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Interview with Bairbre McDonagh recorded in Leeds on 25.06.2019

Ruth Beecher
Bairbre was born in Dublin in 1971 and grew up in Limerick, the second of four siblings. She describes how she was compared to her older sister and how both at school and at home she was made to feel not clever enough. Outside school she learned music and was good at sport. She reflects on family life and the role of her mother as homemaker. After her Leaving Certificate exams she attended Dublin Institute...

BrainTools Implementation

Georgia Lockwood Estrin & Supriya Bhavnani
Feasibility and Acceptability data for BrainTools toolit

Reduced data from XRR experiment at DLS as shown in The files contain three columns of data: q, reflectivity and error in reflectivity.

Katherine Thompson, Joanna Hemming, Justyna Szyroka, Thomas Arnold & Adrian Rennie
Reduced X-ray reflectivity data collected at I07, Diamond Light Source, as q, Reflectivity, error reflectivity. The sample was ovine or porcine lung surfactant spread at the air-water interface and exposed to low levels of ozone gas in molecular oxygen, the work is described in more detail in the publication: https://doi.org/10.1039/D2EA00032F

Basalt sand abrasion experiments

Charlie Bristow & Torsten Moller
Results of aeolian abrasion of basalt sands, including the amounts of dust collected, grain size data for sand samples (seived), grain size data for dust (Malver mastersizer).

Information processes of task-switching and modality-shifting across development

Anna Peng, Denis Mareschal & Natasha Z. Kirkham
Data for a cross-modal task-switching experiment published with the title: 'Information processes of task-switching and modality-shifting across development'. Mean reaction time and accuracy scores were recorded while participants took part in a novel computerised audio-visual task-switching and modality-switching task. Participants were 4-year-old, 6-year-olds and adults.

Set-Shifting and Place-Keeping as Separable Control Processes: Three experiments

Richard P Cooper, Catherine Byde, Roberto De Cecilio, Chelsea Fulks & Danila Morais
We present data from three experiments using a sequential binary choice task that explore the relationship between two proposed cognitive control functions: set-shifting and place-keeping (i.e., keeping track of one’s place within a sequential task). The task involves switching from one stimulus-response mapping to another across trials, according to a predefined sequence and in the face of occasional brief interruptions. Response-stimulus interval, interruption length and interrupting task were varied. In each study, response time, sequential...

Data files for \"Metal–silicate partitioning of W and Mo and the role of carbon in controlling their abundances in the Bulk Silicate Earth\", Jennings et al. (Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta)

E S Jennings, S A Jacobson, D C Rubie, Y Nakajima, A K Vogel, L A Rose-Weston & D J Frost
Supplementary tables S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6. These constitute the raw research data for the paper: "Metal–silicate partitioning of W and Mo and the role of carbon in controlling their abundances in the Bulk Silicate Earth" by Jennings et al. (Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta). Table S1: Details of methods Table S2: EPMA and LA-ICP-MS data for silicate and metal phases. See captions and paper for details. Table S3: Sources used for additional data used...

‘They’ve never been taught what feminism is’: the case for teaching feminism, gender issues, and related topics in school

Laura Stocker
Data collected for dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of MSc Gender, Sexuality & Society at Birkbeck, University of London, September 30, 2020. Interview transcripts with 4 participants aged 19-20 regarding their awareness of feminism and the #MeToo movement in British Columbia, Canada, and the extent to which these topics are taught or discussed by teachers in high school; and 1 high school teacher who incorporates teaching about feminist philosophy...

Interview with Dorothy Duffy in Twickenham, England recorded on 08.05.2018.

Ruth Beecher
Emily Moss interviewed her mother, Dorothy Duffy. Dorothy’s interview tells a story of growing up as the youngest of 10 children in a West of Ireland family where the experience of love, loyalty and fun were set against the backdrop of significant family dysfunction and conflict with her father. This is underscored with rich commentary on the impact and prevalence more broadly of the restrictive and oppressive influences of the catholic church. There is reference...

