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Inhibitory control and counterintuitive science and maths reasoning in adolescence

Annie Brookman-Byrne, Denis Mareschal, Andrew Tolmie & Iroise Dumontheil
Summary measures on the following tasks: - WASI II IQ test (Vocabulary and Matrix Reasoning subtests) - Simple and Complex Go/No-Go task - Numerical Stroop task - Science and Maths misconceptions task In a sample of 90 participants aged 11 to 15 years old.

Basalt sand abrasion experiments

Charlie Bristow & Torsten Moller
Results of aeolian abrasion of basalt sands, including the amounts of dust collected, grain size data for sand samples (seived), grain size data for dust (Malver mastersizer).

Information processes of task-switching and modality-shifting across development

Anna Peng, Denis Mareschal & Natasha Z. Kirkham
Data for a cross-modal task-switching experiment published with the title: 'Information processes of task-switching and modality-shifting across development'. Mean reaction time and accuracy scores were recorded while participants took part in a novel computerised audio-visual task-switching and modality-switching task. Participants were 4-year-old, 6-year-olds and adults.

Set-Shifting and Place-Keeping as Separable Control Processes: Three experiments

Richard P Cooper, Catherine Byde, Roberto De Cecilio, Chelsea Fulks & Danila Morais
We present data from three experiments using a sequential binary choice task that explore the relationship between two proposed cognitive control functions: set-shifting and place-keeping (i.e., keeping track of one’s place within a sequential task). The task involves switching from one stimulus-response mapping to another across trials, according to a predefined sequence and in the face of occasional brief interruptions. Response-stimulus interval, interruption length and interrupting task were varied. In each study, response time, sequential...

Underlying Data for Mutation Studies of the Gene Encoding YuiC, a Stationary Phase Survival Protein in Bacillus subtilis

Doris Huai Xia Quay, Sanjib Bhakta & Nicholas Herbert Keep
Excel spreadsheet of individual datapoints for Figure 7 Supplementary Figure 1 Paper Authors: Doris Quay Huai Xia, Amna Qureshi, Sanjib Bhakta & Nicholas H. Keep

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