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flexiMAP: A regression-based method for discovering differential alternative polyadenylation events in standard RNA-seq data

Krzysztof J. Szkop, David S. Moss & Irene Nobeli
An “idealized” dataset of RNA-seq reads was created using the polyester R package (Frazee et al., 2015). This simulated dataset is clean of technical biases and fold changes between isoforms are known, allowing testing of the sensitivity limits of the method in the absence of external factors. The simulation experiment comprises 20 samples, 10 in each of two conditions. For the "main" dataset, polyadenylation sites splitting each transcript into two isoforms (short and long) were...

Multidimensional Battery of Prosody Perception

Kyle Jasmin, Frederic Dick & Adam Tierney
Here we present auditory stimuli for the Multi-Dimensional Battery of Prosody Perception (MBOPP), a novel tool for the assessment of prosody perception. It consists of two subtests-- Linguistic Focus, which measures the ability to hear emphasis or sentential stress, and Phrase Boundaries, which measures the ability to hear where in a compound sentence one phrase ends, and another begins. Perception of individual acoustic dimensions (Pitch and Time) can be examined separately, and test difficulty can...

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