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Research data supporting the publication \"How to modify LAMMPS from the prospective of a Particle method researcher\"

Andrea Albano & Alessio Alexiadis

Graph- and finite element-based total variation models for the inverse problem in diffuse optical tomography

Iain Styles, Wenqi Lu & David Orive-Miguel

Research data supporting the publication \"The duality between particle methods and artificial neural networks\"

Alessio Alexiadis

Using peridynamics and discrete multiphysics to study the effects of air voids and freezing water on the mechanical properties of asphalt

Danillo Sanfilippo, Ghiassi Bahman, Alessio Alexiadis & Alvaro Garcia Hernandez

Code for \"The virtual human gets nerves! How to account for the action of the autonomic nervous system in multiphysics simulations of human organs\"

Alessio Alexiadis

LAMMPS code for \"Simulation of Pandemics in Real-cities: Enhanced and Accurate Digital-labs\"

Alessio Alexiadis

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