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Remembering nothing (Memory & Cognition). Supplementary Materials.

Viktoria Csink
Supplementary Materials for the paper "Csink, Gliga & Mareschal (2021). Remembering nothing: Encoding and memory processes involved in representing empty locations, Memory & Cognition" Contents: Supplementary Materials (text), Experimental task (screen recordings), stimuli (images), data (.mat files), analysis scripts (Matlab and R scripts). The dataset consists of the eye-tracking data and reaction time/accuracy data collected in an experiment that addresses how empty locations are encoded and remembered as opposed to filled locations. On each experimental...

Interview with Jane Williamson (formerly Tooher) in Crystal Palace, London, England 25.02.2019.

Ruth Beecher
Jane Williamson was born in London in 1959, the second eldest of five children. Jane’s father had moved to London from Birr, County Offaly. He served in the British Army during the Second World War, in the King’s Liverpool Regiment. He spent most of the war in Jamaica. During her childhood, both of her parents worked in the police force having met whilst working at Streatham Police Station. As the eldest daughter, Jane describes carrying...

4chan /pol board as a temporary evolution of live threads and posts.

Ylli Prifti
We monitored the live /pol board on 4chan and scraped data from each thread multiple times during their time in the board and additionally (but not included in this dataset), scraped the archive status of the thread as exposed by the 4chan API and 4pleb (internet archiving service) API. Included in this dataset there is a three month extract of data scraped from 4chan during the period from 1st of April 2021 to 1st of...

The social effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on older adults

Harry Jenkins
The dataset contains data collected for a dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of MSc Social Research at Birkbeck, University of London, September 2021. The dissertation was supervised by Dr Dale Mineshima Lowe. The dataset contains interview transcripts with seven older adults aged 69-89 living in England, focusing on their experiences and perspectives of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Subjection in the human:non-human encounter tweets and code

Joyita Raksit
The data was collected as part of a dissertation project for the MA Psychoanalytic Studies 2020-2021. The project is entitled "Subjection in the human:non-human encounter". The purpose is to understand the emotional and psychological reactions of a human encountering a non-human, and how it affects their process of subjection. The Twitter Academia API was used to search for tweets with the phrase "you are a bot", and the surrounding "threads" of the tweets were collected...

Urban conceptions of nature during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

Matthew Wood
Anonymised transcripts of two interviews with Hackney residents. Photos taken by them showing 'nature' in their local area. PDF slides where these were shown back to them during the second interview.

Mapping Museums Data, September 2021

Alexandra Poulovassilis, Fiona Candlin, Andrea Ballatore, Valeri Katerinchuk, Jamie Larkin, Nick Larson & Mark Liebenrood
These files contain the data, metadata and schema diagrams of the database produced by the AHRC-funded Mapping Museums project, 2016-2021, as of the end of the funded project on 30th September 2021. The data relates to UK museums that were open between 1960 and 2020.

Data for Close Reading with Computers Textual Scholarship, Computational Formalism, and David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas

Martin Paul Eve
This dataset contains the supplementary data files for the book Martin Paul Eve, Close Reading With Computers: Textual Scholarship, Computational Formalism, and David Mitchell’s_ Cloud Atlas (Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2019). Data appendices are detailed in Appendix B, in the volume and also below. Digital Appendix 1: Data for Chapter Two This appendix is a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) file that is used to generate Figure 2 using the SankeyTextualVariant software. Digital Appendix 2:...

Interview with Bairbre McDonagh recorded in Leeds on 25.06.2019

Ruth Beecher
Bairbre was born in Dublin in 1971 and grew up in Limerick, the second of four siblings. She describes how she was compared to her older sister and how both at school and at home she was made to feel not clever enough. Outside school she learned music and was good at sport. She reflects on family life and the role of her mother as homemaker. After her Leaving Certificate exams she attended Dublin Institute...

BrainTools Implementation

Georgia Lockwood Estrin & Supriya Bhavnani
Feasibility and Acceptability data for BrainTools toolit

Individual differences in dealing with classroom noise disturbances.

Jessica Massonnié, Denis Mareschal & Natasha Z. Kirkham
Data set analysed in the paper 'Individual differences in dealing with classroom noise disturbances'. Please see the Methods section of the paper for more information on the tasks and scoring procedures. This dataset is made available under the Licence Creative Commons: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0.

Data on Well-being, Resilience and Foreign Language Teaching Enjoyment of teachers of Italian

Jean-Marc Dewaele
Data from 174 Italian as Foreign Language (FL) teachers based in Italy and abroad.

Interview with Ruth Beecher in Gipsy Hill, London, England 10.04.2018.

Ruth Beecher
Ruth Beecher was interviewed by her eldest daughter Amy. Ruth was born in Cork in 1968, the elder of two children. She describes secondary school, holidays in East Cork, and her social life as a teenager which included drinking underage in pubs and having house parties. Ruth talks about her parents’ difficult relationship. She describes her mother’s depression (following her own’s mother’s suicide when she was in her twenties) and hospitalisation for ‘a breakdown’ after...

Dungeness beach GPR and topographic survey

Charlie Bristow, Lucy Buck & Inggrid Maria
Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) survey of shingle beach ridges at Dungeness, UK. Data collected using Pulse EKKO Pro GPR with 200 MHz antennas. There are 7 GPR profiles perpendicular to the coastline, Beach 1-7. They start next to the coast road and head towards the sea in 50m sections labelled A, B, C etc. The GPR data is in the .dt files while header data describing each file is .hd. Topographic data collected for static elevation...

Interview with Mary Heffernan recorded via Zencaster on 06.04.2021

Ruth Beecher
Mary talks about growing up in Terranure, Dublin in the 1980s. She describes her school life, the close female friendships and socialising she enjoyed as a teenager. She recalls many examples of how girls and boys were treated differently and describes how she learnt about sex, sexuality and contraception. Mary recalls meeting her husband and falling in love and the thrill of going to university at UCD. Her best friend Mark was gay and Mary...

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