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Accurate Measurements of Aerosol Hygroscopic Growth Over a Wide Range in Relative Humidity

Andrew Rickards, Frances Marshall, Jonathan Reid, Michael Cotterell, Rachael Miles, Young Chul Song, Grazia Rovelli, Rose Willoughby, Allen Haddrell & Aleksandra Marsh
The hygroscopic properties of aerosol govern the response of aerosol particle size and composition to the relative humidity of the gas phase. The data sets in this project are accumulated from single particle measurements of hygroscopic response made at the Bristol Aerosol Research Centre. Here, we include data for the publication: Journal of Physical Chemistry A (2016) Accurate Measurements of Aerosol Hygroscopic Growth Over a Wide Range in Relative Humidity Grazia Rovelli [1,2], Rachael E.H....

BiB - Believing in BERT

Adriana Hamacher, Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze, Anthony G. Pipe & Kerstin Eder
The BiB study investigated the benefits of an affective physical interaction with a humanoid robot by comparing an expressive and communicative condition with a faster, less error prone but non-communicative one. The BiB study was conducted as part of the Trustworthy Robotic Assistants (ROBOSAFE) project. Preferred data citation: Adriana Hamacher, Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze, Anthony G. Pipe and Kerstin Eder (2016): BiB - Believing in BERT.

Steady-state droplet size in montmorillonite stabilised emulsions

Jeroen Van Duijneveldt & William Ganley
Data supporting paper in Soft Matter by WJ Ganley and JS van Duijneveldt

Pneumococcal serotypes colonise the nasopharynx in children at different densities

Paulina Sikora-Liszka, Adam Finn, Leon Danon &
These data are results of a cross sectional study of nasopharyngeal bacterial colonisation of a group of healthy pre-school children from Coimbra, Portugal who had nasal swabs taken at nursery school in March 2011. The swabs were analysed by real time quantitative PCR for S. pneumoniae using primers specific to the pneumococcal gene (LytA) for autolysin. In addition samples in which S. pneumoniae was detected underwent microarray analysis for different capsular gene loci, permitting detection...


This data depositor is used for storing and sharing research data that are generated as part of an EPSRC-funded project CRUST (cascading risk and uncertainty of strong shaking and tsunami).

Effect of glass markings on drinking rate in social alcohol drinkers (study one)

Angela Attwood, Marcus Munafo & David Troy
This study investigated whether volume information on curved glasses alters the time taken to consume an alcoholic beverage. Participants (n = 159) were asked to drink low or standard strength lager from either a curved glass marked at midpoint with a band of yellow tape or an unmarked curved glass. Time to consume the drink was recorded. Data are restricted access for this study as participants were consented under procedures that did not include consent...

Experimental tracking of limit-point bifurcations and backbone curves using control-based continuation

Ludovic Renson
Experimental Data associated with "Experimental tracking of limit-point bifurcations and backbone curves using control-based continuation, International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos." (CC-BY 4.0 licence)

Polymorphism in coronene

Simon Hall
The control of polymorphism in coronene

indentifying significance of nnms

Simon Neild & Thomas Hill
Dataset for: "Identifying the significance of nonlinear normal modes". Authors: TL Hill, A Cammarano, SA Neild and DAW Barton. Journal: Proceedings of the Royal Society A. EPSRC Fellowship EP/K005375/1 - Simon Neild.

Ultrafast Chemical Dynamics: Methyl nitrite photochemistry in solution

Michael Grubb, Philip Coulter & Andrew Orr-Ewing
Experimental data associated with the ERC Advanced Grant project CAPRI (PI Prof A.J. Orr-Ewing) and from use of the Central Laser Facility at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

Controlling the rheology of montmorillonite stabilised oil in water emulsions

Jeroen Van Duijneveldt & William Ganley
Data supporting publication in Langmuir by WJ Ganley and JS van Duijneveldt

Hygroscopic Properties of Aminium Sulphate Aerosols

Rachael Miles, Jonathan Reid & Grazia Rovelli
Alkylaminium sulphates originate from the neutralisation reaction between short-chained amines and sulphuric acid and have been detected in atmospheric aerosol particles. Their physicochemical behaviour is less well characterised than their inorganic equivalent, ammonium sulphate, even though they play a role in atmospheric processes such as the nucleation and growth of new particles and cloud droplet formation. In this work, a comparative evaporation kinetics experimental technique using a cylindrical electrodynamic balance is applied to determine the...

Correcting density-driven errors in projection-based embedding

Frederick Manby
All data (including input and output files) for computations performed in the production of this paper.

