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PGOPHER version 9.1

Colin Western
PGOPHER is a general purpose program for simulating and fitting rotational, vibrational and electronic spectra. Included here are executables, source code, documentation and sample files for version 9.1.100 of the PGOPHER program. This is an update for version 8.0.102, also available in this repository Please also see the program web site, http://pgopher.chm.bris.ac.uk/. The program is open source, and covered by the LGPL. The documentation and other files are covered by the University of Bristol repository's...

Cerritelli 2016 Plos One NTS-POMC

Serena Cerritelli, Stefan Hirschberg & Anthony Pickering
Original data from paper

Ultrafast Chemical Dynamics

Katharina Roettger, Hugo Marroux, Andrew Orr-Ewing & Gareth Roberts
Cytidine and Thymidine Faraday Discussion data

Citation distortions in the literature on the serotonin-transporter-linked polymorphic region and amygdala activation

Ymkje Anna De Vries & Marcus Munafo
This study investigated citation bias in the literature on the serotonin-transporter-linked polymorphic region (5-HTTLPR) and amygdala activation. We included 25 studies from a recent meta-analysis by Murphy et al. (2012).

Adsorption of sodium dodecylsulfate on single-walled carbon nanotubes characterised using small-angle neutron scattering

Emma Kastrisianaki-Guyton & Jeroen Van Duijneveldt
Source data for publication in J Colloid Interface Sci (2016)

BiB - Believing in BERT

Adriana Hamacher, Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze, Anthony G. Pipe & Kerstin Eder
The BiB study investigated the benefits of an affective physical interaction with a humanoid robot by comparing an expressive and communicative condition with a faster, less error prone but non-communicative one. The BiB study was conducted as part of the Trustworthy Robotic Assistants (ROBOSAFE) project. Preferred data citation: Adriana Hamacher, Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze, Anthony G. Pipe and Kerstin Eder (2016): BiB - Believing in BERT.

Superresolution with an optical tactile sensor

Nathan Lepora & Benjamin Ward-Cherrier
The following data was obtained from the TacTip, an optical tactile sensor while tapping vertically downwards on a 40mm diameter hemicylinder, at 4000 locations separated horizontally by 0.01mm. The data was used in a study exploring superresolution with the TacTip sensor: 10.1109/IROS.2015.7353744.

Supporting data for \"Analysis of design choices for a slope stability scenario in the humid tropics\"

CJ Shepheard, PJ Vardanega, EA Holcombe & K Michaelides
Data record contains input and output files to produce figures 4-12 from: Shepheard, C. J., Vardanega, P. J., Holcombe, E. A. and Michaelides, K. (2018). Analysis of design choices for a slope stability scenario in the humid tropics. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers – Engineering Sustainability, 171(ES1): 37-52, http://doi.org/10.1680/jensu.16.00081

Impaired recognition of basic emotions from facial expressions in young people with autism spectrum disorder: assessing the importance of expression intensity

Sarah Griffiths & Marcus Munafo
This study investigated recognition of facial expressions of emotion at different intensity levels by young people (6-16 years) with and without autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Study tasks were completed by participants on an Internet platform.


Paul May
Paper about B+Li doping of SCD, MCD and NCd films. For all other details please see Sarah Halliwell's PhD thesis available online at: http://www.chm.bris.ac.uk/pt/diamond/sarah-thesis/Sarah-Halliwell-Thesis.pdf

indentifying significance of nnms

Simon Neild & Thomas Hill
Dataset for: "Identifying the significance of nonlinear normal modes". Authors: TL Hill, A Cammarano, SA Neild and DAW Barton. Journal: Proceedings of the Royal Society A. EPSRC Fellowship EP/K005375/1 - Simon Neild.

Ultrafast Chemical Dynamics: Methyl nitrite photochemistry in solution

Michael Grubb, Philip Coulter & Andrew Orr-Ewing
Experimental data associated with the ERC Advanced Grant project CAPRI (PI Prof A.J. Orr-Ewing) and from use of the Central Laser Facility at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

Controlling the rheology of montmorillonite stabilised oil in water emulsions

Jeroen Van Duijneveldt & William Ganley
Data supporting publication in Langmuir by WJ Ganley and JS van Duijneveldt

Correcting density-driven errors in projection-based embedding

Frederick Manby
All data (including input and output files) for computations performed in the production of this paper.

