LES UFP model London case

Xiaoming Cai, Roy M. Harrison, Jian Zhong & Angus Robert MacKenzie

Measurement of atmospheric scintillation at Observatorio del Teide, Iz̃ana, Tenerife

Steven Hale
This release represents all code and data supporting a paper submitted to Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (PASP).

Life Cycle Analysis of Biomass Derived Fuels for Fuel Cells - PhD Appendix

Sophie Alice Archer

Urban form strongly mediates the allometric scaling of airshed pollution concentrations

Rob MacKenzie
Data supporting the paper "Urban form strongly mediates the allometric scaling of airshed pollution concentrations" by A. R. MacKenzie, J. D. Whyatt, M. J. Barnes, G. Davies, and C. N. Hewitt

Combined experimental and computational study of Ce-doped La3Zr2Li7O12 garnet solid state electrolyte

Bo Dong, Stephen R. Yeandel, Pooja Goddard & Peter Slater
A Bruker D8 X-ray diffractometer (XRD) with CuKα radiation and linear position sensitive detector was used to collect X-ray diffraction data. Patterns were recorded over the 2θ range 15o to 80o with a 0.02o step size. The electrochemical stability of SS//LLZCO25//Li cell was tested by CV over the voltage range of -0.4 V to 4 V vs Li/Li+, with a scan rate of 1 mVs-1, using a Biologic SP150 potentiostat. The plating/stripping curves were recorded...

Data for publication entitled \"Subunit pI can influence protein complex dissociation characteristics\"

Aneika C. Leney
Mass spectrometry data of allophycocyanin and phycoerythrin

HOMS measured by APi-ToF in Beijing

James Brean & Roy Harrison

MISL Measurement Campaign at Alvie & Dalraddy Estates and University of Birmingham

Dominic Phippen, Liam Daniel & Marina Gashinova

Organic compounds in particulate matter from Beijing

Ruihe Lyu & Roy Harrison

London Campaign all Four Sites 2017

Roy Harrison & Ruixin Xu
Particulate matter originated from traffic has attracted major interest over the last few years. The semi-volatile organic component of the particles may evaporate with dispersion away from the emission source, creating vapour which may oxidise to form secondary organic aerosol. Air samples were collected from a street canyon, the adjacent park and an urban background site during the winter-spring period in central London, UK. Emissions of semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) and intermediate volatility organic compounds...

Adipocyte specific deletion of IL-6 does not attenuate obesity-induced weight gain or glucose intolerance in mice. Supplementary Data

Martin Whitham
Supplementary Figures 1 & 2

Introduction of sulfate to stabilize the n = 3 Ruddlesden-Popper system Sr4Fe3O10-δ, as a potential SOFC cathode

Abbey Jarvis, Frank Berry, Peter Slater & Jose F Marco
In this paper we report the successful incorporation of sulfate into the triple layer (n=3) Ruddlesden Popper system Sr4Fe3O10-δ, with characterisation of these materials by X-ray diffraction, Mössbauer spectroscopy, and conductivity measurements. Significantly, the incorporation of SO42- into the middle perovskite layer leads to the stabilization of this Ruddlesden Popper phase, which cannot be prepared without sulfate doping, thus highlighting the potential of oxyanion doping as a strategy to synthesise new phases of interest for...

Source Apportionment of Fine Organic Carbon

Xuefang Wu & Roy M. Harrison
Organic aerosol is known to be a major component of fine aerosols in China. This study was designed to investigate the seasonal characteristics and source apportionment of organic aerosols during both clean days and haze events. Time-resolved concentrations of carbonaceous aerosols and organic molecular tracers were measured at Pinggu, a rural site of Beijing during the winter of 2016 and summer 2017 within an intensive sampling campaign. The Chemical Mass Balance (CMB) receptor model was...

Peacekeeper-fathered Children in Haiti

Sabine Lee & Susan Bartels

Level 2 BIM Electrical 3D + data model

Ángel Gigante Barrera

Poly(lactic acid) Degradation into Methyl Lactate Catalyzed by a Well-Defined Zn(II) Complex

Luis Roman-Ramirez, Paul McKeown, Matthew Jones & Joseph Wood

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