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EM images of alpha-synuclein amyloid fibres incubated with chaperones

Jim MONISTROL & Helen Saibil
The dataset contains a file describing the images and 5 EM images acquired on a F20 microscope.

Face expertise and neural responses to face category and orientation

Inês Mares, Louise Ewing, Michael Papasavva, Emmanuel Ducrocq, Fraser W. Smith & Marie L. Smith
This dataset contains EEG measures taken from participants observing upright and inverted faces and upright houses. Here we collate averages of standard ERP components, the P100 and N170, and selected MVPA decoding measures. The data was collected to study how neural signals of face processing relate to a measure of face expertise (the Cambridge Face Memory task; also provided in the dataset).

Reduced data from XRR experiment at DLS as shown in The files contain three columns of data: q, reflectivity and error in reflectivity.

Katherine Thompson, Joanna Hemming, Justyna Szyroka, Thomas Arnold & Adrian Rennie
Reduced X-ray reflectivity data collected at I07, Diamond Light Source, as q, Reflectivity, error reflectivity. The sample was ovine or porcine lung surfactant spread at the air-water interface and exposed to low levels of ozone gas in molecular oxygen, the work is described in more detail in the publication: https://doi.org/10.1039/D2EA00032F

History Education and England’s Multicultural Society

Laura Marie Kearney
A survey of history teachers' experiences of teaching the national history curriculum (England).

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  • 2022

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