Hygroscopic Properties of Aminium Sulphate Aerosols

Rachael Miles, Jonathan Reid & Grazia Rovelli
Alkylaminium sulphates originate from the neutralisation reaction between short-chained amines and sulphuric acid and have been detected in atmospheric aerosol particles. Their physicochemical behaviour is less well characterised than their inorganic equivalent, ammonium sulphate, even though they play a role in atmospheric processes such as the nucleation and growth of new particles and cloud droplet formation. In this work, a comparative evaporation kinetics experimental technique using a cylindrical electrodynamic balance is applied to determine the...

Steady-state droplet size in montmorillonite stabilised emulsions

Jeroen Van Duijneveldt & William Ganley
Data supporting paper in Soft Matter by WJ Ganley and JS van Duijneveldt


This data depositor is used for storing and sharing research data that are generated as part of an EPSRC-funded project CRUST (cascading risk and uncertainty of strong shaking and tsunami).

Pneumococcal serotypes colonise the nasopharynx in children at different densities

Paulina Sikora-Liszka, Adam Finn, Leon Danon &
These data are results of a cross sectional study of nasopharyngeal bacterial colonisation of a group of healthy pre-school children from Coimbra, Portugal who had nasal swabs taken at nursery school in March 2011. The swabs were analysed by real time quantitative PCR for S. pneumoniae using primers specific to the pneumococcal gene (LytA) for autolysin. In addition samples in which S. pneumoniae was detected underwent microarray analysis for different capsular gene loci, permitting detection...

Reactions of N and O containing species on a C(100):H 2x1 reconstructed diamond surface

Paul May, Hao Liu, Michael Ashfold, Magdalena Ulmeanu, Colin Western & Benjamin Truscott
Cartesian coordinates and calculated energies for all species involved in the QM calculations of Figures 2, 6 and 8, and a sample structure for the full QM/MM system in Tinker MM format.

Isolation and Loneliness of Older People

Morag McDermont, Helen Thomas & Marilyn Howard
The research was part of the Productive Margins: Regulating for Engagement programme.Busy streets, laughter, the sound of children playing - but what lies behind closed doors in our communities, especially for those in later life, who may feel lonely and isolated.

Data for publication: Nudging axially compressed cylindrical panels towards imperfection insensitivity

Alberto Pirrera, Rainer Maria Groh & Bradley Cox
This repository contains the data used to produce the figures in the publication: Nudging axially compressed cylindrical panels towards imperfection insensitivity

Data from PATH trial (03-2018)

Paige Lacesso, Gene Feder & Giulia Ferrari
Design: Pragmatic parallel group individually randomized controlled trial of normal DVA advocacy vs. advocacy + psychological intervention. Setting: specialist DVA agencies; two UK cities. Participants: Women aged 16 years and older accessing DVA services. Intervention: Eight specialist psychological advocacy (SPA) sessions Primary outcomes at 12 months: depression symptoms (PHQ-9) and psychological distress (CORE-OM). Primary analysis: intention to treat regression model. Secondary analyses: pre-specified subgroup analyses; multiple imputation by chained equation models (mice); complier-average causal effects...

Data from paper: Exploring the design space of nonlinear shallow arches with generalised path-following

Alberto Pirrera, Rainer Maria Groh, Bradley Cox & D Avitabile
Figures from the paper: Exploring the design space of nonlinear shallow arches with generalised path-following

Women and data futures

Morag McDermont & Marilyn Howard
This project was part of the Productive Margins: Regulating for Engagement programme. Bringing together two community partners, Knowle West Media Centre in Bristol and 3Gs Community Development Trust in Merthyr Tydfil, the project used workshop methods to explore perceptions of women about personal data they put online and how to take more control over this.

Unblinding protocol and data from a blinded randomised controlled trial investigating carriage of bovine respiratory pathogens (05-2018)

Amy Thomas, Mark Eisler & Adam Finn
This unblinding protocol and associated results provide an overview of a blinded randomised controlled trial with open cohort stepped-wedge design conducted at the BBSRC Rothamsted Research North Wyke Farm Platform National Capability commencing at the start of winter housing of cattle 2016. They are published here in the University of Bristol Data Repository to provide evidence of our study design, objectives, conduct, sample collection and processing, and data analysis prior to unblinding of the study....

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