Reactions of N and O containing species on a C(100):H 2x1 reconstructed diamond surface

Paul May, Hao Liu, Michael Ashfold, Magdalena Ulmeanu, Colin Western & Benjamin Truscott
Cartesian coordinates and calculated energies for all species involved in the QM calculations of Figures 2, 6 and 8, and a sample structure for the full QM/MM system in Tinker MM format.

Impaired recognition of basic emotions from facial expressions in young people with autism spectrum disorder: assessing the importance of expression intensity

Sarah Griffiths & Marcus Munafo
This study investigated recognition of facial expressions of emotion at different intensity levels by young people (6-16 years) with and without autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Study tasks were completed by participants on an Internet platform.

Supporting data for \"Analysis of design choices for a slope stability scenario in the humid tropics\"

CJ Shepheard, PJ Vardanega, EA Holcombe & K Michaelides
Data record contains input and output files to produce figures 4-12 from: Shepheard, C. J., Vardanega, P. J., Holcombe, E. A. and Michaelides, K. (2018). Analysis of design choices for a slope stability scenario in the humid tropics. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers – Engineering Sustainability, 171(ES1): 37-52, http://doi.org/10.1680/jensu.16.00081


Paul May
Paper about B+Li doping of SCD, MCD and NCd films. For all other details please see Sarah Halliwell's PhD thesis available online at: http://www.chm.bris.ac.uk/pt/diamond/sarah-thesis/Sarah-Halliwell-Thesis.pdf

Hirschberg pTYF-PRS-EGFP-2a-PSAM5HT3

Stefan Hirschberg & Anthony Pickering
Plasmid sequence information

SelEXSIDE Pulse sequence

Craig Butts
The enclosed data will includes the SelEXSIDE NMR pulse sequence for use Agilent/Varian NMR format. Each uploaded file will be zipped (.zip) or tarred (.tgz) and include files offering advice on how to use, or apply these methods on the appropriate spectrometer hardware.

A Complete Parameterization of the Relative Humidity and Wavelength Dependence of the Refractive Index of Hygroscopic Inorganic Aerosol Particles (Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 2017)

Bryan Bzdek, Rose Willoughby, Andrew Orr-Ewing & Jonathan Reid
Calculations of aerosol radiative forcing require knowledge of wavelength-dependent aerosol optical properties, such as single scattering albedo. These aerosol optical properties can be calculated using Mie theory from knowledge of the key microphysical properties of particle size and refractive index, assuming that atmospheric particles are well-approximated to be spherical and homogeneous. We provide refractive index determinations for aqueous aerosol particles containing the key atmospherically relevant inorganic solutes of NaCl, NaNO3, (NH4)2SO4, NH4HSO4 and Na2SO4, reporting...

Binary and ternary mixtures

Jessica Bonham & Jeroen Van Duijneveldt
The following data accompanies the paper "Binary and Ternary Mixtures of Microgel Particles, Hard Spheres and Non-adsorbing Polymer in Non-aqueous Solvents" by J A Bonham, M A Faers and J S van Duijneveldt.

Data from Entanglement in linear optics (07-2017)

Peter Turner & Stasja Stanisic
Entanglement is the basic building block of linear optical quantum computation, and as such understanding how to generate it in detail is of great importance for optical architectures. We prove that Bell states cannot be generated using only 3 photons in the dual-rail encoding, and give strong numerical evidence for the optimality of the existing 4 photon schemes. In a setup with a single photon in each input mode, we find a fundamental limit on...

Robust Distributed Decision-Making in Robot Swarms

Jonathan Lawry & Michael Crosscombe
The project is investigating the robustness of consensus algorithms for best of n problem in swarm robotics using three-valued logic. The data relates to experiments on 400 kilobots.

Data from Methane Oxidation (05-2017)

David Fermin & Veronica Celorrio
Published data for: AMnO3 (A = Sr, La, Ca, Y) perovskite oxides as oxygen reduction catalysts

Additional data for Understanding and predicting defect formation in automated fibre placement pre-preg laminates

Dmitry Ivanov, Stephen Hallett, Oliver Nixon-Pearson & Jonathan Belnoue
This repository contains a document where all the equations used for the cure simulation models and all the material parameters used in the paper "Understanding and predicting defect formation in automated fibre placement pre-preg laminates"(https://doi.org/10.1016/j.compositesa.2017.08.008) are listed. The corresponding research was conducted under the EPSRC funded research grant: Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Composites project “Defect Generation Mechanisms in Thick and Variable Thickness Composite Parts - Understanding, Predicting and Mitigation” (DefGen), [EP/I033513/1].

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