Data for Are two cues always better than one: The role of multiple intra-sensory cues compared to multi-cross-sensory cues in children’s incidental category learning

Hannah Broadbent & Tamsin Osborne
This is the data whose analysis is reported in the associated article that appeared in Cognition. It is essentially reaction time and accuracy data as well as age and gender information on the participants who took part in the study. See journal article for more detail.

History Education and England’s Multicultural Society

Laura Marie Kearney
A survey of history teachers' experiences of teaching the national history curriculum (England).

Underlying Data for Mutation Studies of the Gene Encoding YuiC, a Stationary Phase Survival Protein in Bacillus subtilis

Doris Huai Xia Quay, Sanjib Bhakta & Nicholas Herbert Keep
Excel spreadsheet of individual datapoints for Figure 7 Supplementary Figure 1 Paper Authors: Doris Quay Huai Xia, Amna Qureshi, Sanjib Bhakta & Nicholas H. Keep

Multidimensional Battery of Prosody Perception

Kyle Jasmin, Frederic Dick & Adam Tierney
Here we present auditory stimuli for the Multi-Dimensional Battery of Prosody Perception (MBOPP), a novel tool for the assessment of prosody perception. It consists of two subtests-- Linguistic Focus, which measures the ability to hear emphasis or sentential stress, and Phrase Boundaries, which measures the ability to hear where in a compound sentence one phrase ends, and another begins. Perception of individual acoustic dimensions (Pitch and Time) can be examined separately, and test difficulty can...

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Individual differences in dealing with classroom noise disturbances.

Jessica Massonnié, Denis Mareschal & Natasha Z. Kirkham
Data set analysed in the paper 'Individual differences in dealing with classroom noise disturbances'. Please see the Methods section of the paper for more information on the tasks and scoring procedures. This dataset is made available under the Licence Creative Commons: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0.

Interview with Ruth Beecher in Gipsy Hill, London, England 10.04.2018.

Ruth Beecher
Ruth Beecher was interviewed by her eldest daughter Amy. Ruth was born in Cork in 1968, the elder of two children. She describes secondary school, holidays in East Cork, and her social life as a teenager which included drinking underage in pubs and having house parties. Ruth talks about her parents’ difficult relationship. She describes her mother’s depression (following her own’s mother’s suicide when she was in her twenties) and hospitalisation for ‘a breakdown’ after...

Data on Well-being, Resilience and Foreign Language Teaching Enjoyment of teachers of Italian

Jean-Marc Dewaele
Data from 174 Italian as Foreign Language (FL) teachers based in Italy and abroad.

Dungeness beach GPR and topographic survey

Charlie Bristow, Lucy Buck & Inggrid Maria
Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) survey of shingle beach ridges at Dungeness, UK. Data collected using Pulse EKKO Pro GPR with 200 MHz antennas. There are 7 GPR profiles perpendicular to the coastline, Beach 1-7. They start next to the coast road and head towards the sea in 50m sections labelled A, B, C etc. The GPR data is in the .dt files while header data describing each file is .hd. Topographic data collected for static elevation...

Interview with Mary Heffernan recorded via Zencaster on 06.04.2021

Ruth Beecher
Mary talks about growing up in Terranure, Dublin in the 1980s. She describes her school life, the close female friendships and socialising she enjoyed as a teenager. She recalls many examples of how girls and boys were treated differently and describes how she learnt about sex, sexuality and contraception. Mary recalls meeting her husband and falling in love and the thrill of going to university at UCD. Her best friend Mark was gay and Mary...

Gillian Mezey interviewed by George Severs

George Severs
Gillian Mezey interviewed by by George Severs, 6th May 2022. Interviewed via Zoom (online). Audio recording. The interview discusses sexual abuse and rape, specifically male victims of rape, and Mezey's psychiatric work (alongside Michael King) in this field.

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